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  1. dr_hefley

    I signed up for an NRA Life Membership today!

    I also took advantage of the $300 special last week, couldn't pass it up. Gun show here next weekend, but I'm nearly scared to go seeing those prices!
  2. dr_hefley

    NRA Life Memberships On Sale

    Anybody here sponsoring members? I'm up for joining.
  3. dr_hefley


    I'm in the market for some Sig mags, don't mind buying used since these will be spares. The only place I can find them is on GunsAmerica. The seller has over 8300 transactions with a 98% positive so I feel relatively confident. Anybody have negative experience or words of warning before I sink a few bucks? Thanks, Hef
  4. dr_hefley

    NFL commentary on guns!!

    Even my wife was disgusted @ the premise that it was the fault of the gun culture. Horribly crass and despicable commentary. Entirely unprofessional.
  5. dr_hefley

    Who's Going Shooting This Weekend?

    I had planned on shooting an IDPA match in Canyon on Saturday, but the wife came up with a last minute plan to go to Arlington and see a Rangers game and take the kids to Hurricane Harbor.
  6. dr_hefley

    Things heard at the gunshow.

    I shot a USPSA match yesterday & thought about going to that show to pick up some primers. I finally decided it wasn't going to be worth it and went to see the new Batman movie instead. On a side note, I thought the movie was excellent.
  7. dr_hefley

    Ranges in your area

    My range is very primitive but usually I'm the only one there. It's got a 50 yard pistol pit with enough room for 12-15 shooters and a 100 yard rifle range with no benches. A buddy and I went out at 8:00am on the 4th and shot for a couple of hours and never saw another soul.
  8. dr_hefley

    When England was not an Island

    I read that too. Neat story. And with that, I'm at 400!!! What a slacker :sad:
  9. dr_hefley

    American Guns.......

    I had high expectations for that show but they were quickly dashed on the harsh rocks of reality TV reality. They took a Montana action off a Winchester and converted it to a .458 Lott. I think they charged the guy about 10 grand just to rebarrel it and install a synthetic stock.
  10. dr_hefley

    WTS/WTT Lee pro 1000 w9mm dies

    Still available?
  11. dr_hefley

    So...my equipment is junk/ crap/worthless???

    Well that says something right there. In my limited experience I've been more than happy with my Lee equipment.
  12. dr_hefley

    So...my equipment is junk/ crap/worthless???

    I was really taken aback. Problem is, he's the only person within a hundred miles of me selling stuff. Like I said, he's reasonably priced and well stocked. I was just kinda disappointed in the whole experience.
  13. Disclaimer: I'm not an experienced reloader & I don't have a lot of extra cash to spend. With that in mind, here's my tale. I've reloaded a few hundred 9 mm rounds, and even used some in a USPSA match last weekend. I was proud of my work, they were all functional and accurate. With that in mind I decided to start reloading for my AR, just a heavier, better bullet for hogs. I researched for a couple of days & settled on H335 powder & Sierra 63-g soft point bullets. There's only one shop near me selling reloading supplies. He's well stocked and priced right. As I wandered in, we engaged in conversation about what I was after and he pointed me towards the supplies. When I asked if he had any dies, I wasn't expecting the response. I told him I had a Lee press with Lee dies for my pistols. He rolled his eyes & said "well, I hope I don't have any of that junk in my store. I won't even let Lee stuff through my door. I've never sold a single piece of Lee equipment that wasn't crap." I understand there's better stuff out there, but I thought his assessment of my equipment was a little harsh.
  14. dr_hefley

    Look at the teeth on this snakehead

    There was an episode of RiverMonsters featuring this fish. Much like feral hogs, they look like a lot of fun to go after but they seem to wreck the ecosystem.