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  1. cr2032

    Steal of a deal!

    I took out the one in mine for a while, but I didn't like how sloppy it made the trigger. I found a crazy solution though... I put the disconnect back in, but upside down (yes, installed it upside down) - it renders the disconnect safety inoperable, it still allows the gun to function without a mag in it, mags still drop free, and the trigger feels a lot better. I've probably put over 2000 rounds through it since then, and it hasn't caused any problems.
  2. cr2032

    Steal of a deal!

    I've tried a few different ones but none worked quite right. The mags use a thin L-shaped follower and their hollow base plates act as a "well" which a bit of the spring goes down into, so they use rather long springs. Replacing the follower with a normal sized one knocks the mag capacity down by two or so, and the base plate just doesn't seem to play nice with springs of a shorter length. These 17 round mags are only like a half inch longer than standard 13 round mags. They just use as much space inside the mag as they can to cram in the extra rounds. I'd probably have to put in a normal follower and modify a base plate (they don't take standard baseplates) so normal length hipower mag springs won't be so loose. ...But then I'd probably wind up with a cheap ~13 round mag that might not even be reliable enough for range use. They are reliable enough as they are for the range, so I'm just gonna keep on using them with just ~14 rounds in them. Maybe one day the springs will eventually loosen up.. ETA, a pic of my Hungarian FEG PJK-9HP Hipower clone with my ten KRD mags (the two others on the right are 13 round factory mags): BTW Janitor, that is one heck of a nice revolver... I love Smiths with the unfluted cylinders and those wood "ergonomic" grips..
  3. cr2032

    Steal of a deal!

    Do you mean the 3 your dad ordered are the SA KRD 17 rounders, or that you're going to get 3 more mags (being the 17 rounders)? I made the mistake of ordering 10 of them after the ban expired when they went down to $14 each.. It's been dang near two years since then and I still can't get them loaded all the way without using excessive force. I usually only load them with 14 rounds maximum - loading to full capacity has actually caused the metal mag-loader that came with the mags to dent the cartridge cases, which I believe is the root cause of two case failures I've experienced while using those mags (both cases failed right where the mag loader contacts them. luckily neither were catastrophic failures, and did not damage my gun). I've tried shooting the hell out of'em, but nada.. Barely phasing the springs. I highly recommend people splurge the extra dough and buy factory 13 round mags. Excellent deal on the HP, by the way.