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  1. If you nor DD nor BCM has the TDP how do you know they're Mil Spec?
  2. I guess I just see more value in this part compared to other people. Valves springs for my head were $400. While they didn't make me any more power, they ensured my motor ran properly. But they were tiny pieces of metal. What I'm trying to get at is this part helps people put more accurate shots down range quicker than an [insert brand here] without upsetting anyone shooting around you, and doesn't give out crazy fireballs like a JP break. As always it's just my opinion, and everyone else is entitled to theirs also.
  3. Awesome review man! It's almost comical to me how much people criticize the cost. I was a car guy for ten years and almost every purchase I made for my car was $500+. Each turbo was at least $1000, set of pistons $600, if I wanted a new head I was looking to spend at least $3000. For $450 or less this sounds well worth the price.
  4. dsm2nr


    Well said, I completely agree with that opinion. I would also like to add that I e-mailed Scottsdale Gun Club and they have reduced the price again to $1999.95. There was an error on their website and they corrected it.
  5. dsm2nr


    I've been eyeing one from Scottsdale Gunclub for a week. It was $1999 but recently jumped to $2199. They're actually not that far overpriced, if at all. Look at all the features then add up everything from BCM.