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  1. W T B - silver coins..dimes, quarters, halves, dollars Tell me what you have and what you are looking to get $$ I just started collecting silver...so no purchase is too small for me : ) Thanks Darren C.
  2. Before Clinton signed the assault weapons ban in 1994 -- there was talk that it would happen before time. Some manufactures started dating mags. You will only see pre-ban dates as far back as 91. Any mag manufactured before that have no dates...because there was no need to date them.
  3. Yes, you can purchase them for $15 each - If you take 7 or more...I will pay the shipping Please feel free tp PM me anytime
  4. 8 Mags - 6 Law/Gov issue and 2 Pmags Nice 30 rnd mags - 100% working condition 2 Pmags - no window: used maybe once or twice (practically brand new) W/ DUST COVERS 8 alloy mags - used: all say "RESTRICTED LAW ENFORCEMENT / GOV USE ONLY" all are dated Floor plates: 2 Center Inds. 2 NHMTG 2 blank $65.00 takes them all - shipping included **DISCREET** Paypal - will be accepted
  5. WTT/WTS: Pre-Ban Ar15 Mags I have pre-ban 20rnd Adventureline Mags in very nice shape Lookin for $15 each or 7 for $100 (if you buy 7 - I pay shipping) Trades welcome: ammo: 7.62x39 9mm 38 spcl
  6. Oh forgot..also put together i nam style a2 ar15 - iron sights on that of course...gotta take pics.
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