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  1. from the photos I take it that when they say rifle it is refering to standard A2 type, that means A2 receiver will work with M4 extention
  2. DTI is del-ton Inc. I have never hade one but know those who have. for the money they are hard to beat, I cant think of anyone I know of doing any complaining. did you buy a kit with out lower receiver and build it your self? LM it escapes me for the moment.. is it stamped on barrel below site on bottom of sight base?
  3. This is my first post on this site. I have built only 3 AR's but that number is going up, up, up, I now have 5 stripped lowers and 3 stripped uppers , 2 flat top and 1 A2. please excuse me for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked over and over.. :D I have a spare A2 upper and It seems everyone is making barrels with the M4 barrel extensions now. can some tell me if a barrel with the m4 barrel extention will work with thw A2 still upper receiver? what the heck I would like to know if a A2 barrel extension will work on a M4 type receiver also, seems I read somewhere it would not, but cant remember. and can find nothing on web search thanks for all replies Hank
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