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  1. What I need to know is are the recoil springs used in the 10mm 1911s are the same DIAMETER/LENGTH as a standard 1911 .45 spring? Thanks
  2. Roger that, or try feeding a M60 gunner with no plugs.
  3. Are you talking about the new guns? I'm talking 1911, Hi-power era. My only other contemporary handgun is a HK USP .45C and that is easier than this thing. The tabs are just too small to get a hold of both at the same time. And if you pull back the slide just a c**t hair too much you have to rack the slide, fire it and start over. WTF!? Maybe I need to grow some finger nails.
  4. Finally got to the range with the new 10mm, G20 SF GLO. Ran 3 different DT's and some SilverTips through it without a hitch. Had a 22lb wolff in it so it felt like a .45 to me. In fact the only thing that had much recoil was the 135 DT and that still was not much IMO. Accuracy was good with everything and overall I'm happy with the caliber and my first Glock. I will say this though, the Glock has to be the worst gun to take a slide off of. Maybe I'm old school but I absolutely hate it. Mr. Browning had it down when he designed the Hi-Power. 100 years later and they can't come up with anything better.
  5. Right, Golden Saber, Nosler and Barnes are named on the site. I think they said over the phone that they used some Remington also but I have a s*** memory.
  6. Yeah shipping is a factor. That's why I tend to buy bulk. But DT does have free shipping if you buy 1000. ..."Lots of people whine that it doesn't meet specs, etc...." Can you point me to those threads, I'm very interested in reading what others are saying. I have always assumed the numbers were honest. Maybe I'm too used to dealing with the big companies and I'm naive about the smaller operators. Thanks. Sure wish Federal and Remington made the good stuff!!
  7. BB - $29.21 / 20 = $1.46 rd Silver Tip - $19.99 / 20 = $1.00 DT - $41.00 / 50 = $0.82 and that gets cheaper because they offer case pricing. Double Tap is almost half as much as BB. They use quality bullets like Golden Saber, Nosler ,Golddot and more importantly tell you what they are and if they change.
  8. I just started the 10 day today. All I can say is the SF fits my hand better. I will let you know how it shoots on the 6th.
  9. It's there you just have to get close to the monitor. S&W 610 6.5 1,340fps - 698 FtLb’s Witness Standard 1322fps - 677 Ft-Lb’s
  10. A hotter silvertip...nice. But out of stock! When will it be in and do you do cases?
  11. Actually Corbon is on the weak side too, except for the super light weight Glaser and Powerball. http://www.dakotaammo.net/Search.aspx?search_freetext=10mm
  12. Just purchased a G20 SF GLO. Who else makes full house 10mm? I have purchased 2 flavors of Doubletap and some Winchester silvertips. But when I check the other major players like Federal, Hornady etc...they all produce the watered down crap. FYI Buffalo bore is not in the running because of the price for what you get is ridiculous.
  13. that someday HK will produce a 10mm. I know, I know... I said it was a dream.
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