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  1. just wanted to say mike is genuine... he has always taken the time to send lengthy detailed emails answering any questions that i have ever had. anyhow, i havent ordered anything from you lately mike...ive been working an insane amount of ot and havent been shooting as much as i like. still have the about 450 rds ive bought from you a while ago...plus the box i won. hope all is well.
  2. im not attatched to my guns... i buy and sell as i see fit. ive never regretted selling anything.
  3. I figured since I had the cash on hand might as well get one that will last me for many years. The door storage is great. I have most of my pistols hanging on it and can add more holsters to the door if needed. The inside is completely convertible. The only mistake I made with it was not paying the $400 to have it moved from my driveway to my back living room. I hired 2 neighborhood 20 year olds to help me get it in the house. 3 people with a furniture dolly still took 1 1/2 hrs to get it in place.
  4. Oakleys or low pro safety glasses/howard leight low pro electronic ear muffs
  5. Nice job ts...... And since you shared I will share mine. Crappy pic I know..... I suck at pics
  6. YOU said chinese/japanese...same sh**t to me. when it comes to auto tech(or most anything) its not even close between china and japan. anyhow, im not a magpul psycho. they make good products and i use some of them(mags, trigger guards, one mbus, and one moe stock). i prefer vltor stocks personally. i dont have anything negative to say about them. just personal preference.
  7. How many americans (unwillingly) "loaned" gm money because they are broke. Gm recently paid back one of three loans.....with one of the other of the loans that was sitting in an escrow account. So essentially they paid back a loan with a loan. How many americans lost their jobs due to gm and ford sending their jobs to other countries. Say what you want about foreign cars, stock holders, and ceo's but its the foreign companies creating jobs for americans. only an uneducated person would actually compare chinese and japanese technology.
  8. Rds aren't 200 yd precision scopes. I can easily hit a torso target at 200 yds with either my aimpoint or eotech. That's more than acceptable in my book. I still prefer the aimpoint over the eotech no matter who tries to convince me the aimpoint is slower. Having both I find that to be simply not true.
  9. I have both but kinda want to sell my eotech 516. I want another aimpoint micro.
  10. . The wages, pensions, lack of crosstrained employees, etc. Are a big part of american car companies downfalls. Not saying that any of the things mentioned are bad but when allowed to get out of hand the results become where we stand now. Maybe one day the american car manufacturing will work on their downfalls and start selling american cars. I hope so.
  11. Sending money overseas but creating jobs here.... Unlike "american" car companies that have theirs built in canada and mexico while shutting down us plants and borrowing money from the government(taxpayers) because they can't stay afloat.
  12. Ordered 1k last fri from psa..... Came in yesterday. Loaded all my mags now my stash is in need of help again. I shoot an average of 3-400 rds a wk. I just need to dump like $1000 into a decent shipment to have on hand.
  13. Pmc xtac......the last 1k I shot had 0 issues and it was 5.99 a box of 20 and $12 to ship 1k. The price is .20 higher a box but its still relatively inexpensive brass cased ammo. That and $12 shipping is rather good.
  14. Too late....I have another 1k coming in from them that's due any day.
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