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  1. I have had 1st Flu shot in my life, when it was offered during my shift at the P.D. That was my one and only flu shot. Without any doubt, I was sick with more colds and flu that winter than at any time in my life to this day, including being over the hill, and spending the last 15 years talking with hundreds of sick people in a tiny office at Probation. I was fit, healthy, and much younger when I got that shot. Nothing had changed from the years before and for a good number of years after, except I was constantly ill after getting the flu shot. Never again. Any laws, decrees, regulations, required identification, identification, or any other form of coercion to force yourself or your family to get a Covid vaccination should be viewed as a major loss of liberty, a violation of the Constitution, the BOR, and our God-given rights. This is a hill worth fighting on, because it is just the tip of the iceberg as it applies to what this Marxist regime wants to do to your individual liberty. This is something that low information voters should be able to recognize as a denial of Civil Rights, and an abrogation of the values this country is based on. BTW: Since Biden's encouraging words and E.O.'s have resumed the mass migration from Mexico and Central and South America (and the Middle East) I was wondering if Covid vaccines would be diverted to the illegal immigrants, so they can all be vaccinated before they are allowed to enter the country ? Are they being tested for TB, or any other diseases, or the increased presence of parasites in these populations ? Are people engaged in this destructive migration practicing social distancing, mask wearing, and proper hygiene ? This is a joke. If large numbers of Americans and American businesses decided not to comply with these illegal restrictions for American Citizens, the tyrant States would quickly be overwhelmed and unable to enforce the illegal decrees and E.O.'s. No American is being forced to be a customer at any of these businesses, and if they are employees, they can work at a government designated "essential" business, if they insist on their co-workers being 6 ft away and wear a mask that does not stop the spread of the virus.
  2. My point is not that we need heroes, it is that heroes presented these days seem to come as some sort of non-religious, supernatural, other worldly, and non-human form. Where are depictions of good people doing extraordinary things that help others, especially without buckets of gratuitus violence ? There are plenty of real heroes across this land that I am sure good screenplays have been written about. There seems to be much more magic, aliens, "super" powers being used as central characters in stead of real flesh and blood heroes. I don't object to it all as a genre, but it seems like these inhuman powers, magic, sorcery, etc is far exceeding the movies and books for young people than ever before. Media can be used to show viewers that everyone has a bit of hero inside of them, if they just use their own power.
  3. I think if the thousands (millions ?) of motorcyclists and those in cars and trucks who really don't want to take the vaccine, but buckle under the tyranny of closing State borders what should happen is enormous numbers of travelers crossing State borders without vaccination at various places in civil disobedience to the government's unconstitutional decrees. Force the government to set up Covid testing stations at every single road that crosses the border. If you don't have covid, what is their basis for preventing your travel ? No government should be able to legislate that a citizen must have substances injected into their body in order form them to exercise their Constitutional rights. Legislation should be unconstitutional, and a Governor's degree is meaning less. We are not under Martial law. The governor's power to declare an "emergency" in most States is supposed to expire after 30 days. If Americans are at the point they are willing to submit to "proof of vaccination" detentions, the problems our wimpy population has are more serious than I thought. That people would be willing to trade their liberty for the illusion of public safety is truly chilling, and shows just how far the Marxists have been able to succeed in getting people to obey them. Mandatory vaccination for an illness with Covid's risk on the highways is totally unacceptable. I am deeply troubled by the thought that people who don't want the vaccine are willing to comply if the government attempts to violate their individual liberty. What in God's name has happened to our love of Freedom ? John
  4. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  5. Look at this shiny thing over here ! We have something else that will scare you... We are publishing this now because we need something to get Americans to ignore the crooks in Congress who are about to expand the debt by 10 Trillion Dollars with only 3 bills that are designed to repay the Marxist's supporters, allow disease and parasite ridden illiterate and low skilled illegals to crash our borders to start dropping babies and sucking up welfare and medical care from the people who actually need it, conducting human and drug trafficking and changing our culture for the worse. We have great seats, don't we ? Let's sit here and watch some more. Eff that diaper wearing Biden, eh ! Did you see that sale on Berkeley fishing line at Bass Pro ? Grab me another beer while you're up, will ya ?
  6. If it were normal times, or if we at least had some light at the end of the tunnel, my opinion would be that the 6.5 CR is a superior round for a "designated marksman". The numbers just don't lie. It all depends on how you personally see your self using the rifle, whether or not you reload, and your budget. I already had a decent supply of .308 and 7,62 X51 ammo on hand, so for me, that was a good part of my decision. If I had a larger firearm budget, I would definitely have a larger variety of calibers. At the time I bought the .308, the panic buying had not set in, so I could have started laying down 6.5 ammo and reloading components, but it would have been tough of the budget to get the quantities I wanted. Do you see yourself regularly shooting beyond 600 to 800 yards ? Do you already have a stock of .308 ammo for other rifles ? if you have problems with recoil, the 6.5 has the advantage. You'll be less sore than after a day of shooting .308. I have shot days of .308. There are a ton of cartridges that on paper that are superior to the .308. The R&D on the 6.5 CR was to design a long range cartridge first, and then work on the firearm design. From the numbers, it seems to have the bullet eights and the energy at distance to excel as a marksmen round, and, of course it "shoots flatter". I am not sure about a comparison of penetration differences with different materials at different ranges. I am unaware if the 6.5 CR, being quite a bit longer, gives any problems in semiautomatic or automatic weapons. I seem to remember the Military putting a 6.5 machine gun together that they thought was the bees knees. Yet the world should be covered in .308 if you can get access to it. I guess it depends on just how far you want to be able to reach your target without mortar trajectories, your proficiency with a long range rifle, scope and possibly ballistic calculators and apps, and of course, the dreaded ammo shortage. It would be interesting to know (especially if you don't have a stock of reloading supplies like some of the gurus here) which round has a larger demand from the civilian market. Whichever round was selling the most before the panic is how the ammo companies effort will be placed as they try to catch up. Also, I would think you have a better chance of an individual unloading old .308 while it's a sellers market, than lot's of people having stocks of 6.5 CR they are willing to sell off. The 6.5 is a great long distance round. If I were building or buying a new rifle, it would be all about ammo, and to a lessor degree, parts availability. Shoot what you like, and like what you shoot. Good luck, and have fun ! John
  7. I have said for many years it will be what I affectionately call the "geezers" who will be leading the charge, along with vets and LEO of all ages. I think we can me motivational influences, organizers, and I will gladly put myself in harms way to give the younger and stronger patriots a better chance of success. I still remember what it was like to be the head of a young family, and how protective you are. I am not in favor of this opinion that seems to be widespread that we hunker down until things get really bad. First, I think we are losing a golden opportunity to become the largest group of Civil Rights Activists that the country has ever seen. They can not ignore hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people peacefully assembling to save the Reuplic. PR is critical, and their are security measures we can take to eliminate false flag operations by Antifa or BLM, and part of that is having camera everywhere, and knowing who is showing up at political activism meetings. I agree with people who are afraid of being doxed or cancelled if there are only a few people being brave, and standing up for their rights and their posterity. Our power comes from our numbers. When their are so many of us willing to get involved is when we take the doxing and canceling power away from the Left. We could not be ignored. We would overwelhem the MSM, and change peoples minds. Think of it as mass education. It is often said that 3% of people fought in the revolutionary war. About 75 -to 80 million people voted for Trump. Take 2% of them to use their free speech rights and what to you have ? IMHO, a new direction and reality to oppose the DC bubble (armed camp) What I don't understand is those that advocate basically doing nothing at this point, and "wait till it all goes to hell". What I simply can't understand is how that strategy helps ourselves, our children or our grandchildren. By that time, I would guess that anybody who owned a firearm in America would be labeled a terrorist. We still have an opportunity to save this Republic peaceably, he we have the heart to all take that step together. They can not lock up millions of us without the whole world watching. We are playing the hand we have been dealt very poorly in my estimation. We are focused on the extremes and not using our Founders example of courage, and directly bringing our grievances to the government. With many, many, Patriots standing solidly behind us. Just the exposure of our numbers would rock this culture's world, and give the best object lesson possible without violence. I see zero logic in waiting until the Marxists solidfy their power and control, anyway you look at it. Just look at the last 3 bills to come out of the House including the 10 billion dollar so-called Covid Relief Bill. This is enough to do great harm to our economy. Just think-people are voicing their displeasure in States where school is still not in session. Have they use the right to assemble and political activism to correct the situation. Not that I'm aware of. Conservatives need to learn how to work well together, and understand that small differences can get worked out after we get the Marxists out of Office. But making the case case that basically a civil war of some sort is what is best for us and our families is something I just can't understand. If we do wait until the Marxists start loading up boxcars with people, if I am still alive, I will be there. I don't see any reason to delay our use of political power until then, however.
  8. I'm wondering if this is true, first of all...Just say NO...love to see that news story. My instantaneous second thought was if this had happened during the Trump administration. The Head Diplomat says "Oh, Hell No !", when he gets the demand from the Chinese doctors, and gets President Trump on the phone. Diplomat: Sorry to bother you Mr. President, but we just landed in Bejing, and the Chinese Doctors say they need to stick medical swabs in our anuses to test us for Covid before they will allow us to go to our Embassy. Trump: ...Wait...What ? They want to sick what where to check for Covid ? ! ? Diplomat: Mr. President, the Chinks want to ram swabs up our butts as a way to check us for Covid. You know, the virus they released onto the world and did not tell anybody about it until it was too late... Trump: You guys keep your pants on and get the hell back home now. If they won't let you leave I'll lob a couple of nukes their way. Otherwise, tell Zi Ping Pow I'm on my way on Air Force 1 as we speak, with a layover in Kentucky. Tell him I am picking up a Louisville Slugger that I will personally use to do his Wuhan Red Death "swab" test. He's not gonna like it. Diplomat: Thank you, Mr. President. I knew I could count on you. If true, how dumb can we be ? What's next ? Licking boots ?
  9. Thanks. I stayed with .308 in the newest of my 2 bolt guns. 6.5 Creed was really hot at the time (still is) but I'm glad I stayed with .308 since my battle rifle is in .308, and we don't have the long ranges to really stretch it out here. The .308 is a very fine round, imho.
  10. Man. There is a whole type of entertainment out there that I am barely aware of. The popularity of "superheroes" and "super-bad guys" with supernatural powers makes for an interesting insight into our culture.
  11. That's sweet ! Forgive me, but I don't know the caliber of that particular model of Remington ... thanks
  12. Nice ! Sitting next to a Nightforce box...you dog !
  13. Sweet ! Anyway to post that picture larger, like much larger ?
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