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  1. terebil

    Anyone Own A....

    Those two tone guns were a close out of mismatched barrels and frames......that combination might be a regular production item now? The one I have is the target version of the 22A with the big laminated grip and it runs fine once I tuned the extractor. Take care and shoot straight
  2. terebil

    PMAG question

    Once Pmags have been left loaded for a while......I bet they all swell like the others you have that are sticking. We tried a bunch of loaded Pmags in a SCAR the other day and they all stuck and would not drop free. Take care and shoot straight
  3. terebil

    Feed problems

    Guess it's possible it's got something to do with the buffer and spring.....but I bet it more likely to be the gas block mis aligned or the gas key isn't staked to the carrier correctly....loc-tite won't do it. Take care and shoot straight
  4. terebil

    Feed problems

    It is possible for the action to open enough to get the empty case to eject, but not far enough to strip the next shell from the mag. Since you tried multiple magazines I assume there is enough mag spring tension to get the cartridges up high enough quick enough. Magazine catch or it's spring worn or is it damaged? Take care and shoot straight
  5. terebil

    Optics for those that wear eyeglasses

    My aiming eye is nearsighted. And the Eotech or Aimpoint looks OK but I can't focus on the target properly. And with glasses, the reticle in the Eotech looks fuzzy and I can see the target. With the Aimpoint using glasses I can see both dot and target fine so the Aimpoint seems to be the best for all uses for me now. Magnified scopes are also useful because the eyepiece can be focused to your prescription. Or changed if your eyes get tired during a long stretch behind the rifle. I love ACOG's but you can't focus the eyepiece for me to use them with my prescription glasses. Love the Millet DMS for a cheap scope or the Trijicon Accupoint for something slightly better. Take care and shoot straight
  6. terebil

    Newbie with several questions

    Part sizes are standard.....but the words "mil-spec" mean a whole different world of quality control and testing that you can't get unless you buy from the Colt LE/mil. production line. I just sold a NIB Colt 6940 for $1486......yet you can buy a new DPMS or S&W for $899. There is a difference in quality that affects long term durability....but the average shooter won't notice the difference. Take care and shoot straight
  7. Hard to tell if anything is easier to clean than another. Many rave about the coating on the Fail Zero BCG....but I've had such easy cleaning with hard chrome BCG that I'm not yet ready to change over till something breaks. Take care and shoot straight
  8. terebil

    Attachments for lights???

    A few don't like the marks the throw levers leave behind on the rail. And with either, you can add spacers and 45 or 90 degree risers under them. So I guess it's a matter of how quick you might need to change things around. If you do go with throw levers...go with the latest technology like LaRue or American Defense Mounts. Take care and shoot straight
  9. Any local NRA instructor can probably provide the materials you are looking for on basic shooting marksmanship. Anything else will be over the top and too much for them. Take care and shoot straight
  10. terebil

    Greasing instead of Oil on AR-15?

    +1.....this is exactly what I was thinking. Take care and shoot straight
  11. terebil

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Registered a while back but didn't do much of anything....other than working as a salesman & gunsmith in central OH for the last 13 years. Found this place again looking for pictures from SHOT. Good group so far. Take care and shoot straight
  12. terebil

    Which Optic For My AR-15

    I believe it is compatible....but weight is sadly about the same. Take care and shoot straight
  13. terebil

    Greasing instead of Oil on AR-15?

    Worth mentioning again.....grease is for Mini 14's, Garands, and M-14's. AR's that get lots of use like a rental gun need oil that will float away the dirt like a good quality micro particle lubricant. Take care and shoot straight
  14. terebil

    Stripped Barrel Question

    Yep...there is a reason the military uses pinned front sight bases only. Take care and shoot straight
  15. terebil

    Which Optic For My AR-15

    I don't like the weight of the magnifier with the Aimpoint. Though the Aimpoint is a great product that will be more than enough for minute of bad guy out to 300yds. I have an ML2 and that battery life is great. The newer ML3 and 4's are even better. Better than the Eotech. I just don't like the busy reticle of the eotech. Do you shoot with prescription glasses? If you do the Aimpoint will be fine. If you want magnification with prescription glasses, you'll need an eye piece that is focusable. The ACOG doesn't offer that feature. You'll have to go to a Accupoint scope, Millet DMS, or something similar. Take care and shoot straight