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  1. Retcop

    Gillett razor

    I agree that it certainly has a lot to do with how we were raised. But I have also long considered what G points out, that every older generation criticizes the younger generation. After many years of pondering this, and talking to people all of ages, and studying the societal changes in our history, I have come to the conclusion that the changes we are living thru and bemoaning go beyond the usual generational changes and conflicts. I have long maintained that there is a huge difference in people whose parents are/were not old enough to have lived through the Great Depression and/or The Second World War. Without direct personal connections to the oral history through their parents, who had suffered great sacrifice, deprivation, and loss of loved ones, those who did not live, or were not raised by parents who did live it, seem to have a much different view of the country and the world than those who did. So instead of the normal generational frictions, what is happening recently is the historically relative quick tipping of the scales instead of the "normal" incremental generational changes that usually leave basic foundational values, behavior, and expectations intact between generations in past American culture. As the WW II generation is reaching the end of its lifespan, and the influence on society of their like minded elderly children wanes, we discover not an evolution in worldview, but a revolution. A disconnect much larger than normal, through no one's fault, simply because of the huge difference in shared experiences. Taken as a group, those that came at the very tail end of the baby boom, and after that lack any connection to the degree of hardship, sacrifice, and terror that came with a free world fighting for its life against a real war machine, thrust upon them by motivated, brutal, and almost successful tyrannical monsters. There was hardly a person that was not affected by the Great Depression and WW II, whether it was my mother in Chicago scaping by caring for her sick father and living on ration stamps, or my Dad and his brothers who went off to war, and those that stayed behind surviving on what they could grow and the trades they possessed. This is a huge difference in life experience than the affluent generations that followed. I don't think I need to explain how academia, the New Deal, or the Great Society accelerated cultural change. However, many people may not know about a large group of Jewish German Marxists, intellectuals and professors all, living in Austria at the time of Hitler's rise to power. They decided it was best to flee, and were "rescued" by Columbia University. These men had a great influence on American academics to say the least, as they spread through our Ivy League Universities and beyond, spreading their Marxist beliefs. It is curious sometimes the power one man or group of men can have in the course of the history of a nation, but even though many communist influences came after them, they are considered one of the strongest roots of the Leftist movement in American academia. In any event, we are all aware of the modern events of The Democratic Party morphing from the Party of slavery to the Party of victim classes, decades of wealth redistribution, leading up to the two terms of the socialist President Obama. Obama is the most Left leaning president in our History. I believe his rise to power was influenced by people who have never known the sacrifice and austere lifestyles of those Americans who last had to fight for their freedom at a world-wide level. I believe that this is the reason for the large disparity in the worldview, attitude, and respect for our Republic we find between two very different groups of people. We have those who have inherited the experiences and values of those who survived desperate times, and we have those, because of a variety of different circumstances and influences, who have not inherited a similar worldview, nor foundational values, and who see their life and what should be a shared History very differently. This, of course is all paradoxically both driven and reflected by our politics, our values, our degree of civility and self centeredness, and ultimately forms our opinion of what constitutes a good person, and what constitutes a good American. In my lifetime, I have never seen such a large disparity as what we have today. That tipping point discussed earlier, when examined from the surface, seems to indicated that the scales have tipped wildly to the Left. I believe this is in large part because the influences on popular culture, the media, and higher education are controlled by the Left. Personally, I believe, especially when the forces in modern culture aligned against them, that there are many more people who identify with traditional values of fidelity to God, country and family, than most in power realize. They, too are under the spell of an affluent culture and lack of hardship. Interestingly, some of the people most fiercely devoted to the foundational values of this society, and most devoted to our Republican form of government are recent legal immigrants. It has been thus through most of our history as a nation of immigrants, as long as the numbers were controlled to facilitate assimilation. And they were, because the principles involved have been part of the human condition forever. The fact that this shift to the Left can sometimes seem like a passing fad, we have reached the point where the power behind the transformation are even more serious. I believe this is because for the first time in their history, the Left believes they can succeed for the foreseeable future. Yet the American People stood in their way, at least in the best way they could with what they had to work with, given the neglect poured upon our foundation we allowed to occur. This spirit can be tapped again. And again. Have enough people inherited that spirit of Individual Liberty, an inherent dislike for a powerful central government, and the willingness to fight for and sacrifice for for the same things their parents, and their grandparents believed in and fought for ? Note: Nothing in this writing should be taken at an individual level. I especially recognize those who have served in our Military whether it be in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, elsewhere, or in peacetime. The idea regarding the connection with WWII is contingent on the fact that it was, indeed, a world war, not to disparage those who fought and died in wars that did not have the same repercussions on America as a whole, simply because of the scale.
  2. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, G ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  3. Retcop

    Gillett razor

    Never mind. Trouble responding without repeating myself. More coffee !
  4. Retcop

    10mm AR carbine

    I find it fascinating, and I think you are right, if you are going to have a PCC, the 10 mm would make an excellent chambering. For your sidearm also, including sharing the same magazines.
  5. Retcop

    Gillett razor

    The problem for me is lumping all men together and assuming that most, if not all men, to put it simply, are pigs. It is only by denying our "true nature" that we can achieve being " the best we can be". I'm not sure how you have missed the war on men, especially white men, in the past decades, from how they are portrayed in commercials, sitcoms, how the system views men's parental rights, to how all women must be believed when they accuse any man of rape, and the man must be presumed guilty. Look at it this way, if all of the attitudes above were reversed, and related to women as a gender, how would that be received. ? What would be the response if a company produced a commercial that pointed out all of the negative stereotypes of women, and told them to get their act together for the sake of their daughters ? Maybe they could make a commercial of women bringing home a man they picked up, as her daughters watched Mom close her bedroom door with a man who can't support her, and who doesn't care about her children in exchange for a warm bed ? Maybe we could see Moms chaparoning their teenage daughters school dance as the girls twerk and dirty dance out on the dance floor, or when the Moms allow their daughters to listen to misogynist rap music. Or let them dress like hookers. Let's see them at their daughter's soccer game, screaming at her daughter her to break the b!thch's legs as the opposing team moves downfield, as I have witnessed in person ? Maybe we could have an artfully cut video (with just a little gore) of a woman having an abortion for her own convenience, followed by the image of a soulful little girl staring into the camera while in the voice-over the women are told they needed to work harder at being the "best they can be". Men have not cornered the market for bad behavior as a gender.. But we live in a society where a part of that society wants to deny the contributions that men make to family, church, enterprise, and community. How they love and treat women. No, they want us to feel guilty for our "male privilege". Yet if men even hinted at delivering the same type of message to women as a whole, those men would be ground into dust in a collective societal slaughter. Men have been the subject of a generational beatdown, and the #metoo movement is the the continuance of this new age cultural bigotry towards men. As Peter Gabriel says "So many men, so many men no one needs." The radical "feminist" movement has used everything from pop culture, the welfare system, lopsided domestic violence laws, the glorification of single moms, the diparging of traditional marriage and the vilification of men as a whole as part of the wholesale destruction of American culture. The Gillette commercial, IMO, is just further politically correct validation that men should believe the Leftist brand of the "women's movement" that there is something inherently wrong with the male gender, and we had better get our act together, because we are telling you these SJW women are right, men ARE pigs. These activists have been trying to convince women and society in general that the only use for men is as sperm donors. And with scientific advances, soon they won't even need us for that. You see, all men do is start wars, destroy the planet, and abuse women. You patriarchal bastiages, get a clue. We are just pathetic knuckle draggers except for all the times that masculinity is called on to defend or protect, or do the heavy lifting. As for me, I am tired of the double standard, and men being courted when needed, and then told they are trash the rest of the time. It's as plain as the nose on our hairy faces, and we should abandon compliance with this twisted need for society to feminize men. THAT is what we ought to be teaching our sons. Real men are nothing like the negative representations shown on that screen, and we need to object every time the bigotry against men is put on display. This behavior Gillette is trying to lay on us as a gender ? I am nothing like that, not in the least, and I have never been accused of not being a man. Never been accused of abusing women or treating them as sexual objects, or teaching my grandsons to be violent toward others. So just what is the agenda here ? John
  6. Retcop

    10mm AR carbine

    Great info. Is there a mathematical way to determine the point of diminished returns in regard to velocity/energy and barrel length ? I understand that newbe's pondering includes use as a weapon for hunting , and is much less concerned with barrel length. When I click on the link to the energy graph, I can see that the lines for energy are more or less flat for a while as the barrel length increases. That seemed significant to me that the increased barrel length was not leading to any huge increases in velocity at a certain point. (I would not want a shorted than 16" bbl for hunting, but I am more interested in 2 legged varmints.) But newbe brings in the variable of powders with slower burn rates. If you were trying to get the most out of a 10mm PCC while condersing the shortest possible barrel length but not losing much in the velocity and energy axis, how would you go about it without actually going through millions of powder and bullet weight permutations and cutting up a barrel.? Is my interpretation of the relatively flat energy graph in the longer barrel lengths correct ? Thanks, John Newbe, I hope you don't mind me picking Greg's brain also. This question should be my last.
  7. Retcop

    10mm AR carbine

    SWEET ! That Vaquero is one sweet looking heater !
  8. Retcop

    BRN-605 (Replica)

    Out of all the replicas so far, I have to agree. I know that retro is in right now, but the MSRP seems kind of high on that version in the link. It will be interesting to see what the sales prices fall to after some of the demand is satisfied. It's not like the interest in retro has not been around for a while, and many manufacturers seem to be making the parts. On the other hand, a member spoke about how long he had to wait for some parts, which seems to indicate high demand and low output. With modern manufacturing techniques, one would think it would not take that much to ramp up to make the required parts. It seems as though a lot of guys who are interested in the retros are also interested in building their own. I'd like the guys who have been into this for a while speak to the quality of Brownells reproduction, and where you see prices heading.
  9. Retcop

    Hey brickrider

  10. Retcop

    Hey Daveco

  11. Retcop


    We have prickly pear cactus (IIRC name) up in the bluffs but I think they are protected. The "leaves" are round or oval so I don't think they would be good for what you are looking for anyway.
  12. Thanks for the statute, Floridian. Although I do hear TT on the documentation.
  13. Retcop

    10mm AR carbine

    Great information, thanks. In what length barrel were those numbers generated I was thinking something like a 7.5", and I wonder how much of a difference that would make. How is the recoil on a 300 BLK ? I agree on the .44. I'd love to have the lever and revolver in .44 magnum !
  14. Thanks for reading what I wrote. You don't have to defend your good works to me, or anyone else as far as I'm concerned. IMHO, there are probably many of us who could be doing better, including yours truly. The message I really want to get across that with the immigration policies of the latter half of this century, and the amnesties given with no effort to stem what has turned into an invasion, the re-election of Trump and a Conservative Congress may truly be our last chance to salvage this Republic for quite along time without turning to other methods. I would hope that we can sustain the massive effort needed for the next 2 years, as well as infect hose around us with the same knowledge and inspiration. Even the re-election of President Trump will go a long way toward changing the Supremes to a much more originalist foundation, if work needs to continue on changing the face of the Republican Party.
  15. That might be a workable compromise, but if the Governor removes the County Official him from elected Office absent the commission of a crime, the Governor is still, IMHO, overstepping his constitutional bounds, and setting a horrible precedent. We're getting closer, though. EDIT: I have little doubt that the FLA Constitution has a process for a county to have a recall election to remove an elected county official. Could actually be a different process than a recall election. IDK. May have to start with a Petition signed by a % of the voting age population, or registered voters in the county. Where's that lawyer type dude from the Sunshine State ?