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  1. moshpit

    Battle Comp Enterprises

    Looking up the differences now. Edit: Okay, it doesn't have the completely open holes like the 5C2 does, nor the jagged edge. Very similar otherwise.
  2. moshpit

    Battle Comp Enterprises

    Phantom 5C2? I'll be waiting to hear about how the BattleComp compares against that.
  3. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    Just an update, I spoke to a higher manager at Red's trying to find out what the limits on this was, and found out the real deal behind the policy. They don't allow any face targets. Anything with a defined face on it is disallowed because people were bringing pictures of presidents, ex-wives, and other politically hot topics. Things that could cause a heated confrontation. So, they decided to ban any defined "face" target to keep claims of unfair selection from being leveled. This is a very harshly restrictive, but fair rule I can understand. I'm still unhappy about it and going to follow the excellent suggestions above for sure still. But now it's without any hard feelings towards Red's at least.
  4. moshpit

    Ordered New Goodies

    I've seen that as well. MI is one of my first recommendations for those looking for bang for buck value. I think the only thing seperating an MI rail system from a DD rail system, besides the insane price difference, is feature set and name usually. Actual build quality is pretty much identical. There's only so much you can do to aluminum to toughen it up, and MI is pretty much doing all of it. Not to mention the MI free floats are pretty classy looking, IMO.
  5. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    THANK YOU! All of that advice is appreciated, and I certainly would be interested in hanging out and shooting with a fellow vet or even enthusiast. Please find out, that would be awesome!
  6. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    Well, bad news guys. I don't get to test these. It seems Red's has a policy against any target that isn't one of theirs or marked by the "NRA". That's crap. The "NRA" requirement is purely politically driven and stinks. I payed my bloody dues, WTF more do they want? This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with politics and that stinks.
  7. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    I wish I has someplace to go shoot like that. I have to go to an indoor range, I don't know anybody nearby with land to go shooting on where I could set that kinda thing up. I'll just have to content myself with shootin em on the pulley.
  8. moshpit

    VFG Vs Handstop Vs AFG.....

    All AFGs here. I have a VFG on mine and couldn't get used to the vertical grip concept. I ended up holding it the way an AFG is naturally shaped anyway. My wife tried mine and didn't even bother with a VFG.
  9. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    They came in this evening and they're not as small as I imagined, they're actually fairly good sized! We're gonna take em out tomorrow and test em out to see just how much fun zombie shooting can be! In the meantime, here's better pics of how they look with a rifle for scale: When I asked my wife which one she wanted, she answered "yes, please...". She's got it in for all 3 of these particular nightmares of hers. Now I have a way to get her to the ranges :D :D :D Edit: Oh yeah, it's hard to see it, but there's target circles on all 3 zombies heads for scoring. The circles are faint and won't detract from zombie shooting fun, but are there to allow for some precision shooting if you want. These seem more suitable for 100 yard shooting then I expected them to be.
  10. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    Well, you keep shooting until done and then pull em up. Sometimes not knowing till your done is half the fun :D
  11. moshpit

    Zombie Targets, gotta love em!

    It's never useless shooting at zombies! Especially zombie clowns! I don't care what form they come in, it's open season :p
  12. Just purchased 10 Zombie Bin Laden, 10 Zombie Nazi, and 10 Zombie Clown targets for use at the ranges. I have no doubts that any friend using one will be able to find something he/she hates and wants to shoot in that selection. They're nicely sized too (24"x35"), so 50-100 yard shooting is perfectly doable with these. While they're not made for precision 300+ yard shooting at all, they are perfect for just fun plinking with friends and family. Bright and colorful too: Zombie Nazi http://www.letargets.com/estylez_item.aspx?item=ZT-HANS Zombie Binladen http://www.letargets.com/estylez_item.aspx...m=ZT-ZOMBILADIN Zombie Clown http://www.letargets.com/estylez_item.aspx...=ZT-UNCLE+HUGGZ I think the Zombie Clown may get more attention then the rest. It's just beggin' fer some 5.56mm attention.
  13. moshpit

    AR 15 life expectancy?

    That's typically how I clean. If I just go out and burn a single 30 round mag to test a new change, it might not get cleaned. But anything more then that and it's getting at least a basic cleaning.
  14. I just finished reading an article in SWAT magazine about a Colt 6920LE that they used for evaluation, and how it finally popped after 17600 rounds. My first reaction was "it popped after 17k rounds??? WTF?" and wondered why the Colt M16A1 I had in the service never popped on me. Okay, mitigating factors involved include, the Colt in question was cleaned once, and not until nearly 15k rounds. And it was only field cleaned because the extractor broke and a bit o cleaning to repair it was necessary, but it wasn't even a full out cleaning. The rifle was kept VERY well lubricated through it's whole lifetime evaluation. Another mitigating circumstance was that the rifle was under the constant stress of being fired at every convention, every gun show, and every public display SWAT magazine attends. It was abused in ways that even service rifles are free from. Dirty, oily, and constantly fired, this thing was a disaster WAITING to happen, obviously. But the part that had me thinking was this. 17K rounds under the worst, neglectful abuse possible for a rifle to make a Colt pop. I consider Colt a baseline in ARs. There are better ARs, and there are far worse ARs, Colt fairly well sits squarely in the middle IMHO. So, I see this test as setting something of a standard for failure. If you don't clean your rifle and lube it only, somewhere between 15 and 20K rounds it could pop. So, taking this theory into account, regular cleaning should extend this life expectancy. But by how much? Also, I see people promoting not following military style cleaning rituals with their ARs "because it runs fine dirty". Yes, I understand, a dirty AR will still run just fine. In fact, it will run completely clogged up with carbon just perfectly, as long as it's kept lubed. But I know for a FACT, that I put closed to 20K or more rounds through my M16A1 back in the mid 80's before I changed posts and was issued a different rifle at my new posting. That rifle ran flawlessly except for minor FTF's that were FTX dirt caused. But I constantly cleaned that rifle. Every range visit, cleaned. Every FTX, cleaned several times during the FTX. I cleaned that rifle so many times that if it wasn't practically dripping CLP, you could eat off it. So, the question of this thread is, what is the REAL life expectancy of a properly maintained, cleaned, and lubed AR 15. A mid range average will do, obviously there isn't a hard "round count failure point" to reference (or if there is a link to such would REALLY rock!).
  15. I think you're on the right track with starting them early. I would have started earlier with my girls if money hadn't been so tight for so many years until recently. My eldest daughter has been shooting my rifle, and showing great responsibility at the ranges, and my youngest is showing an interest in wanting to begin training with a .22 which I'm still planning out. A family that shoots together, survives together.