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  1. If Storm Lake HAD these barrels, I don't find them on their website anywhere. The whole purpose of a barrel conversion was to avoid having to purchase an additional gun. Although I do like the idea of the S&W .44 Mag you mentioned, my original question was concerning converting my G30 to a G29 equivalent 10mm. If I had the extra $900, I like the S&W option. My G30, however, fits really nicely in a convenient belt pocket on my archery pack, and is easily accessed. My G22 doesn't fit... so, neither would the S&W 329PD. UPDATE: I got an email back from KKM today stating that the only additional modification needed to take the G30 to 10mm is a #22 spring. I can always carry a G20 magazine to give me the capacity needed, however. In the unlikely event this ever becomes an issue (ie. life or death), I'm not sure that I'll get 11 rounds off, let alone 16. Most of the "stories" out there are 2-5 shots before the bruin is in your bread basket. If I was going to be on Kodiak, I would not be trusting a 10mm, but against a black bear... It gives me more peace of mind than my .45ACP.
  2. It's all well and good to practice with your heart rate up, and adds a bit more realism, HOWEVER there is one critical variable for which you're failing to account: Your 8" circle isn't charging at you. A bear will close those 15 meters in under 3 seconds, if he is already in his stride at 35mph. Just sayin'. I agree that you should carry the biggest, baddest thing you have available. ANYTHING is certainly better than sticks and stones. There are, however, no guarantees... not with any caliber, any weapon, in every situation... ESPECIALLY when fight or flight kicks in.
  3. Impressive indeed. I, too, would like to see it in other calibers for comparison, and also with heavier 10mm rounds. I feel a project coming on.
  4. OK, Davek, that is interesting. Are you aware who makes this barrel conversion? Neither KKM nor Lone Wolf carry them. I'm not familiar with the ballistics of .400 Cor-Bon. My "objective" is to have reliable defense if I end up on the business end of a bear or mountain lion. This isn't for plinking or ripping paper. I am trusting my life to it.
  5. UPDATE: I called the armorer at Glockmeister in Mesa, AZ. He said he has not seen any issues in the barrel conversions from KKM. He said a Glock 30 can be converted to 10mm with just a drop-in barrel and 10mm magazine. No modifications are needed to the extractor or spring, and he said that he prefers the stainless guide-rod, but it isn't necessary. BTW, he also said that they make a similar conversion for the G29 to .40S&W, which would make it more economical to shoot, IF you aren't reloading.
  6. I am appreciative of your concern. And, the theory behind it is valid. In numerous forums and articles, however, I have not heard this concern offered by anyone with experience in Glock conversions, from armorers, to gunsmiths, to other enthusiasts. Respectfully, a man with and experience is never at mercy to a man with a theory. I'm hopeful that someone with experience with a Glock30 conversion to 10mm will weigh in. Are there additional modifications needed, other than the barrel/mag swap? Has anyone converted a G30 to 10mm? If so, what has been your experience?
  7. Thanks, Davek, however, my question is about barrel conversion more than ammunition. Does anyone have any experience with barrel conversion of a G30 to 10mm? Is the KKM barrel the barrel of choice, or are there other/better options for the same/less money?
  8. I'm brand new to this forum, but have been reading for over 2 hours. I'm learning a lot from you, friends. I thought I was going to have to purchase a Glock 29 as a wilderness defense gun for bear country, but have been told that the Glock 30SF can be converted to 10mm for around $150. Can anyone tell me where to start? I've searched Google and found KKM barrels for $165. Any other manufacturers out there that anyone in this excellent forum can recommend, or is KKM the best option? Does anyone have any experience with Glock conversions that can speak for or against this option? Thank you in advance for your time.
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