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  1. Gentlemen, Sorry for any worry. Had to take to my bed for a while, did not realize it had been a couple of weeks since I posted. Can't take for granted just getting the basic stuff done. What an amazing bunch of people we have here. Will try and check in more often. Thank you all for your concern. As Snake46 alluded to, I started off working on the gun ban. It was the Militia obstacle course training that did me in... Thanks guys ! John
  2. Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  3. But he told us he had "oil cancer", remember ? The poor man is sick !
  4. My condolences to the family and friends of the Chief, and prayers that the wounded Officer does not have permanent injuries from his leg wound. I did have something to say but used the delete button. It's hard to keep a civil tongue when the perversion of our Criminal Justice System runs so deep. Suffice it to say there are many with blood on their hands besides the shooter, and the blood will still be there when they knock on the Pearly Gates.
  5. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Beginnings%2C+by+Kipling&t=chromentp&atb=v314-1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DoUMGr2r2_Qc I find the above very disturbing. It is the continuation of the thoughts behind the presentation of the "altered" Kipling poem, which has apparently become quite popular with European Nationalists who also elected governments that allowed their countries to be invaded by millions of mostly Africans and Near and Middle Easterners, with a very large % being muslims. Hating the invaders is not the answer. Electing the right government to fix the problem, as the USA also needs to do, is the answer. I submit that the United States of America is superior to all of the Western European countries because we have always been a nation if immigrants. This attribute is what makes us that "shining city on the hill" that President Reagan so eloquently spoke of. Make no mistake, I do believe America's open borders, and the Marxist-based agenda of demonizing the White man and Judeo-Christian beliefs is immoral, evil, and has the purpose of destroying our roots as well as the Republic itself. Wave upon wave of immigrants coming to America to fulfill their dreams of freedom and prosperity and to escape oppression in the Old World is exactly why America is stronger than any other nation in the History of man. We have allowed Evil people into positions of power in our government to completely break our immigration system, where people who wanted to come here were vetted for their loyalty to our ideals their industriousness, AND their willingness to learn our Constitution, defend it, and assimilate into our most unique culture. To simplify, their belief in God, their allegiance to America, and their devotion to family is what is important. family is what is important I implore those of you who, like me, love America and understand what she represents, not to turn hatred upon those who come to America seeking freedom and prosperity. Those who come here illegally must leave. Our borders must be secure. The marxist/Globalist agenda of our government is not the fault of the immigrants. Our own President and Congress is inviting them to come here illegally. Any animosity we may have should be focused on the people in power who allow this chaotic system of open borders. There intent is to not give shelter to the huddled masses, but to destroy the American Ideal, to stop us from being the "shining city on a hill. We must not fall victim to this tribal hatred. It may be the only recourse for Europe's Western Civilization, but I simply don't know. What I do know is that America will continue to grow stronger with immigrants seeking freedom as they have done for centuries. It but be done with our borders secure, and we must strictly enforce limits on the number of immigrants we accept each year, so that they have time to assimilate into the American culture, so that we can once again be the most unified but diverse culture that has ever existed. It is these opportunities that America offered, though at times very strictly limited, that keeps God's blessings pouring out on us as a nation. Hating immigrants will bring America nothing but dishonor and God's wrath. The Leftist/Globalist powers that seek to destroy America would like nothing better than to see Americans take their anger with their government out out immigrants. Those here illegally must leave. Those who are going through a proper legal process should be welcomed with open arms, but only once the criminals running our government, both elected and unelected secure the border. In fact a moratorium on all immigration with the exception of some critically trained professionals should be put in place until The People are satisfied the border is secure, and a proper vetting system has been scrubbed of loopholes, and only those with that special breed of American virtues and values may earn the right to live free and prosper. Don't fall for this call to hate immigrants. It comes from the same tyrants who are trying to destroy America by allowing our country to be literally invaded. Save your hatred for those in power who allow this invasion. Turn that hate into the motivation to get these tyrants out of government, so that we can go back to the sane and regulated system that worked so well for so long. We still need virtuous immigrant blood in our communities. These loyal and industrious people remind us of why America is so great, and our children can hear their stories of the oppression they fled and how hard they worked, and how much they wanted to take that oath and become Americans. John
  6. Why would the State O Wyoming not be able to fill 30-35 plow driver positions ?
  7. I never assumed your system of placing your sidearm in your skivvies meant that your sidearm fell out of your holster. I took it at face value, which meant it sounded like you had a system that worked for you. It did make me think about meeting you later in the day at the gunshop, for instance, and admiring your sidearm without some surgical gloves...
  8. A good start would be accepting the fact that Congress, including the GOP have a Marxist agenda, regardless of their rhetoric when elections are not far off. The second thing we need to wrap our heads around is that changing the overall Marxist agenda coming out of D.C. is going to take a greater involvement in elections since the origins of The United States. Since it is painfully obvious that the Executive Branch is the easiest to replace in a single election, my suggestion would be to look for a State Executive, also known as Governor from a very conservative and prosperous Constitution-based State, to take over the U.S. Executive Branch as President. It would be to our benefit if this new President could persuade the key people from his State Administration, to join with him as Cabinet members and advisors in Washington D.C. This is especially critical for the first 2 years, when a Constitution-focused Executive Branch and The Rule of Law is reintroduced to the American People. Communications will be very important. It is going to take more time and treasure to accomplish this next election than most Americans are accustomed to providing. However, if we don't do it now, it will be more difficult if not impossible to do it later. This President will hopefully also be able to carry with him Congressman from other States who believe in our Constitution. It's a tall list, and we should not allow GOP rhetoric to keep us on the Plantation. It's not hard to figure out when someone running for Congress is waffling on their fidelity to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the need for smaller Federal Government, and more power to the States, as was originally intended.
  9. I believe the Marxists are intentionally and regularly bring up the specter of "civil war" as part of their agenda to prohibit the private ownership of firearms. Call it highly restrictive gun laws or eliminating the IIA, the goal is still the same, disarming the American People. We have clearly seen many examples in America of the well coordinated and effective use of fear mongering, censorship, and government overstepping their Constitutional bounds in the Modern Era, with none being so strkly obvious than the events surrounding the Covid "pandemic". We must remember that these un-American forces want Americans who believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law to despair. We must avoid this at all costs, and remember that so much of the information we and other Americans recieve is propaganda totally biased by the Marxist/New World Order/Woke agenda. We are winning much of the time in Court, but it take so much time and money, the evil aligned against us is able to once again censor these victories from many Americans who do not make the extra effort to find reliable sources of information. One of the most promising realities for the future is that unbiased sources of information are absolutely crushing the numbers who are viewing outlets that are pushing the marxist/woke agenda. Remember being "Woke" has no magical powers, in fact it is becoming synonymous with absurdity, and I predict the Leftist media will be pushing an alternate term in the near future. Remember "Woke" was just the rebranding and repackaging of "politically correct" until that expression was linked to absurd laws, rules, and attitudes. Anti-woke culture is on the rise, not the decline. For whatever reason, many Americans have come to credit the "woke movement" in America with great power, when in reality they are a relatively small number of people who have learned the lesson that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I keep wondering when the massive number of the "Silent Majority" comes to understand the relationship between raising our voices in number and in unison, and getting the grease that will keep this wagon us on the road to Liberty. One of the most important orders of business for the new House will be to figure out how they can break the monopoly that Big Tech has over information, and to stop their acting as an arm of the Democratic/Marxist Party. People who think like we do are much more numerous and hold more power than we believe. We must stop listening to what our enemies say about us, and focus on the job of saving the Republic. We have Right and Good on our side since we are the champions of Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law, and our opposition wants the most government control possible. We can never forget the strength that comes with being on the side of Good. I think some Americans have lost some of that due to the poisoning of government schools, and through propaganda and censorship. It is up to us to make sure the Word is spread, and that good information sources are shared. Just look at what Musk alone has done with Twitter. We have these people running scared, and for cover. But according to them, they are winning the debate. This is demonstrably false, yet another Big Lie. Denounce them, widely and loudly. Support those unbiased information sources you trust as much as you can. Be full of courage, not only because we are winning, but because our courage is contagious, and many Americans could use the boost of reality as we enter 2023.
  10. This is where my thinking is at. While everyone can develop their own system of not forgetting their weapon in a bathroom or while changing clothes, the point is that if your gun falls out of your holster when you drop your drawers, I believe you should strongly consider a different holster that still works for you, but has much better retention capabilities. Everyone here is smart enough to find something that works for them, but a holster with such inadequate retention that the weapon falls freely from it when you are not "buttoned down" is a non-starter for me.
  11. With all the bad things in the news we must remember America is a much stronger country than what is portrayed in the media. It is their goal to make us feel weak and threatened, but the American People are still from hearty stock, and things are just not as bad as they would like us to believe. Yes, we need some big changes, and it will be difficult. I still have Faith that the majority of Americans are good God-fearing people with good heads on their shoulders. I know it is easy to get caught up in the negative, I fall prey too. Most Americans have much more in common with the good men on this Board that with the dysfunctional and evil who get all the media attention. We must not forget this. We shall endure, of that I am certain. John
  12. The have been bought and paid for. They have to go as a viable political party, They will remain Marxist Light, which still brings us to complete tyranny, just a little later.
  13. Retcop

    Hey 2 meke

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! I hope your day is a great one, old friend. john
  15. The threats are getting old. The problem is that they continue with their agenda while ignoring the Supreme Court with the blessing of the Biden Administration. It's a bit alarming.
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