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  1. decided to list on Ebay with a start of 100 bucks. you could get this thing cheap
  2. Hey guys, I got a Vortex Viper and I'm done with this old girl. It served me well. Optic is in great shape and works. Has a few signs of wear. At one point I sent the optic in for repair, the reticle was going off during use. When this originally started happening I assumed there was a spring under the cover. Screw driver didn't do it, causing whats pictured. The cap never came off, and I sent the optic in for warranty AFTER this and it was not voided. I have the emails to prove this somewhere in my archives. If the buyer is interested in seeing these, ill be happy to dig them up. I think its out of warranty anyway, as I've had it about 4 years I believe. Solid optic. 150 shipped. Please PM offers
  3. 2 10 rounders. finally found some 15s so these are going to someone else. 115 shipped or will trade for trl-1s or night sights for the p30. thanks! Sold on HKPro
  4. yes they all fire. im never going to have enough ammo to fill 5 of these things, let alone the 15 total mags i have.
  5. i may not get rid of them, just would like to see what people are open to trade with. thanks for looking out though fellas, i do appreciate the input
  6. Okay it might be a long shot, but I have 10 standard 30 round mags i want to trade for Pmags. these things are in hella used condition! haha! I was gonna say ill trade 2 or 3 per 1 pmag. DONT CARE WHAT SIZE PMAG! OR i will trade for a Magpul grip. OR a HK p30 15 rounders, or p30L holster might even trade a good amount of them +cash for a ACS stock... shoot me offers, i understand my mags arent worth gold here. not sure what their value is, and if they are worth less than an Obama bumper sticker someone please let me know so i dont look like too big of an idiot. shat i guess anything in trade in general now that i think of it. rifle cases, molle pouches.
  7. bummer :( i mad ea molle attachment thing for my FJ cruiser cargo area, and tested the slots only for the velcro. not much experience with Molle stuff, so the buttons dont fit too well. ill figure something out
  8. are there any brands that make Velcro only attachments? trying to avoid the buttons, thanks!
  9. yeah the guy changed a lot after his experience with Ayahuasca, so i have read. some people end up being against any type of war for awhile after use with the stuff. if i could make every weapon, and future weapons evaporate from the planet i would. but it isnt gonna happen, so im not unloading a damn thing
  10. found the pistol, but it is coming with 10 rounders. need some 15s. WILL TRADE MY 10s FOR 15s IF ANYONE NEEDS SMALLER MAGS! i understand they will probably be a bit high priced right now, but please keep the silly "100 bucks each" stuff out of here. this is my first pistol, second gun ever (ar is my only other fire arm) so help a proud American out! ;)
  11. found one, please delete
  12. sorry thanks, want to buy.
  13. found one, please delete
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