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  1. I give all of the credit to the deputy. He was cool as a cucumber. He did the only possible thing he could do.
  2. No I had seen the Deputy leave his traffic detail (speed trap) and speed up ahead of me on the causeway. Then he got in the right lane and slowed down behind this particular vehicle and lit him up. It was not exactly a high speed chase as the driver was too busy stabbing his passenger to go very fast. I was in the left lane almost parallel to them but slightly behind when the car drove into the water. As far as I knew at the time it was a drunk or an old person careening into the water so I pulled off the road when the deputy did to help. He gave me his duty belt except for his weapon and said he is stabbing the hell out of her and asked me to call it in on his radio as waded into the water and shot the guy when he would not stop stabbing the woman. No I was not armed.
  3. The strangest thing happened to me on the way home from work the other day and it just proved to me how strange my life really can be sometimes. I am the security guard in the story. http://www.floridatoday.com/article/201109...me-people-place I took this picture right afterwards. Note the bullet holes in the drivers window.
  4. Im sorry but I cant resist. Google just sent me an invitation to monetize that video.
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