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  1. Retcop

    AR 15 10mm Pistol

    I must have misunderstood. I thought 10 inches was your max. I got it now.
  2. Retcop

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    I used to fast forward thru the evil hunter scene, until my kids understood why hunting is conservation and a good thing. I was rewarded during a sleepover a couple of years after that, when I overheard my eldest tell her friend (in kid talk) that the evil hunter thing was sad but BS. (hunters are not bad-my Daddy hunts) while watching the movie. It's all good-as a lover of the old Disney art and history, how he made that scene, with the depiction of the hunter and the ominous music and all-still burns my butt. Luckily my daughters picked good men who teach their kids the same thing. I can see where what I wrote would confuse you. But when I talk about old stuff with people, I have come to realize some don't have a clue it's so old. john
  3. Retcop

    AR 15 10mm Pistol

    Can't wait for a review ! Since you said with the linear comp, it exceeds your preferred max length, are there not shorter linear comps out there that still do a decent job ? You are at 12.25 with that comp so a 3 inch comp would get you down to 11". Just noodlin...
  4. Retcop

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Look at me ! I've learned basic computer skills.
  5. Retcop

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Darrell, I have to figure that you don't have children, or if you do, you don't read to them, as Disney books are about as popular as their movies. There are better books to read to your kids than Disney marketing books, however. Walt Disney was a bonafide genius. Personally, I am not referring to the theme parks, but his artwork and storytelling. Especially since his death, when the theme parks became social experiments for alternative lifestyles, and the crowds can be...not nice. So I've heard. I took my kinds to places like Sea World or camping, not Disneyland. https://www.notablebiographies.com/De-Du/Disney-Walt.html Walt Disney's Bambi. It was an animated movie about the life of a deer named Bambi, who's Father was killed by the "evil hunter" The hand drawn animation is absolutely a work of art that puts the computer generated animation of today to shame, as does all of the hand drawn Disney movie and cartoon animation of the past, IMHO. The people who made and still make animation like this are true artists. Please enjoy. John https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=A+clip+from+Disney's+Bambi&view=detail&mid=169E3B4682C5177D081F169E3B4682C5177D081F&FORM=VIRE https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=A+clip+from+Disney's+Bambi&view=detail&mid=0A85077C66BB0F317D500A85077C66BB0F317D50&FORM=VIRE https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=A+clip+from+Disney's+Bambi&view=detail&mid=0A85077C66BB0F317D500A85077C66BB0F317D50&FORM=VIRE https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=A+clip+from+Disney's+Bambi&view=detail&mid=C62D81DE083AC21E192FC62D81DE083AC21E192F&FORM=VIRE
  6. Retcop

    Beer Review #97: Hamms!

    Thanks bud. Interesting topic.
  7. Retcop

    Beer Review #97: Hamms!

    I suppose it is against the law to privately ship a couple of beers out of State into another vendors territory, or some tax garbage or something. One thing I wanted to ask you about micro-breweries. When you find a certain beer from one of those typr breweries, is it difficult to get the same beer with the same flavor constantly ? If you have some Tooth Sheaf Stout in your area, I'll trade you for some Stag. I knew a very prim and proper elderly black woman who would come into the store exactly every two days like clockwork to buy 1 Quart of Huber Beer, in a returnable bottle. IIRC it was 69 cents. No screw top. Every time she came in the door, she would set the empty bottle on the counter, and say "That bottle had a hole in it", shake her head, and tap the mouth of the bottle, to joke that she had not drank it, but that the beer had leaked out. The bottles were always rinsed. I spent a lot of time talking to that beautiful old girl every chance I got, and it was a delight and an honor to learn a bit about her life. She always had a twinkle in her eye. I heard quite a while after I had moved on that she had passed away. By that time she had to be in her 90's if not close to 100. Who says beer is bad for you ? Sometimes you find beauty in unexpected places.
  8. Retcop

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    I don't think I watched beyond the second Star Wars movie except out of one eye at the grandkids' home. Basically they started off as science fiction being used as a vehicle for the traditional "morality play", as they are referred to. I don't know what they are today, except something I don't want to watch. If you look at the changes in movies from a psychological perspective, I think that you will find that less and less the ggod guy gets the rewards, and the bad guys do not get their comeuppance for their horrible acts. While those who know me understand that I would never endorse explicit movies for children, violent or otherwise But one of my favorite quotes about Hollywood movies and Americans who: Would rather their children see a woman's chest bitten than kissed. I think the graphic violence that I see some parents let their young children watch, is just as bad as the other explicit. It seems as though Hollywood cranks out tons of explicit gratuitous violence, and I wonder if their would be such demand if parents were not letting their young children watch these R rated movies. I would be perfectly fine with some of this ultra violent stuff they are making get an X rating.
  9. Retcop

    StrikeEagle on sale

    I'm thinking you were warned.........don't blame us. Thanks for the tip ! Optics Planet had a 1X4 Viper with illuminated reticle with 4 thicker red broken lines forming a circle shape in the center for $339. I was thinking I wanted a little more than 4X, but for what I use my AR for, the 4X would probably be fine.
  10. Retcop

    My Birthday Present (Shingles)

    I hope you get to feeling better.
  11. Retcop

    Beer Review #97: Hamms!

    I have never been a big drinker (that's an understatement) but I actually don't much like beer. Even the good stuff makes feel sleepy and bloated after a couple. Much prefer spirits. I drink so little I drink the better stuff. But then again I like Bushmills Irish Whisky and can get by with Bin 27 Port. I guess some would consider those low end. I really wish I would have printed out some of the Bourbon recommendations, because I am ready for a bottle of good Bourbon. Did you know that hops are the only other plant in the same family as Cannabis ? Out of the two strains, it is more closely related to cannabis sativa. Hops contains a chemical, lulipin, which some studies have shown have sedative effects similar to cannabis, but I have no idea in what amounts. Botany is a wonderful thing. I always figured that is why beer made me sleepy...they don't call them hopheads for nuthin.....
  12. Retcop

    My Birthday Present (Shingles)

    The extreme fatigue is little bit of concern, no reason not to talk or visit with him. Actually now would be a good time to call him since you have finished the anti-virals, and are still having some major pain and fatigue.
  13. Retcop

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Does no one remember the anti hunting Bambi movie ?
  14. Retcop

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    Let's start re-writing screenplays from Dickens' novels, with the characters to mimic the Kardashians. (had to look that up) You are spot on, sir.
  15. Retcop

    My Birthday Present (Shingles)

    Have you looked at the side effects of the nerve block? Could they include headache and fatigue ? I am not kidding. I have been prescribed several medications whose common side effects included the same symptoms of the condition we were trying to treat. https://physician.pdr.net/drug-information/ PDR is coll cause it also gives difference using drugs on older folks too, side effects can be different or more severe, doses sometimes change with age because of less/more absorption in older folks. https://medlineplus.gov/ Sometimes the docs miss things, or some people don't tolerate some drugs well. Have you asked if there is another nerve blocker you can take. Another thought I had is if fatigue and headache are side effects of the antiviral drug you just finished, and maybe that takes a while to go away. Those are heavy duty type drugs. I'm sorry you are not feeling well, just trying to help. John