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  1. Guys.... She is finally here.... http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/story/1280386264tems8pft2kx
  2. Wow... I really appreciate everyone's input. Captainbarred - you are my BFF on this forum. :-) I have been digging since I started this post and I came across this: http://www.hk-usa.com/civilian_products/mr556_general.asp Not as sexy as the sig, but knowing German reliability - it peaked my interest. By the way - have you guys heard anything new about SCAR and its civilian versions? I could not find the info on that.
  3. Thank you guys for your warm welcome and such a great response. I will try to clarify my original post. Why SIG vs AR? I am so new to the whole rifle thing that I am short on intellectual explanations. If you forgive my attempt at humor: I like my rifles like I like my women - SEXY! SIG is just a very sweet looking design. The other one I just found is FNH SCAR. I guess there is some controversy as to what will actually reach the civilian market, but the platform looks AWESOME. I'd like to look at the AR, but should I then consider the AK? Breakage is a concern, as I am not mechanically inclined. Here are the factors that are playing into the consideration: * The weapon would be used 95% at the range and may be 5% hunting hogs :-). * Average ammo consumption 300-500 rounds per month * Geoloc: Texas * Care: 3-4 times a year * Additional equipment considered: EoTech with FTS mag and may be a Lasermax Unimax Riflepack (there are just too many toys out there) Basically, I am a couch commando... what can I say. If you guys were going to do a comparison between different platforms - what criteria would you consider: 1) Overall cost 2) Operational mechanics (system type) 3) Breakage frequency 4) Availability of spare parts 5) Resale value 6) Maintenance costs? 7) Ammo type/cost? What significant factors should I look at? I appreciate all your help.
  4. I have been wanting to purchase a rifle for quite some time and my legislative branch (the better half) at home finally approved the budget. I am considering SIG556 SWAT, but want to put it up against 2 or 3 other similar platforms. Any suggestions?
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