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  1. VeeKay

    Kkm 4.6 or 6 inch barrel?

    Thanks! I've seen your comment before about pushing them through your Lee Factory Crimp Die, but I wondered about that push pin..... This explains it! Thanks again I'm sending my order in now.
  2. VeeKay

    Kkm 4.6 or 6 inch barrel?

    This thread was out about the time I bought my 6" KKM barrel for my Glock 20C. The barrel is great, I had some 165 grain zero HP on top of 11.5 grains of Blue dot chrony'd at 1600fps..... I don't shoot that loading out of that barrel anymore, afraid I'm pushing it just too much.... Love the KKM barrel. I have since picked up a 4.6" Lone Wolf in 10mm, and It won't shoot my reloads.... I'm thinking of getting another sizing die. Currently using Lyman 10 mm dies. Anyone have a suggestion of who would have a tighter 10mm sizing die???
  3. VeeKay

    Palm swell grips for 1076

    I picked up some curved 1076 grips through gunbroker.com auction sight. There is a place in KY that always seems to have a pair up for auction. Very reasonable, Like $18.00 as i remember. They are nice...
  4. VeeKay

    Sig P250 in 10mm

    I've heard there is a company in Las Vegas that does Sig Sauer conversions to 10 mm. Don't think they're using the P250, but I am not positive on that. I'm trying to remember where I got that info and just can't find it.... Got a P226 in .357 Sig and absolutely love it.... Sure wish they'd come out with a 10 mm model.
  5. Just wanted to know how you are handling the withdrawal symptoms? Mine haven't left yet, still pulling the press handle in my sleep.....
  6. Truly a shame all the goodwill VLTOR has demolished.... Hopefully we will outlive the hostilities in the Middle-east and see a remake of the Bren that would live up to the name...
  7. Currently own three: Glock 20C, S&W 1076, S&W 1006.... Still accumulating....
  8. VeeKay

    Safe Queens

    The link: http://www.bren-ten.com/website/id7.html The location in the article is just above the ending. "10mm Auto Velocity Comparison Chart #1" I can remember reading an article about it's close relative the 1006 shooting 10,000 rounds, with only a few mis-feeds and a couple of insignificant parts that broke.
  9. Recently I was directed to an article I read a long time ago. Looking closely at the tables it listed the S&W 1076 as a "safe Queen" Has anyone heard anything else on this. I just bought a 1076 several months back and this is the first I've come across this. Could it be that he wanted to keep it unused for value rather than it not being able to "handle" the full 10mm loads? I'd always been under the impression the S&W 1076 was a very stalwart machine. Any info would help!
  10. VeeKay

    New barrel for my 1076

    Just got a new grip for my 1076 with the palmswell, it now fits my hand like a glove. Anyway, we were talking about barrels. MidwayUSA currently has available new barrels,(gunsmithing necessary) for the 1006 and 1026 for $105.99 less shipping and taxes. They still have some for the 1076,1066,&1086, 4003, &4004. for $104.99.
  11. VeeKay

    New barrel for my 1076

    I'm doing my best at trying to wear that barrel out, anyway, when my Bren Ten comes in I'll have 3 10mm's to spread the workload around with. "Workload," at least it sounds good. I'll probably wear my reloader out first.
  12. VeeKay

    New barrel for my 1076

    Just purchased the 1076 through a local internet listing. Had no previous experience with the Smith & Wesson 1076, but had heard good things. Upon inspection after the purchase noticed a spot under the barrel that wasn't sure if it was wear or not, the barrel looked OK, but I had seen barrels with more pronounced rifling before as well. Found Midway USA that lists parts by gun. It was backordered for some time, but it came in I'd say about two months after I ordered it. I was under the impression it was made by S&W. It looks like it was made by S&W, and the site does mention gunsmithing may be necessary for some parts. I had just recently been looking for a 6" barrel for my Glock 20 and these were all drop in, thus my reason for double checking with someone with a little more experience with replacement barrels. As it turns out, the barrel on my 1076 has not been abused as I had suspected. Anyway, I have a replacement barrel for my out of production pistol.
  13. VeeKay

    New barrel for my 1076

    Thanks, Shadow, that's exactly what I wanted to know! Appreciate the welcome, I saw that you just recently joined my old hangout Bren Ten Forum, and a welcome extended to you there.
  14. The new barrel from S&W has an extension on the top of the barrel on the breech end of the barrel that is wider than the original. Original is 0.349 inches wide, new barrel is 0.432 inches wide. Is this something that is usual (gun smithing a new barrel to fit) or is the replacement barrel the wrong one for my 1076? Anyone else come up with this problem?