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  1. I would love in on this deal if it's not to late. I would like the 18" rifle length with threads. I believe it's #5. I will send a PM to Glock10mmman but if someone else is taking over for him please let me know. Wish you the best Glock10mmman hope everything is ok. Sportsman87620
  2. I have been putting an AR-15 lower together and I am wondering where I should lube. Also what products should I use? should I use a grease or just stick with the same slip2000 that I will be using during cleaning?
  3. most people say "never, be sure to keep lube out of the gas tube and it should run forever." I wont pretend like I know a ton about the AR-15 platform but that is what I have picked up from reading the boards so far.
  4. Thanks for the help everyone! It sounds like as long as you get something it should make clean up a little easier for ya.
  5. I have finally gotten to the upper portion of my AR-15 build and got stuck! To a laymen, such as myself, there are an overwhelming number of coatings that BCG's and other various parts come in. Everything from Ion-Bond, microslick, failzero, DLC, chrome, so on and so forth. Out of all of the available coatings what ones seem to work the best? Is one better then the other? I really have no clue where to even begin with all the coatings. If anyone has the background into the different materials I am sure they will have a much better idea what to avoid and what will work well. also, if there is a list somewhere that shows the different coatings hardness and coefficient of friction that would be a nice resource. finally, what parts should be coated? I guessed bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin but if anyone would suggest something different feel free to add. thanks, sportsman87620
  6. I am curious because, to be honest, I love the round. I think it shoots a lot more consistently then any .22lr rifle I have used and I also love the super flat trajectory of it. I was looking for a .22lr upper for an AR-15 when I saw Alexander Arms was releasing a .17 HMR upper. Now with all the issues that other semi auto rifles have had with this round is that safe? While reading about it, everyone that has touched one appears to think it works wonderfully. I would much rather have a .17 HMR upper then a .22lr upper but with all the issues around the cartridge I'm second guessing purchasing one. I think it would be a super fun cartridge on the AR platform but I don't want to compromise safety just for a couple perks of the cartridge. Any thoughts? Sportsman87620
  7. I don't have search abilities yet so I figured I would add to my post count and ask. With all the recalls on the 17 HMR semi auto rifles, was it ever determined if it was poor rifle design or bad ammunition? I know that the ammo companies will never say its our fault and that the rifle companies would follow suite so has any third party looked into it? I have been using a bolt action 17 HMR for quite a few years now and have never seen a misfire/blown case/or blown head. Heck, I haven't even seen a hint of an issue and I have gone through approximatively 5000 rounds. Not a ton I know but, I would think if it was the ammo that bolt action rifles would still occasionally see the same issues? If anyone has any more information, other then this rifle blows up, I would love to hear about it. Thanks, Sportsman87620
  8. Those of you who have or have used a MUR Upper. How do you feel about it? It looks solid and it seems like people like it. The forward assist looks like its a little farther forward then on a standard upper. If so is it in a better location? I am looking at purchasing an Upper and I am not sure if I should get the MUR or just a standard Upper from BCM. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Sportsman
  9. GLShooter, do you have any resources to check out to learn more about this stuff? I'm always looking to gather tools and knowledge and this sounds like something that could really improve my shooting.
  10. Currently in Clinton Township. Soon to be in Westland. It's good to know there are people in my area who love their guns as much as I do .
  11. Yea I'm sure . When I had issues with the spring/detent/safety selector in the lower I pulled them out of the lower to see what was going on. The detent doesn't seem to actually seat fully into the grove in the selector. It grabs the sides and gets lodged. I thought maybe I'm just doing something wrong but the more I look at everything the more I think I just got a slightly off spec set.
  12. Hello everyone! So I was at a gun show and caved and purchased a Stag lower receiver and parts kit. Took it back to my place and because of a recent change of address haven't had much time to start putting things together (unpacking and all). So today I get time to put it together. With me being a noob I decide to watch the brownell videos again and read a couple websites I bookmarked just to brush up and make sure I do everything the right way. I started building and ran into a couple of issues. First, the detent for the safety selector doesn't seem to fit right. The detent gets physical lodged into the grove in the safety selector to the point there is no way the selector will flip. Second, the roll pin for the trigger guard fits way to snug. when it's installed its almost impossible to flip the trigger guard down out of the way. Has anyone had any issues like this before? I know stag isn't top of the line but I figured their parts kit and lower should be fairly ok. It doesn't seem normal to me so any input you can give I would appreciate. Thanks, Sportsman
  13. looking back on the conversation I had with the gunsmith... he probably just wanted to talk me into hiring him to do it lol. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'll definitely be building my own AR. I think I'll learn a lot about the rifle doing it myself. Thanks again!
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