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  1. Retcop

    Hey HAZMAT

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! I hope you are having a glorious day ! John Sorry I was late to the Party, not quite sure how I missed it.
  2. Retcop

    I enjoyed the concealed carry permit course

    Please don't take what I wrote personally or as a criticism. I'm no expert on MO Law. Think about your CCW permit info NOT sent to the State. What happens if you are traveling in another State, get pulled over, and the cop wants to verify you have a valid permit ? When your name and dob, or permit number is run through the system, your CCW is going to come back "no record on file." if it is not in the State of MO database. If you go into a store that has NO GUN signs posted, in another County in MO, do they arrest you, or do they call your County for verification ? I was trying to tell you 2 things. Some stuff your Sheriff told you does not make much sense to me. i also wanted to let you see a traffic stop thru a cops eyes. Thought it might be useful for you or other members. if I have offended you in someway, just throw the info away and go about your merry way. i would suggest you print out your CCW laws, and Store sign posting laws, and you reciprocal carry Laws for other States and read them yourself. Trying to help brother. Apparently you have it down. Nevermind. john
  3. Retcop

    I enjoyed the concealed carry permit course

    I have no desire to be critical, but I think the MO permitting system could lead to confusion and possible mistakes. IMHO, they should go one way or another. Either you have Constitutional Carry, or you have a permitting system. Pick one. As someone who has done a ton of traffic stops looking for bad guys (we are allowed to do that in Illinois, if your average citizen is wearing a gun, or has one accessible to him/her in the car, I would prefer to know about it at the start of the contact. IMHO, this is MUCH safer for the driver (or whomever) than "wait till the cop sees the gun on his own" game. People don't use common sense.' If you have a heater in the console or glove compartment, and you are not smart enough to keep your registration and proof of insurance in a different spot, you may not like the reaction you get when your glove compartment flops open with your favorite 1911 in there, and you start reaching for your paperwork. That could turn out badly. When I get pulled over by the police, I hand or tell them I have my permit, and TELL the cop where the gun is. If it is night, my interior lights are on, and my hands are securely placed at the top of the steering wheel, and my wife is not digging around for ANYTHING, until the cop has been informed, and tells me what to do in regard to the documents he is needing. The other thing I do not understand is how your CCW is not "shared" with the State. It is a State issued permit, is it not ? If the county is not sharing CCW permit info with the State, how does the State know you have a permit. If your Sheriff is correct, that means if a MO State Trooper pulls you over, according to his computer, you don't have a valid permit. Wanna tell me how that works ? Sumpthin ain't' right, bro. It the State of MO is issuing the CCW permit, I assure you they have your information, and like many States, including Illinois, when the cop is getting ready to pull you over, you CCW is probably linked to your name, which is linked to your license plate, if the car is registered in your name. I'm not saying I know more about MO law than your Sheriff, but I gotta tell you, that seems really messed up, and inconsistent, to say the least. FWIW I ALWAYS hand over my permit with my license, after I tell the cop I am armed. If I have to reach somewhere for my wallet, or other paperwork, I want him to know ahead of time BEFORE I start reaching and he may see the gun. "Stump the Cop" with a loaded sidearm, is one of the dumbest games I have ever heard of. Ain't gonna be the cop with a service pistol stuck in his ear, it's gonna be you. IMHO, very bad advice not to tell the cop about your gun "unless you think he will see it" How the hell do you know for sure if he is going to see it or not ? And if he does see it without you telling him ?!...put yourself in his shoes. Would you like it if you were the cop ? John
  4. Retcop

    Happy Anniversary AR15Armory

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMORY ! ! If someone would have told me how many true friends I would make, or how much i would have learned from a site like this when I started, I would have told them they were nuts. I am truly grateful to Neil, any other Founders, and all of the hard working Staff who keep this place running. The Armory and its staff and members are really a cut above, and I appreciate being here as a Patron just about each and every day. Every day, good or bad, someone here does something to lift the spirits. It just does not get any better than that. John
  5. Retcop

    Added New Cold Steel Blade To My Stable!

    That's a classy and sturdy looking knife. I think you had better send it to me to put it thru its paces, and make sue it is GTG. Check PM for shipping info. No need to thank me, brother. John
  6. I have more lowers than ghosts, I think.
  7. Great minds think alike. I was going to comment that the quickest way to find the lower is to go buy another. The one currently in an alternative universe, will reappear soon after you buy another. Have you considered that the new house may be "haunted" and whatever entity or entities present are able to exert physical control over material objects ? John
  8. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  9. Hard for me to shed any tears for dead gang members, drug dealers, and human smugglers. If they were innocents, that, of course, is another matter. Then it becomes an issue of securing the border so that the violence does not continue to spread North, The number 2 concern regarding the Southern Invasion, after the destruction our unique and superior American Culture, and reinforcing a Socialist takeover, is the thousands of little boys and girls who are being trafficked across the border every year as sex slaves. It is a huge problem. That there are so many customers in the USA (a symptom of of downgrading decadence, the cheapening of life, and pornography addiction) is disturbing, to say the least. The studies on those who abuse porn show that is much like a substance addiction, wherein users need increasingly extreme dosages to tip the same pleasure centers in the brain some move on to actual people to get their "fix." The child sex slave traffickers usually start the girls off at about 12 years of age, but will fill any "need". The boys are even younger. Interviews with the perverts who enjoy boys like them before they hit puberty, and the traffickers get on average 6 years "use" out of a child. Some end up as adult prostitutes, with the main controls being violence and drug addictions. Many simply end up in shallow graves. Few are missed, as the parents are still in Central America or Mexico, and some parents sold their own child. The average lifespan of this boys and girls who enter the US as sex slaves is about 6 years. Each child can bring their "owner" $250,000 a year. The prices that are charged for the sexual abuse of these children are not something even an upper class person could afford with any regularity. What this indicates is that most of these children are being used by the rich and powerful among us, including the Political Class. Why do you think Epstein is dead ? Why do you think the Political Class refuses to secure our Southern Border ? Drugs and child sex slaves for the Political Class and those who donate. Put the big picture together, gentlemen. We, and our families are being pulled into the darkness of despotic Evil on multiple levels. If we fail to fight it, we share the Guilt. Letting this kind of Evil go unchallenged will not be a sin easily forgiven, because we show no remorse, there is no repentance, and all we want is to service our own self interest, and not be bothered with having to deal with uncomfortable nauseating topics. We love our physical and mental comfort. It's as if we turn against those who present us with the realities around us that invade our comfort zones. I could go on, but I am sure some of the things I live with, having seen and heard the realities of sex offenders would most likely have some of you losing your brunches. Just remember that the same Political Class that is allowing this sex trade in children, is the very same Political Class that is insisting you give up your privacy, your Due Process, your Property Rights, and your firearms. The Patriots among us, especially the Oath Keepers, who are hesitant to put the big picture together had best get over it, and acknowledge the pure Evil we are dealing with before we are enveloped in it. We need to bring the rest of our brothers in the IIA Community along with us. I know many of these topics are hard to deal with and what the Political Class is doing (and not doing) can get downright depressing, but we have to face these challenges with determination, with the assurance we have Right on our side, and yes, restore the American Republic with a glad heart. Nothing in the Political Culture is happening by chance, and the biggest difference today over past battles is that we have no numbers among the Political Class that are willing to support our Constitutional Rights. The Political Class is making a full frontal assault on the Constitution while trying to keep the Conservative base as calm and uninvolved as possible by making it, once again, look incremental in nature. That's why the Political Class is so upset with O'Rourke. He spoke the truth. I am literally praying that somebody out there is considering what I have been saying for some time now. To simplify, the point is this election cycle and the full merging of the two Parties is not business as usual. Every day we let go by without resistance to these sweeping changes makes it easier for the Leftists to completely shred the Constitution. Once shredded, it does not go back together again. Killing the threatening hostage taker after he kills the hostage simply leaves you with a dead innocent. The American Leftists, with the help of government-corporate oligarchies, and a globalist based communism fueled by the religion of Manmade global warming, is poised to take down the longest lived Representative Republic in the history of mankind. The choice will continue to remain fighting for what is right in this country, and risk losing things dear to us, or averting our eyes, make ourselves comfortable with what we know in our hearts is evil, and be assured that we lose many things dear to us and our children without conflict, but haunted by the fact that we did not do the right thing by our forefathers, and by our posterity. To not fight for the ideals that has done the most good, created the most Liberty, and the greatest number of happy, prosperous, healthy, and free people spread throughout society, than in any other system in human History is unthinkable to me. America has not only been the most beneficial balance of power because the power flows from The People to their government, it has not only resulted in American Exceptionalism, it has created a beacon of hope and a guardian of Freedom for the entire world to aspire to and benefit from. We are the melting pot, the most tolerant and welcoming nation in History, as long as those who came had the same ideals, the same spiritual foundation, and the same love of freedom and allegiance as the brave people who founded this Republic. Let's speak plainly. Those who want to fundamentally transform America have their roots in Marxism. They don't appear to have the same moral bearings as those who founded this Republic, or those who sacrificed all to keep America and the world free from tyranny. They will use any means to achieve their ends, which elevates the Political Class and those considered Elite to dominance, without regard for individual liberty, and where power flows from the government to the people. The thought that we will allow all the Good that is produced from this miraculously fruitful intersection of man, the Creator, and government is to be perverted and extinguished by those who believe that the concentration of power and prosperity belongs under the control of an elite Political Class is so repugnant, and so evil that no Patriot should even consider averting their eyes and excusing themselves from the battle with the rising tide of Marxism in our nation. With great hope for my fellow Patriots, John
  10. Retcop

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    Dogs make great alert systems. The wife and I are finally ready for the next one. Yea ! When we left the GSD at home alone, no one but the pros wear going to come in past her. Most would go look for an easier target. I was under the impression that the gizmos that could scan for your garage door frequency, or pick up the code from your CC chip were all that expensive,
  11. Retcop

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I have often wondered if a Wifi based security system would not be easy for tech savvy bad guys. They can read your credit card stip from your wallet, and steal the frequency for your automatic garage door opener, what is to stop them from finding a way to defeat your wireless security system ?
  12. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  13. Retcop

    Buffer tube system

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYf-MLMODhA This link was actually on the Odin works video site. You may want to check it out. He summarizes in the last 5 minutes or so. What length gas system and what barrel length and weight profile will you be using ? I would just put it out there that after watching this video it makes me wonder of the way to go is to stick with the Mil-spec buffer appropriate for your particular design, which I presume are less expensive than the Odin works kit, and put those savings into a good quality adjustable gas block. Just 2 cents worth, from a guy still researching his first build. BTW: Lots of info in video on buffers for PCC's for those interested in that. John
  14. That's WAY cool ! Have never seen anything like it. Very clever.