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  1. I also took advantage of the $300 special last week, couldn't pass it up. Gun show here next weekend, but I'm nearly scared to go seeing those prices!
  2. Anybody here sponsoring members? I'm up for joining.
  3. I'm in the market for some Sig mags, don't mind buying used since these will be spares. The only place I can find them is on GunsAmerica. The seller has over 8300 transactions with a 98% positive so I feel relatively confident. Anybody have negative experience or words of warning before I sink a few bucks? Thanks, Hef
  4. Even my wife was disgusted @ the premise that it was the fault of the gun culture. Horribly crass and despicable commentary. Entirely unprofessional.
  5. I had planned on shooting an IDPA match in Canyon on Saturday, but the wife came up with a last minute plan to go to Arlington and see a Rangers game and take the kids to Hurricane Harbor.
  6. I shot a USPSA match yesterday & thought about going to that show to pick up some primers. I finally decided it wasn't going to be worth it and went to see the new Batman movie instead. On a side note, I thought the movie was excellent.
  7. My range is very primitive but usually I'm the only one there. It's got a 50 yard pistol pit with enough room for 12-15 shooters and a 100 yard rifle range with no benches. A buddy and I went out at 8:00am on the 4th and shot for a couple of hours and never saw another soul.
  8. I read that too. Neat story. And with that, I'm at 400!!! What a slacker :sad:
  9. I had high expectations for that show but they were quickly dashed on the harsh rocks of reality TV reality. They took a Montana action off a Winchester and converted it to a .458 Lott. I think they charged the guy about 10 grand just to rebarrel it and install a synthetic stock.
  10. Well that says something right there. In my limited experience I've been more than happy with my Lee equipment.
  11. I was really taken aback. Problem is, he's the only person within a hundred miles of me selling stuff. Like I said, he's reasonably priced and well stocked. I was just kinda disappointed in the whole experience.
  12. Disclaimer: I'm not an experienced reloader & I don't have a lot of extra cash to spend. With that in mind, here's my tale. I've reloaded a few hundred 9 mm rounds, and even used some in a USPSA match last weekend. I was proud of my work, they were all functional and accurate. With that in mind I decided to start reloading for my AR, just a heavier, better bullet for hogs. I researched for a couple of days & settled on H335 powder & Sierra 63-g soft point bullets. There's only one shop near me selling reloading supplies. He's well stocked and priced right. As I wandered in, we engaged in conversation about what I was after and he pointed me towards the supplies. When I asked if he had any dies, I wasn't expecting the response. I told him I had a Lee press with Lee dies for my pistols. He rolled his eyes & said "well, I hope I don't have any of that junk in my store. I won't even let Lee stuff through my door. I've never sold a single piece of Lee equipment that wasn't crap." I understand there's better stuff out there, but I thought his assessment of my equipment was a little harsh.
  13. There was an episode of RiverMonsters featuring this fish. Much like feral hogs, they look like a lot of fun to go after but they seem to wreck the ecosystem.
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