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  1. Oh great, I wonder how long before they start harrassing me? lol
  2. I just got my stamp back last week. It took 5 months and 15 days from the time the check was cashed to the time the stamp was approved. The bottom line is, that your stamp will take as long as it will take. A million different factors could effect your wait time, just to hard to call. If there was one thing I learned through this entire process, it is to take advice about "wait time" from no one and if you have questions, simply call the ATF and ask...the skeptics put out too much BS to decifer and half the time they are speaking on a process that they probably haven't even gone through yet. Example? I found out simply by calling and asking the BATFE that THEY prefer for all forms to be sent to Atlanta and not to West Virginia. People didn't believe me, but that came straight from the NFA branch. They said it may actually extend your wait time when you send to West Virginia because once the check arrives there, it has to be re-routed and sent back to thier bank in Atlanta to be cashed....with holidays, weekends and things of that nature you could be talking several days or even a week or more added on to your time. I don't think there is a way to tell or if there is a rhyme or reason on wait times...it gets approved when they pick it up, review it and stamp it. Just a week before I was told mine was still "pending", the same NFA ATF agent told me to expect the stamp by September which would have put me at 9 months....just goes to show that sometimes they dont even know whats going on. Play with your other toys and when it arrives, it will be like christmas! I am not an expert and I only have ONE tax stamp, so this is just my opinions and a few facts I picked up along the way Here are some great links here in reference to your questions: http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/118299-average-sbr-forms-processing-time/ http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/98127-the-wait-begins/
  3. Here is my new SBR! I am so excited! I have to give a special thanks to Jtrain and jchtrh. I couldn't have gotten through the trust BS without Jtrain and I used jchtrh's VLTOR build as a model for mine...with a few changes of course. I am glad to be part of the NFA family now! The craziest thing is that I absolutely hated the wait, but once I got that tax stamp in my hand I wanted more almost immediately... Suppressor next! This is my very first tax stamp so I have been fondling it for the last week....my wife keeps rolling her eyes when she sees me around the house with it (including the john..lol) but I just keep smiling. Here is what I have on the build so far: Upper: VLTOR MUR-1 w/ assist and deflector Lower: Complete VLTOR VR lower with oversize magazine release Stock: VLTOR Mod Stock (Dark Earth) Pistol Grip: Tango Down Large Battle Grip (Dark Earth) Trigger Guard: Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard (Dark Earth) Magazines: Magpul P-Mags of course...(Dark Earth) Buffer Tube: VLTOR 5 Position (Numbered in white) Buffer/Spring: Spikes Tactical Heavy Buffer Charging Handle: Bravo Co Gunfighter Large Latch BCG: Spike's Tactical Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group Hand Guard: VLTOR CASV-MT Carbine Free Float Hand Guard (Dark Earth) Barrel: Ballistic Advantage LLC.'s 7.5" Stainless Steel and Chrome Lined Muzzle Brake: Juggernaut Tactical Righthand Tactical CQB Brake Gas Block: Sadlak Industried .750 Low Profile Clamp on Gas Block Gas Tube: Spike's Tactical Pistol Length Forward Grip: Surefire Light/Vertical Grip Combo with I.R. Lens Cover (yes that is a hint at whats going on her next week) Selector: Battle Arms B.A.D.A.S.S. ambi selector Optic: EOTech XPS2-0 "CQB" Brownells Edition Reticle w/ QD mount Irons: Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights (Could not get a full co-witness with flip up sights, so had to go with the RTS sight) Rail Covers: Magpul XTM Covers (Dark Earth) and Magpul XT Covers (Black) Sling: Magpul MS3 Sling Mounts: One VLTOR QD Mount and One Magpul Rail Mount Attachment So here it is as it sits today. The only change that I may make is the muzzle brake. I have a Noveske KX3 in the mail to be delivered by UPS on Monday. I guess I will try both and see which one I like or my rifle likes and stick with that. I am leaning towards the Juggernaut brake as it really looks nasty on there! Here she is:
  4. It's a 7 1/2" barrel and the VLTOR CASV-MT free float hand guard is about 2 1/2" longer than the end of the barrel. I have tried several brakes and comps and the only one so far I have found to be long enough is the KX3. It's a little over three inches which puts the KX3 about 3/4" past the hand guard. Any other suggestions? With the KX3, it will come out to look about like this....which is what I based my build after:
  5. As soon as I order my KX3...unless you boys have any other suggestions for brakes or comps?
  6. Thanks to you Jtrain! I couldnt have done it without ya! I will update when I get the stamp
  7. My check was cashed on January 10th, so that put 5.5 months exactly....Not bad especially seeing how an agent told me September when I called 2 weeks ago! Now I am just waiting. I am a bit worried though...I just moved this weekend into a new house. I did make sure I forwarded my address with the USPS over a week ago and my newer mail has started coming to my house. But my luck my packet and tax stamp would go to the old address. Any suggestions? Can anyone tell me what else I have to do to notify the BATFE of my new address? Is there a form online I can fill out? Any help would be great.
  8. Approved! It was approved June 25th...a little over 5 months!
  9. Approved! Called the BATFE today and was told that the paperwork was approved on June 25th. Best day ever! It hwas a little over 5 months wait. When I asked him about mailing, he said that they have up to 30 days to mail...guess well see!
  10. I talked to an agent Friday and asked the status of mine and it is still pending as of January 23rd...then I asked the "question"....how long are they averaging ma'am? Her reply? 6 months. So I guess I won't be able to play with my SBR until June or July sometime :(
  11. Evening Gents, Just wanted to share my video with yall that I made yesterday. I got the opportunity to fire a fully automatic M14 and filmed it all...it was a blast! Literally! I have posted links to the video and to my blog where you can read a short write up and see some pics as well. Share this video as much as you can! Thanks guys! VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSceYZsGbkU...3zmofr2i5vlof8= BLOG: www.locknloadblog.com FACEBOOK (Make sure to "like"): www.facebook.com/lockandload.blog TWITTER: @LockNLoadBlog
  12. It's funny you should say that because just this past Sunday at my 2-gun match me and several guys were discussing where to send paperwork. The consensus was that those that sent their paperwork to WV waited longer than those that sent them to Atlanta. The ones that sent their paperwork to Atlanta said that they were told to do so by the ATF. I will be sending all of mine to Atlanta from here on out.
  13. Congrats! Where did you send the paperwork?
  14. Status was "pending" as of Jan. 23rd...just figured I'd let yall know.
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