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  1. I live in a state that refused to comply with the real ID law and is going to have issues with flying. Our lawmakers decided they didn't trust the Federal govt enough to send the information requested by the federal govt under the realID law. They decided based on this, that they would not modify our DL requirements or reporting to the Fed Govt the contents of their records. I agree with my law makers. When did the Fed gov't become the all powerful entity that can stop me from travelling? I don't think the Constitution lists 'being able to limit my travel' or 'prohibit my commerce with private organizations' as a power of the federal government. The 10th Amendment should stop this nonsense.
  2. I am enjoying this conversation, I learned something here. Thanks.
  3. "The residents of all five of the larger insular areas enjoy many of the rights enjoyed by U.S. citizens in the 50 states. But some rights which, under the Constitution, are reserved for citizens residing in the states have not been extended to residents of the insular areas. For example, residents of the insular areas cannot vote in national elections, nor do they have voting representation in the final approval of legislation by the full Congress." This is an excerpt from a GAO document.They are citizens and have all American rights that folks living in the 50 states do. With the exception of voting or nor are they represented by voting members of congress. Link: http://www.gao.gov/archive/1998/og98005.pdf
  4. You are all too kind. Thank you.
  5. Thank you all. It started off well, with me waking up!!!
  6. If in a group, I would use a .22...on someone elses knee, while I fled.
  7. No one wants to mention the Shoulder holster? Seriously?
  8. PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder So, what is trauma? a deeply distressing or disturbing experience physical injury Unless it happened to you, we can rule out the second definition. So, this boils down to how we perceive things. In the case of a child, particularly when they are in their formative years, they perceive things as their parents do, but tend to go overboard with this reaction. So if a parent shows fear of an event, the child may be afraid of it for life. Hence the self perpetuating problem of snowflakes.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/303977689653248/
  10. The trick is to try it out on something before you do it on your rifle for the first time. Try duracoating a wrench, or anything. Go through all the steps needed to prep it, then do it. Its easier than you would think. Then see how to not make the mistakes you may have made. Then do it.
  11. One of the things I have found is how easy it is to Duracoat the parts during the build process. It is the perfect time, its not dirty yet, so all you have to do is de-grease it. A lot. Do it more. Still more. Spend 3-4 times as much time on de-greasing as you would painting it. Then go to MidwayUSA and get the two part rattle cans of Duracoat. Then take your time spraying the parts. Duracoat stands up a LOT better than normal rattle cans and allows you to make your rifle any color you want. Once done spraying, let it sit. The longer the better, It will adhere better if you let it cure a longer time. Weeks is best, if you can wait that long. When you put it together if you mar the paint job, just give it a light touch up. Just sitting here having random thoughts.
  12. Wow. Just Wow! On this board we scream at the least little infringement of guns rights, but look at this in a different light? This has the marks of big government all over it. Who the hell is the state to tell me I can't call myself anything I want?
  13. Well Done. The old discussion about not being able to miss fast enough to win applies. That being said, you shot well, now the trick becomes getting faster.
  14. How well did you lube it? A new bcg can act very finnicky unless well lubed.
  15. GLC bullets http://www.glcbullets.com/ Great product, quality control is awesome.
  16. I have started conducting OCW a bit differently from the ocw process. Try using a magneto speed and look for the lowest ES and SD you can find, you wont be disappointed..
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Performance-Shooting-Holsters-Mounting/dp/B00VVZC71S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1487816728&sr=8-5&keywords=advanced+performance+shooting+holsters I like these holsters.. they give the freedom to not have to sit on my pistol!!!
  18. They stopped bridge construction to not disturb the eagles. Then they try to tear the nest out to chase them off. This is the stupidest thing i have heard of.
  19. Just walking up and down the strip was the most amazing part to me.
  20. I bought one. Pro's Grip textures, Love it. Pistol has 4 different backstraps, fits my hand great. Seems to point well, with some pistols I seem to struggle to get them on target, this one just points where i think. Trigger is good, not great, I will have it polished a bit. External safety is large, makes it easy to operate, good place to park Strong side thumb. Mag release is easy to operate, love the large size. The textured grip is the bomb, not too aggressive but holds the hand well with NO slipping. Con's Safety is in the way of the slide release. Trigger is a little gritty, but is getting better through use. I have to buy more mags, comes with two. I have to buy new holsters. It shot a 2 or 3 inch group at 7 yds, cant figure how to post pics or I would.
  21. I will donate a gallon of gas for anyone who wants to protest Trump in such a fashion.
  22. Look at Greg using big words!!
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