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  1. I went to the doctor today. After wearing one of those thin paper blue masks for about a 20 minute wait, my O2 levels were down 5 or 6 pints from where they usually are, which is almost perfect. The nurse told me that she was supposed to be wearing a face shield in addition to her mask, but found she was regularly dizzy during the work day, either because of too much CO2 or not enough O2. She also said the shield and mask really fogged up he eyeglasses, and she could not read things. Kinda important for a nurse. She was able to convince the powers that be that her glasses constituted protection against a Chinese lung cookie getting launched into her eye. I don't even want to think about what my O2 and CO2 levels are after shopping for a full weeks groceries, and running a couple of other errands. Since our lockdown went to to the next higher level last week, many stores have indicated that if you do not wear a mask, you will be asked to leave. Repeated "offenses" could result in being banned from the store. This may be irrelevant to those living in an urban area, but I have limited choices. For example, there are 2 Krogers within a 30 minute drive. If I get banned at one store, that means I am banned at both. This is where we get into Ben franklin's quote about "If we don't hang together we surely will be hung separately." (To paraphrase. Whatever label you want to put on it, for civil disobedience against the unscientific wearing of masks to be successful, we must have some sort of organized action so that many people are not following the mask guidelines, because if non-compliance is individual and sporadic, the individuals will be easy to hang. The non-compliance must happen in large numbers to overwhelm the system, put the government in an untenable position, and make the point that we, the People will not submit to unconstitutional edicts for "health reasons" when there is no scientific data that shows that wearing these token masks reduces the transmission of Covid 19. In fact, some studies show masks increase transmission. It is obvious to any thinking person that making mask wearing mandatory is a purely political exercise, with several nefarious justifications. Any suggestions on how we turn this into a large event ? I think about how apparently easy it is for the SJW's to use social media to gather a bunch of nimrods to show up for this cause or that. Why can't those who value their freedom come up with some sort of system to enable civil disobedience (whatever) to happen on a large scale ? When we are trying to make these type of changes, to really have a long lasting impact, I don't believe there is any valid argument against the fact that that there is great strength in numbers. Franklin's words will apply to many things we will most likely need to accomplish in the near future. We need to take his words to heart, and get united on our goals.
  2. Unlike our Founders, we don't have to create the documents upon which the United States of America was born. Since we already have the model of the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, and most of all the Constitution, the dynamics are quite different. You refer to them as "Republicans Independents". First of all, part of our mission is going to have to include educating The People, "conservatives" included because of the grip that government education has held over this country, and how ignorant some people have become, accepting the "ugly American" bastardization of History, and the truth behind how our Representative Republic was supposed to function. As I have said many times before, we have been living in a post-constitutional America for quite some time. To try and gain some perspective, IMO, we started drifting away significantly from the Constitution about 80 to 100 years ago. One of the inherent problems with this is that there is no one alive who actually lived in what could be called an Originalist America. In addition, many students of History, and the overwhelming majority of our political leaders, historians, and just normal folk believe they understand what a Constitutional United States should look like, and just how far off the mark the Federal Government has grown, and how this effects our individual liberty on a day to day basis. In short, most people, even the so-called experts, are simply out of touch with the meaning and the practice of implementing the supreme law of the land that is the Constitution. So, it is going to be important to follow the "law" of the Constitution, while exhausting every possible avenue of redress, and educating people as we go, explaining, according to the Constitution, why the Marxist (DNC) platform is so repugnant to the intent of the Constitution, and the remedies we have tried so far, and the remedies we will be trying in the future. I think it is important for the best constitutional originalist legal scholars of our time present a detailed but concise White Paper, using our founding documents and the writings surrounding them and the time our little Republic grew, to announce to The People, the Leadership in the three branches, all all the government union workers where exactly the Federal Government has abandoned the Constitution, the harm it causes, and why the Marxist doctrine of the DNC must not be allowed to flourish. We must educate people as to how making our post-constitutional political machinations have hurt The People, and how this harm will be multiplied by many times if the Marxist succeed in assuming power. This White Paper, unfortunately, will also have to explain to those Conservatives who still have faith in the Republican Party as an entity which will preserve the Constitution are making a grave error. The Swamp is the Swamp, regardless of Party. The rise of the life-long politician was not at all what the Founders envisioned, and with good reason. We must spell out, from an Originalist's point of view why Marxism, the Swamp, the Deep State, and anything that expands the power of the Federal government (like taxes and debt) is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. The signatories to this document will affirm that it is their mission to restore America to it's original and limited Constitutional role and purpose, and to fight against the Marxist Doctrine the Democrats and the Republican professional politicians have been and will continue to impose on The People. We will affirm we don't intend on allowing that to happen. If our Founders would have failed in their war against Britain, they would have been hung as traitors, not revered as heroes. This movement is not something to enter into lightly, and in a few ways we have a more complex task to accomplish then they did, which is a topic that could sustain itself. Let's just say that the battle lines are not so easily drawn as in the past. I will repeat that every avenue of redress must be attempted first. We need to follow the law whenever possible, and never, never stray from the Constitution. Our efforts must be well thought out, unified, coordinated, and organized. I am inclined to believe that the time is ripe for an Article 5 Convention of the States. I believe it is one of those avenues of redress that maximum effort must be applied to first.
  3. Thanks for posting. I hope the Supremes picked a good case to hear, which is one way for them to massage things that some people don't consider.
  4. If this were not all part of softening up the American People for further tyranny, it would be one big joke, which is how we should treat it. There is no science here. Just the desire for power, control, and stopping The People as the source of power in this Republic, with the Constitution as our guarantor. This is entirely about increasing government control, not a health emergency or preventing people from contracting Covid.
  5. Some of the features like the wings and the wedges make sense, but nothing there that makes me think "Take my money, its the greatest mousetrap ever. " I'd like to check out an OWB in use. As far as the IWB, there are much simpler designs that do their job without being a mix between a Cross Breed and a Leggo set. IWB- the less material in your pants the better, snap loops instead of clips, nothing nasty against my body. The cant I want is built into the design of the holster, but tht also means I can't change the cant. On the flip side, I have tried many different cants, and I know what I like. Where the holster you highlight may shine is keeping new shooters from having a drawer full of holsters. But this system seems bulky and overly complicated trying to be all to everyone. YMMV. OWB: Hold the gun in place (this is where their wedges and wings become interesting) and to draw the weapon into the body. YMMV.
  6. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  7. This ^^^ It is time to end government tyranny. It's like are making us try on the yoke for size, to see just how heavy they can make them.
  8. I don't think this is going to be resolved until someone who has suffered an "injury" files suit and it winds its way through the higher Courts. One would think with the increase in CO2, the other practical problems with most masks which studies have shown has the potential to actually increase transmission, plus the reams of scientific data that clearly shows that the masks worn by 99% of the people do absolutely nothing to stop or even lower the rate of transmission, that executive edicts by Governors, or God forbid, President Harris, have no basis in fact. If we have an epidemic of crotch and foot rot in NYC, will they mandate the use of anti-fungals, and a special kind of underwear, shoe, or sandal to be worn ? Yes, I am using the absurd to illustrate the absurd, but if you allow their basackwards logic in one instance, just where will it lead us ? Down a psychedelic mushroom infused rabbit hole, I presume. No, thanks.
  9. Give until it hurts to the two Georgia Senate races so hopefully some marginally sane people in the U.S. Senate will have the ability to block much of the Harris/AOC/Biden Doctrine of "Tyranny First". (Funded by tax increases, no less) After being raised by parents who went through the Great Depression, Polio and other diseases, WWII, Korea, and the Cold War I am still incredulous at how easily Americans these days can be scared to death by Covid, a virus that has a 99% recovery rate as long as you are under 70 YOA, and not affected by multiple co-morbidities. BTW, why is NONE of the media questioning Covid as the cause of death when they proved earlier this year that even "presumptive Covid cases" were being counted as Covid deaths even though there was zero evidence for such a diagnosis ? Our first assault ended with a reported 200,000 dead "from Covid" but when some scientists looked at the data, they figured the number of Americans who actually died from Covid was more in the neighborhood of 20,000. Hell, more than double that number to 50,000. Then figure in the serious illnesses not diagnosed, the conditions that go untreated, the suicides, lost schooling etc., etc and Covid is still aa big nothing in the grand scheme of things. My heart goes out to anyone who really lost someone to Covid, and especially to all those who can not be with their elderly loved ones as they pass into the afterlife. The government is being criminal in inventive waves even the Marquis de Sade had not thought about. Resistance is not futile, it's vital. Are we sheep ? it is really starting to look that way. It probably has something to do with very few Americans still alive who lived through really tough times, or at least grew up with the first hand stories from their parents. We are soft, pampered, and unable to deal with "crisis" because most of us have never even heard about what really tough times are. The things people, many of them children, suffered and died from in my Grandmother's day. Heck, polio was still around when I got my first vaccination, and we knew a family with a child in an "iron lung." It's all relative, and Americans are the most spoiled people in History. Many will believe what the government tells them, even if government action is filled with mistakes and missteps. Whatever happened to the 10 most dangerous words in the world: "Hello, we're from the government and we're here to help." ? We are accepting insane, destructive lies as gospel, and hoping there is some safety involved. I would rather chance dying on my feet rather than living on my knees. Resist. Do not comply. Follow the example of the shop owners in that video that was posted where they told the Facemask Police to get out, and come back with a warrant. Here's the kicker: If the resistance does not spread, the City will eat those shop owners alive. It will be strength in numbers that allows The People to win. Every NYC (?) small business needs to do the same If millions of small businesses do the same all over the country, the government can not succeed. Just like gun owners. If we refuse to comply by the millions, the government will be powerless. If we leave a few of our brave brothers to twist in the wind, the government will pick us off one by one. We are being frightened out of our God-given and Constitutional Rights. We come from better stock than to be acting like sheep. We should be ashamed for submitting when our hearts, our heads, our guts, our God, and the science tell us differently. Stay positive ! Hold your head high and proclaim that you will not comply. It is ultimately our best chance of defeating Marxist tyranny.
  10. A few years back the Bose Radio that was my father's when he passed away bit the dust after decades. The wife asked for a new one for Christmas. After doing the pricing and listening, I bought her a new fangled speaker with blue tooth that sounded 10X better and cost have as much. Wife could easily play her song list from her phone, computer, and play whole CD's from her computer too, I thought, or the no name I tunes the grandkids got her. The perfect gift, me thinks. The speaker also has a battery so she can move it anywhere in the house and get hours of play, or she can use it on the deck for that matter. This speaker is not tiny, it has excellent bass and sounds better than many full stereos. Come to find out after at least 3 years, the wife, unknown to me, is still upset I did not get her the Bose, showing that I don't care about her. Womins. <sigh> She loves how the new set up sounds, but it was I who decided what to get her, instead of getting her the inferior, overpriced, and outdated product she wanted. That's why she does not use it. SO, if anyone has a used Bose tabletop Wave Radio in very good working order, I am very interested in buying it before Christmas. They are the old beige (and maybe black) Geezer radios you used to see newspaper and TV ads everywhere years ago. If you have one sitting around that you are not using and want to sell, I would like to speak with you. Please fire it up if not in use, and let her run. I need to make sure everything works on it, including the CD player, or CD changer option that you could order after it was out a few years. The single CD player would be just fine, and would be an exact replacement in white/beige. Many thanks. I appreciate contact if anyone has one that has not yet gone to yard sale. It's important. <sigh> Especially since the return period on the unit I bought has been over for about 2 years and 9 months. John
  11. You're right, even though I'm pretty sure you were using sarcasm. The Republicans are not known for going door to door and pressuring people in ghettos who to vote for or their neighbors would be against them. Conservatives are not known for ballot harvesting. Conservatives are not known for organizing bus fleets and POV caravans to travel from State to State voting illegally in elections. And while it happens with regularity, the Republicans, (especially a while back) were not known for "pay to play". It was not Bush who was selling a stay in the Lincoln bedroom... If your position that a private individual sending money to a political campaign is "buying votes" then our two trains are never going to meet, and I hope you enjoy living under Marxist rule until we can get corporate money, PACS, GSOs, etc etc out of politics. All these wack job billionaires driving 2 tonners through the loopholes in campaign finance law, and flaunting bogus publisher designations and having their monopolies protected will only lead to Marxism, because these people have been brainwashed into thinking that the country that afforded them the ability, along with their talents, to accumulate almost unlimited amounts of wealth, all seem to want the power that comes with the elitism of Marxism. As far as "you know what you mean..." I feel the same way. I am beginning to understand that many Constitutionalists have absolutely no idea what it means to be politically active. For them there is only two positions on the selector, : leave me alone, and full auto. If we don't learn there is a lot of ground in between to fight this battle, and how to fight them, I am concerned about the future my children and grandchildren will live in. I think a good jump off place for Conservatives to get over their slight differences is to put a lot of emphasis on something bigger than ourselves, some bigger than what the material world this great Republic and our hard work affords us. Simple, focused things, like God, family, and country. Certainly we can agree on that, can't we ? Maybe it is the rugged individualism inherent in many Conservatives that interferes with them getting effectively organized. The depressed Conservatives I run in to do nothing but make me angry. This is going to take effort, and yes, treasure. Marxist Operatives in the USA, for example, are encouraging their comrades to move to Georgia, establish residency, vote in the Senate elections so that if Biden wins, Harris will be the tie breaker vote in the Senate. Then they move back home. But an individual legally donating to a political campaign is "buying votes" ? I sure wish you would explain that to me and give me an alternative to individuals donating money or the value of their service to the political campaign of the people they support. Marxism and the DNC platform is a clear and present danger to the U.S. Constitution and our Republic. If a large portion of the country does not feel the same way, we have one very tough row to hoe. I don't know how I can make it any more plain. I also have a hard time understanding Conservatives who do not believe this, and how important those Senate elections are in Georgia. It as not as if I am asking anyone to do anything illegal, immoral, or fattening. Certainly you don't really believe that an individual making a campaign contribution is "buying votes" ? You spoke of contributing to candidates, so I have no idea why you call that "buying votes". John
  12. Barrel question: Asked this a while back, thought it was time to ask again. It seems it took a few years for gun makers to figure out how to properly nitride a barrel, and realized if you wanted to do it correctly, (QPQ) you still needed to mind the details to get a good product. Yes I understand that the Military and "the best rifles" (apparently not SOLGW) are still chrome lining their fighting rifles,(because it is still mil-spec) but I have little doubt that the Military is looking into the corrosion and wear resistance of QPQ nitride on the M16 platform of rifles and carbines. r. If we could get away from "because that's how the Military does it" for a minute, I'd like to ask my more experienced board members if their is significant difference in performance in a "fighting rifle" between a properly chromed barrel, and a properly QPQ nitrated barrel ? Since the rifle/barrel makers seem to have figured out how to properly apply the nitride for the last few years, has chrome lining for a fighting rifle gone from a necessity to a personal preference or budget issue ? Does anyone know of any high round testing the Military or the barrel makes have made on QPQ Nitride AR's, with a possible comparison to chrome lining. Have we yet to reach the "6 of one/half dozen of another" or what, if any, is their still an advantage of the chrome lined barrel as far as longevity, or handling periods of very heavy use ? If choosing a QPQ Nitrited barrel, is it critical to use 4150 steel over the 4140 material ? I'll ask the same about the chrome lined, but I think the 4140/4150 choice would not be as important with chrome lined barrel since we are actually laying another layer over the steel. I realize that a quality chrome lined barrel whether I build or buy is going to be quite a bit more expensive than a properly nitrated barrel. Is the nitride barrel 90% as good as the chrome lined, 75% as good, 50 %, or as good as a chrome lined barrel for the things that are import to me, overall longevity and surviving periods of heavy use without premature failure? I am also aware that certain manufactures concerned with cost like to talk up the nitrating because it saves them money, but also provides wear and corrosion resistance. But how good compared to the chrome lining ? Thanks for updating me on your latest opinion/studies on this. Any recent studies of nitrated barrels compared with chrome lined would be welcome.
  13. Yikes. That's basically the whole kit and caboodle. I never liked their new stocks much either, but I would never kick a DD out of bed for wearing one... Hard to imagine a significant breakdown at DD.
  14. For IWB it's gonna take something really special to make me give up my advanced model Milt Sparks. Summer Special (or the older ones for that matter) Now OWB, it she's really high and tight it's worth a look.
  15. Where do they seem to be cutting corners ?
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