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  1. Retcop

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    That's sweet, my friend. You got a heck of a buy on a Classic.
  2. Retcop

    Is being gay wrong?

    No doubt, especially when it involves our children and how the Leftists now want to use this "victim group" using the promotion of accepting homosexuality, trans, or whatever the kink of the year is throughout our culture. I don't care who you sleep with, but when you start teaching homosexuality and transgender ississue in K-12, you have crossed a huge line. I think the culturally destructive practice come from people in power who wish to destroy American Culture, and demand the ability to brainwash our children. We have many basics in government we need to return to. I do not wish to sound like a hypocrite, because I have done my share of not being as politically active as I should be over issues that are clearly destructive to our way of life. When we are done with all of our responsibilities of the day, it is easy and natural to do things we enjoy, spend time with our families, or just recuperate and veg out. It's as if we no longer have a line in the sand, it has been trampled so many times. We are fighting enemies foreign and domestic. I still think that too many people are too comfortable to care. Combine the rise of consumerism with human secularism, and the Founders are proven correct. America can not exist as meant without a belief in a Creator, in something bigger than ourselves. The societal norms that lifted us up for a couple of thousand years have been destroyed in a matter of decades.
  3. Retcop

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    I recorded last seasons episodes of Condor. I had watched a few minutes this first season but never did watch it. One of the episodes highlighted the "evil CIA" guys, and how they believe we are already in a holy war with islam. and CIA has the inside meaning of "Christians in Action" The good guy in the show is one of the few "good CIA guys". The show did make me think that many have forgotten 9/11. One must conclude that there is a widespread global movement which is actively engaged in defeating open, free, and capitalistic countries. Western Civilization has not been attacked so energetically since the '60's and early 70's. What I can't figure out why these "socialists" aka fascists want to kill the goose that keeps laying golden eggs. It is only through the extraordinary success of free market capitalism, and the USA that these "socialists" can have the time, energy, or money to devote to selling socialism. None of us needs to give 2 seconds thought on all these calls of racism, and we had better decide if we are going to insist History is going to be taught in our schools, or propaganda. Culture bombs instead of nukes. Western Civilization has and is a force for good in the World, and for hundreds of years people who came here were expected to observe and honor the culture. Part of that Culture is the Private Ownership of Firearms. It is huge in the culture because it was only our Founders who recognized it as a Natural Right endowed by our Creator. We must resist the destruction of our unique American Culture while we still have the ability.
  4. Retcop

    Is being gay wrong?

    I don't care what 2 consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. What I do have a problem with is making them another Victim Class of the Left, manipulated for political gain. What I will not tolerate is has instruction on homosexuality in government schools at very tender ages. It impacts our entire society, because approximately K- 8 has NO business discussing ang type of sex. In high school, it should be in reference to classic literature where such things come up. IMHO, government schools have NO business teaching children about sex, that is for the parents. But my statement above about the younger ages is recognition of reality in today's culture. We have hyper sexualized our children and it is truly horrifying. One of the most destructive things to the American Family was the advent of no-fault divorce. I find it interesting that the a lot of the young people I know have no intention of getting married, and almost all of them say it is because their parents were divorced. Many parents have hurt their children in ways they don't want to admit. I think it also leads young people into questioning their faith in God. We have gone from disposable marriages to disposable babies in the womb, to killing babies outside the womb. The next big push will come with our old folks, instead of being honored as sources of wisdom, will not have their lives saved because our health care will be 100% rationed within the next 10 years or so. These things are all different sides of the same subject. We are losing our humanity, and Western Civilization is under relentless attack. These things go in cycles, it seems.
  5. Retcop

    Is being gay wrong?

    molineaux, It saddens me that your horrible experiences with bible thumping cult drove you to not believe in God. You've been robbed. Please just keep your heart open to His grace and love. I will keep you in my prayers. All the best, John
  6. Retcop

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    I very much want the CZ 75B P01 Omega Compact. The names are so long it's hard to keep straight. It has the aluminum frame, slightly under 4 inch bbl, 14 round magazines. it's not as small as the Rhami , about the same size as my 6906, or a Glock 19. Virtually same weight. Gonna have to make a road trip to get one in my hands. Wife does not know it yet, but when I roll over my 401k like account, I believe some money will turn up missing, and magically transformed into a nice AR, that CZ, a 10-22, and some .308 ammo and scope. Once again, nice score, sir. I know you have been wanting a CZ.
  7. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Christians have made good inroads with the Filipinos.
  8. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Item is no longer available at your link. Surely there are downloads. Can you or anyone with search foo post it up, pm, or a download, etc. ?
  9. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    I'm not reading that bastiage's "manifesto". Would not give him the satisfaction.
  10. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Was unaware, did not ever use it IIRC. But I understand that you said they are limiting content.
  11. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    I'm thinking New Zealanders are going to resist that effort.
  12. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    I am not big on conspiracy theories. Do you really thing the islamofascists would pull off a false flag operation in New Zealand with the hope it will affect politics in Washington D.C. ? Obviously the thought crossed my mind, because this supposedly "anti-immigration" murderous nut could not have picked a better time to act out to further the anti-semitic, pro muslim goals of the Left .
  13. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Will you tell me why, please ? Thanks.
  14. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Is this a typo or an expression I am not familiar with ? Thanks.
  15. Retcop

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Does "feel no pain" if it was muslims being shot mean you are glad these muslims were shot and killed ? Honestly curious. Anyway... All I know for sure is that muslims in America needed some cover for the statements our new muslim lawmakers have been making. Not sure why the operation was not pulled off within the USA, but it will not be hard at all to transfer the islamic bigotry to American society. The timing is perfect for the problems the Dems are having in Washington, and as election season ramps up. The Dems have been catching hell for not censuring the muslim lawmaker and not removing her from the Foreign Relations Committee over her pro-Hamas/anti-semitic pronouncements.