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  1. Direwolf

    Take your Bear Spray and shove it up your

    My Grandpa always called a 12ga slug a "bear ball". He said when he was young (1890s-1900s) there weren't many deer in Louisiana but there were plenty of black bears and wild hogs. The slugs worked well on both.
  2. Direwolf

    Hey Direwolf

    Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the birthday wishes!
  3. Direwolf

    Hey GLShooter

    Happy Birthday, Greg!
  4. Direwolf

    My daughter is going for the sweep!!

    Congrats to her, Hulk and to the proud poppa!
  5. Direwolf

    The Armory is mourning the loss of Jeff and Nancy.

    I just saw this. I'm just shocked. I didn't always agree with G but I've always respected him. Godspeed, brother.
  6. Direwolf

    FLASH! Nearest Caravan Headin' to Texas

    The problem with anything but a permanent barrier is that when democrats regain the presidency they can just choose not to enforce the laws. Once a barrier is in place, they can't tear them down without it being known. That's the reason Pelosi and her bunch are ok with "surveillance" type security.
  7. Direwolf

    FLASH! Nearest Caravan Headin' to Texas

    No problem, napalm sticks to kids.
  8. Direwolf

    Hey kicker6861

  9. Direwolf


  10. Direwolf

    Hey Sorceress 21

    Happy Birfday, Lady!
  11. Direwolf

    Hey TomJefferson

    Well, happy belated birthday there, TJ!
  12. Direwolf

    Gillett razor

    Damn, John. You ought to print that out and send it to Gillette. That is a whole shatload of truth right there.
  13. Direwolf

    Gillett razor

    I wonder if Nair will run a "Toxic Femininity" commercial...
  14. The NRA/GOA etc., should bring a federal lawsuit against this governor for knowingly and willfully violating the constitutional rights of the citizens of Virginia.