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  1. Direwolf

    Hey Direwolf

    Thanks, folks! Haven't been around lately as I done went and REEEEE-TIRED! Woo hoo! 30 years with AT&T was about 20 too many but that's in the rear view now!
  2. This makes my blood boil. I don't think of just Pat Tillman. I think of the friends, brothers I lost. I'd like to put him and kapernick in a firefight and watch them buy it.
  3. Providence Plantations had nothing to do with slavery. They were set up for people seeking religious freedom after it's founder had been banished from Massachusetts.
  4. Between 1880 and 1960, there were 4,743 lynchings. Of those 1,297 were whites leaving 3,446 blacks lynched in an 80 year period. Bubba Smollet is a pu55y.
  5. My Grandpa always called a 12ga slug a "bear ball". He said when he was young (1890s-1900s) there weren't many deer in Louisiana but there were plenty of black bears and wild hogs. The slugs worked well on both.
  6. Direwolf

    Hey Direwolf

    Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the birthday wishes!
  7. Happy Birthday, Greg!
  8. Congrats to her, Hulk and to the proud poppa!
  9. I just saw this. I'm just shocked. I didn't always agree with G but I've always respected him. Godspeed, brother.
  10. The problem with anything but a permanent barrier is that when democrats regain the presidency they can just choose not to enforce the laws. Once a barrier is in place, they can't tear them down without it being known. That's the reason Pelosi and her bunch are ok with "surveillance" type security.
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