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  1. ls1krab

    Looking for my first upper...

    Ok, so I've been considering everyone's input on the matter of deciding which upper to buy, but one thing I can't decide on is the twist rate. Those addax uppers look promising and I'm going to use them as an example. I see the 16" barrel is only offered in 1:7 twist rate. How much does this really make a difference in accuracy as opposed to 1:9 twist rate?
  2. ls1krab

    Looking for my first upper...

    Those Addax upper look nice! That's going to be a pricey upper.
  3. ls1krab

    Looking for my first upper...

    hsracer, thank you for that. I didn't know what they were called. ebk, how would I go about doing that? ja9mm, while I'm confident I am capable of doing so, I don't plan on building the upper. I am leaning towards buying a complete upper from a supplier, but want one with my desired options.
  4. ls1krab

    Looking for my first upper...

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome and the advice given so far! Yes, I do want a flat top upper so I can add optics later on down the road. I've also seen some that have rails on the top/bottom and sides of the barrel where the hand guard goes on other rifles I've seen. What exactly is that option called? Sorry, not too familiar with the nomenclature when it comes to the AR world...
  5. Ok, so I’m an AR newbie here, but am eager to learn. I’m ready to buy an upper to start my build, but don’t know what to get. I’ve pretty much been overwhelmed with info on the web. I do know some things that I want from an upper. I’d like for it to have the following: -rails for future upgrades -16” barrel -1/9 twist -chromoly or chrome lined barrel (don’t know the difference) Other than that, I’m not sure. I’ll be building a carbine and it will be used mainly for range use and some occasional recreational use. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy an upper with these options? Will I need to buy anything else with an upper or will it be ready to go once bolted onto a lower? Also, other option suggestions are welcome!