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  1. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good morning, Everyone ! !
  2. Retcop

    My New Years day message.... Moving sucks.

    While we will have a bonfire also, most of the stuff is either going in the trash, getting donated to Goodwill, and the kids can come up and take anything we don't want before it hit the dumpsters. Unfortunately, both the wife and I are packrats, and that is just reinforced every time we are able to use some "junk" to fix something or make a needed thing-a-majig. We also made some nifty homemade Christmas presents for the grandkids from some "this will come in handy someday "hobby pile". The older I get, the more clutter seems to bother me, and we were nowhere near ruthless enough throwing stuff out when we moved about 15 years ago. I'm not making that mistake again, and I don't see being able to stay in Illinois much longer, as much as we love far Southern Illinois. I hope your new place is good for the long haul, FW, and you get some strong helpers.
  3. Retcop

    67yrs young and i want one

    Welcome to the forum ! I agree wholeheartedly with hihneast and his opinion on proprietary parts. It may not matter to the guy who has a dozen AR's where half will accept alll mil spec parts, and they want some rifles with proprietary parts that float their boat. But if you are goint to have 1 AR (good luck with that) it's a very good idea to stay away from proprietary parts. We can't predict what the gun grabbers will do to restrict gun ownership, plus it is just easier and can be cheaper to have a fully mil spec or milspec+ rifle. If you decide to stick with one and really enjoy shooting it, you may want to pick up a spare Bolt carrier Group (BCG) on sale, and many vendors offer a "oops-spare parts kit" if something if a spring gets launched during disassembly, or something breaks. There is aa saying, "One is none and 2 is one", which is why I suggest the spare BCG and a parts kit for those with one rifle. (this was me for a long time) You can find good BCG's on sale at PSA for around 50 bucks if you get on their email list and order quickly. I also like the Springfield Armory AR's, but you will pay more than the Smith or the PSA. Like the Smith, the SA come with a life time warranty, and come with some features you may want. Rock River Arms is also putting out some entry level models that seem GTG, although I have yet to shoot one. I have an RRA that has been flawless, and they have been around a while. Recoil GunWorks runs LMT (Lewis Machine and Tool ) basic rifles on sale for between $849.00 and $899.00 every so often, and if that is in your budget, you can't go wrong. I remember trying to buy my first AR many years ago when the only thing my shop offered was Colt, and they were very proud of them. We have many quality AR's to choose from today. If your life may depend on it, I'd say stay away from the back of the magazine advertisements where guns may be dirt cheap, but may have inferior parts or assembly. Have fun ! John
  4. Retcop

    Sad Day Here

    So sorry for your loss. When you feel up to it. tell us a couple of your favorite "Hannah Stories", please. Take care of yourself. John
  5. Retcop

    Hey 2 meke

  6. Retcop

    Seventeen Pages

    What snake said !
  7. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning , Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !
  8. Retcop

    Happy New Tear Armory!

    Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous New Year in 2020 ! Maybe some people who are working against this Republic will have their sight restored...
  9. Retcop

    Merry Christmas (Good morning)

    I hope everyone had a glorious Christmas on this celebration of the day that God sent the greatest gift ever received by mankind. May you all also have a safe and prosperous New Year. John
  10. Retcop

    Hey adair_usmc

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINE ! ! I hope your day is great one ! John
  11. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  12. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  13. Retcop

    Hey Shadow106

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! I hope you are having a great day ! John
  14. Just hearing about the storms in Louisiana, and wondering if everyone is present and accounted for. (One death reported so far from the tornados, and heavy property damage... at least from national news) Then I hear Mississippi and parts of Georgia getting big storms too, and North to my daughters stomping grounds of TN, where they are getting freezing rain. Here in Southern Illinois we had freezing rain this AM, and expect more tonight as the temps go back down. Other daughter North of me here getting it too. Hoping everyone is A-OK. Pretty big storm system. John