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  1. Retcop

    FOX News Channel / Ed Henry Terminated

    I concur. Carlson is one of the few who has the staff and takes the time to keep burrowing until he finds the truth. The power of his ratings on Fox are a shield that so far allows him to speak truth to power. I was not very happy with his segment that the GOP was the only institution who we could turn to for "protection", even when he has repeatedly stated the GOP is part of the problem and certainly not the solution. I take no joy in questioning his motives there. Hannity should be commended to hanging on to Russiagate, Fisagate, Impeachment, Flynn, Carter page, and all the puzzle pieces of what was and is the largest government conspiricay to remove a sitting President in American History. It is going to take major changes in the Government Bureaucracy, and the public sector Unions that prevent their termination. However, I have found myself tiring of Hannity's constant self promotion, his talking over his guests instead of letting them say what they came to say, and his false modesty. It wears me out. There is a guy on OAN with the last name of Ledger. His show is called "The Daily Ledger". He states that the doors to the studio are locked so that no PC can get in, and he makes it clear his show, while bringing news of the day, is about his opinion about that news. IMO, Mr. Ledger is one sharp guy, and he is absolutely fearless in the topics and people he takes on. Mark Stein is one of my favorite political opinion people. Also fearless, he brings a different perspective on many of the issues that are destroying America. IMHO, we have way too many people who are refusing to admit we are in the middle of a War in which the goal is to destroy America as a free market Constitutional Republic, and that there is no compromising with the enemies of America. Mark Stein says it literally makes him crazy and he has to calm himself, (I can relate) when the best the GOP says it can do in engaging the War on America is to meet radical lunatics halfway. He says this GOP attitude is guaranteeing America's destruction. He likened the Conservatives meeting these Marxist lunatics half way is like taking a pint of ice cream and a pint of dog feces and mixing them together to produce a food that is edible. He maintains that this mix will have much more of the attributes of the dog feces than of the ice cream, and this mixture will never be palatable, no matter how little of it is dog feces. Yet this is what the GOP is feeding us. The message, of course, is you must stick to your Conservative Principles, and trying to compromise with these Marxist terrorists, which is the correct description of these people. The GOP, with their continual drift Left, will never be able to "protect" us, or our values, simply because they are willing to compromise with these psychotic Marxists, with the conclusion being that with the GOP, we will always end up having to eat dog feces.
  2. Tj's point about lag time is a valid one, but with the fact of how low the death rate for Covid actually is, the main point is that counting "probables" and increased testing is the cause of most of the supposed indicated increase in Covid. As long as the death rate does not spike we are GTG, and I pray that thousands and thousands of Americans will refuse to close their businesses again. I believe that more young people need to contract C-19. These young, strong, and healthy people are who is going to make up the herd immunity that will protect all segments of the population from a spike in deaths. If I were the Governor of any State, I would not be closing bars and restaurants or any other businesses. Let the herd Immunity Flourish. These are the people who are going to keep our economy running when and if "high risk" people decide to shelter from C-19 out of valid concern. We should look at these bar hopping, beach bonfire young people as American heroes (of a sort). They fearlessly put themselves in harms way, by contracting the Wuhan Red Death. It is a much better way to get it on the beach, while looking for human social contact, than gettinf so depressed iso;ated in your apartment you go to the essential liquor store, and then take your own life using pills and booze, or a gun, because you can't see light at the end of the Marxist power grab tunnel, and you can not take the isolation for one more day. Yet the Deep State cares nothing about the multitude of negative out comes from the C19 shut downs, like people like myself and my wife un able to get the care we need for various health problems because C-19 is still the primary concern. Just as things were opening back up, they changed the way they counted C-19 cases, and more fear mongering from the MSM is in full force because this is not about a pandemic, this is about Marxists trying to gain and keep power during a manufactured crisis. There is little doubt that paces who had short shutdowns, or even better had NO shutdowns, have weathered the pandemic better than the USA and its convoluted Covid politics travesty. Since the GOP is unwilling to support small business (or any business except liquor, pot and tobacco) the key is widespread civil disobedience. Now that the Police are not very happy with their Leftist civilian bosses, many may be willing to look the other way as small business owners open their doors or refuse to close again. I am not a fan of Selective Enforcement, but sometimes not violating the Constitution is more important than enforcing malicious political edicts. The ancient truth is that the government is powerless when a large number of people with a righteous goal supported by the public engages in civil disobedience. Do not follow the new shutdown orders in any way shape or form. The only purpose is to continue to destroy the economy, and to further lessen Trump's chances of re-election. This has nothing to do with public health safety. DuckDuckGo Ghandi's walk to the sea and millions of the Indian people defying the British law that prohibited Indian people from processes their own salt. In a country like India salt is as vital as water, and the British used salt as a way of controlling the masses with restrictions and taxes. IMHO, there are many such laws (including gun laws) that are ripe for elimination by the tactic of mass civil disobedience. Since it has been proven that these gun laws are not only unconstitutional, they do nothing to make people more safe. In fact, these laws lead to people being less safe. Until we get some stiffening in our backbones, the gun culture seems totally frightened of taking any chances with civil disobedience. I will continue to be puzzled by this. Note: Risking stating the obvious, I will remind members how much easier it is to find Conservative material on the internet using DuckDuckGo as your search engine. Many times, doing the same search on Google or Bing, the information you seek is either MIA, or buried so deeply, it takes an unacceptable amount of time and clicking thru a bunch of edited BS to get the info you wanted to find. DDG really does work, and it prevents the Tech giants from collecting the data from what searches you do or where you end up. One really good sign is that competitors to DDG are appearing. The beauty of DDG is that it was started by a group of computer scientists whose main goal was not profit, but enough funds to maintain and expand DDG. I can't say the same of some of these new competitors, I simply don't know yet. John
  3. Thankfully, the internet has become a powerful tool in getting the Truth out there when the MSM won't, which is whenever the Truth does not fit the Marxist agenda. This is also more proof that Fauci and the CDC are most definitely part of the Deep State trying to remove Trump from Office. As I often ask, what can a community like ours do to get this video to go "viral' ? How much effort does it take to chop a salient section of this video with a link, and get it on forums like Twitter and Snapchat ? Great find, specops !
  4. Retcop

    FOX News Channel / Ed Henry Terminated

    Fox has been loosing it for a while, OAN seems the way to go for news from a Conservative perspective. There are are few people on Fox who seem to be still be fighting the good fight, but I get the feeling they are on their way out. The new management is much more liberal than their Dad was. I liked Ed Henry. He seemed to do more straight reporting and less editorial than the others. I hope they did not destroy him over BS.
  5. It's just like voting for a Republican Congress critter who promises to help Trump drain the swamp, but you can't see that under his suit, the guy is covered in slime.
  6. Very good point. Is it possible it would not take massive numbers on our side ? Maybe just repeated actions that shows the other side is just as dedicated and wanting to be heard ?
  7. Interesting. I'll have to ruminate on these ideas. Off of my no coffee head, you make some very good points, but I am dealing with the idea that the other side engaging in mass demonstration of their values, including violence, and property destruction, with a strong and hysterical anti-American bent, is much more powerful than a mass demonstration of pro American, pro Police, pro traditional values, pro Constitution display by our side. That it would be ignored no matter how many people are involved. It's interesting that silence is viewed as less risky than the risks of losing the Culture War.
  8. Retcop

    Trump Voting Poll, Where the Armory is at...

    All politics is local. If Conservatives had a brain in their heads, they would have strted taking over City Councils, County boards, and School boards in a big way after obama should have woke us up. Nope. Go to the polls and that's all we need to do. Now more and more of these local offices are held by libtards of both parties, and the State governments. Whatever happened to State exemption laws, is what i want to know. I musta got stoned and missed it.
  9. Retcop

    Binary trigger--sticker question.

    The shift from "aimed fire" to massed fire, must translate to a lot of young men as SPRAY AND PLAY. I'll tread lightly here since I am not a vet, but you can watch the numbers go up as the Military either did not have the time rushing troops into service, but mostly because the doctrine of massed fire won the day. Makes me think we are back to long rows of musket ball rifles hoping to score a hit. Some increase with the type of weapons changing is normal. But the rounds expended got really high in Vietnam, but they were fighting in a frIKin jungle. The numbers coming out of the sand box should be embarrassing, but apparently the Army and the Marines can keep a straight face. Military need to change ammo, calibers or both. Rag heads are setting up with large Russian calibers OUTSIDE THE RANGE OF m4'S and the Americans spray until air support gets there. Give them a 6mm or 6.5 mm cartridge with 800 round Easy, and TEACH THEM HOW TO SHOOT.
  10. Badges ? ! We don't need no stinkin badges ! !
  11. Retcop

    A little crazy near me today.....

    We had a "demonstration" supposedly about transgender lives matter. Cop got description of the IT that was doing all the graffiti.. Went to arrest IT and IT resisted. Took IT to the station where it was written two ordnance violations and RELEASED. Wonder if they gave it the spray paint back. Looks like they were stopped when they tried to enter a black neighborhood. Blacks and LGBTQRS DO NOT get along around here. Lots of Black baptists. They don't want anything to do with gay people. Gay guys are only tolerated in prison.
  12. What I would like to know why the Boss from Fox news thinks it is so important to say the Fox team did not retaliate in ANY way ? What is the use of hiring security if you are going to allow your on air personalities to be battered and assaulted anyway ? The cup of coffee thrown in his face could just as well have been acid, and the chest bump he got could have easily been a head bump that put him on the ground and fractured his skull when his head hit the pavement. Hell I could have done better than all those muscle bound young men...I wonder what they pay ?
  13. Our billionaire Governor just increased his security detail to 5 full time Troopers, 24/7. Five cops around the clock, no matter where he is. He alleges he received more death threats and he needs the beefed up security detail. I was driving home from the store this morning, and I saw an election style yard sign that simply said: PRITZGER SUCKS ! Made me laugh. In other new the ISP presented first draft of new laws that will cost gun stores that are still left a ton of money to come up with the code. People trying to open their gun stores paid 1,500 extra dollars over a year ago, and still don't have their business licsense, and ISP said they are too busy. Local Rep being interviewed said the 1,500 does not have to get paid until the store is approved. All guns must be moved into fault every night. People who have just built store said entire store is built as vault. ISP says that rule was not supposed to have made it on list of hoops people need to jump through. Main point is the pass the law idiot Governor signs it, and it goes into effect without the regulations being written. People trying to build stores because of increased sales, and because Illinois killed off all the small FFLs keep getting told they need or don't need different things, and it is putting them out of business before they even open.' State wants 10 days of high def video stored, while pot shops only need 3. The State guys are usually pretty cool, but this is a giant mess, and they are way far behind on stoopid FOID cards too.
  14. So, will the "mugged Liberal" change her spots ? She couldn't even if she wanted to. She turned control over to the Mob. Welcome home Ms. Mayor !