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  1. Is the USA still supplying Israel with these weapon systems, or are they 100% Israeli made ? Does anyone know? I pray that they are now being made 100% in Israel using 100% Israeli sources parts . If not, some Commie in the Biden Administration will convince Biden that he has to cut off the supply any sort of arms to Israel, because they might be used against the poor oppressed Arab peoples who have been the victims of Israel since 1948. Maybe his Staff will line up a dozen little girls with freshly washed and dried hair, and allow him to hug them and bury his nose in the fragrank silky hair. The line of girls will lead to his desk, where the copy of the E.O. shutting down all aid to Isreal immediately. After signing, Joe will be allowed to pick one of the girls for some "quality basement time" , as long as he can read 100 words off a teleprompter to make a recording to the American People as to why America can no longer support Israel. Maybe since so many American Patriots have decided that America has already lost the War for Freedom and against Marxism, I'm wondering if I could get in good enough shape to go fight for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness with the Israelis by the end of the year ? Maybe they'd give me one of those nifty new and improved Tavors. Fighting tyrants and terrorism with the Jews has got to be way cool, and better than hanging with bunch of "patriotic" and well armed Americans whose mission seems to be trying to convince everyone that these Marxists have already defeated us, and our goal is to enjoy our wonderful life for as long as we can, never remembering those who have sacrificed limbs or lives when they answered the call to defend the Constitutional Republic we proudly call America. I'll stick it out as long as I can, because I pray America is really not planning on having Marxist thugs take over without even a fight, but I hear more gun owners people sounding like propagandists for the Marxists than intelligent, organized, and prepared Patriots who will spare nothing when defending this Republic.
  2. Since we, as a culture, elected politicians who were pre-disposed to allow society and the legal system to put their stamp of approval on homsexual marriage and granting all the perks (and penalties) to such relationships, what are we supposed to do with the children now ? We had a tiny percentage of a vocal minority and an instant reversal by the powerful in psychological academia first put out their "expert" opinions that homosexuality was now normative. I realize that many of you will make the case that government has no role in the marriage "business" but societies have been making such determinations of normative behavior for millenia either thru government or through the practice of religion. The States in America have felt that their ability to regulate marriage was positive for society, whether it involved polygamy, bigamy, ir iner-racial marriage. We all know how those things out. We can make a comparison to homosexual marriage to the evolution of out-of- wedlock births, especially before abortion became legal. Out of wedlock births used to be shameful to the family, and the birth was kept as secret as possible, with the child often raised by grandparents or other relatives, especially those living in another town or State. Long story short; we now have baby showers for pregnant 16 year old unwed mothers. The question of how the children are viewed. The out of wedlock child, raised by Mom, raised by a relative, or given up for adoption are in now way at fault for their circumstance. It is the same for the child with 2 mothers or 2 father's. The person who is raised by such parents are usually below the age of emancipation, and the Courts have ruled there is no evidence of harm to the child in a union of 2 same sex parents. I would have to think the bonds of homesexual marriage might provide a more stable home environment than the homosexual parent who is not married, and possibly seeing multiple partners, just as it would be in the same scenario, but with heterosexual partners involved. We should have also skipped back to "no fault divorce" which greatly increased the numbers of divorce, and caused many problems for the children of divorce. When legal union laws were passed in many States, I personally thought this was an equitable "comprimise". As it had for recorded history, most cultures could continue to but their stamp of approval on the one man one woman married as the best device for society and for the children themselves. If we look at the data, the best circumatances for the children are born in wedlock to one man and one woman. Children of homosexual marriages are better off than out of wedlock birthed children without the involvement of the non-custodial parent, but not as good as the products of married heterosexual parents. For whatever reasons, the "Silent Majority" decided that such circumstances as described by the young lady in the Army video were not important enough to put their political power behind their own values, their own morality, and what they felt comfortable with for society as a whole. I think we all realize that the normalization of transsexual medical and psychiatric treatment was next, and this has posed even more ethical problems, both for society and possible tough times for children being raised in such circumstances. How do we blame the children. If we are truthful about our self examination of this change in society, I think we can pretty much agree that id we felt more strongly about same sex married couples either using artificial insemination, implanting donated embryos, od adoption are most likely here to stay, including allowing/producing children not only for same sex couples by for tans couples. So if blaming the child for being born out of wedlock is barbaric, one has to conclude that blaming the child for being conceived by or raised by married trans people is also barbaric. If this development really bothers you, all I can say is that you had a long time to see this one coming, and had a choice to fight it through your State Laws and/or through the religion you practice. My religion has been waring about these complications all the way back in a time when no one thought that same sex marriage would ever become legal. Personally, my main concern is for these children, and for all children that these Leftist educators want to start giving instruction in homosexual sex practices as early as First grade. I believe this is a huge mistake at much too early an age, and should be left to the parents, which includes in the context of a hetero relationship or marriage also. As a Peace Officer I served with a number of biological females, about have of which prefered their own gender. Their sexual orientation was never a problem, although their lack of strength was. One of these women there was someone who I would "go through the gates of Hell will" knowing she had my back and the mindset to do her job and happened to be a lesbian. She was a Veteran, and had been a Military Police Officer. She is the only female (gay or not) I have worked with that I had complete confidence in, and it is my belief that her Army training and experience was part of the reason for this, because it showed in her performance in the field. So, these kids of same sex marriages are blameless of any crime or sin involving their "parents" being of the same sex. So what do you all recommend ? Should they be canceled. Since our society as a whole, the American culture bent to the will of a tiny minority who were nor satisfied with having the same legal playing field of heterosexual marriage, they demanded that America give there same sex marriage the same standing as straight marrieds. Just like was done with out of wedlock births, men not taking care of their children, and men making babies with 3-5 different woman so those women could help them sell dope, and try and lay it off on the females, who they collected money from. Trust me on this, but I'm off in the weeds. So are we to deny a young man or a young woman who has always dreamed of being a Soldier crush their dreams because they were raised (by whatever degree) by homesexual partners ? Can they have any job in the government. Can they work for HHS ? Can they be airline pilots, or doctors, or should the government file that Google will soon have completed for every American be stamped : CANCELLED; RAISED BY HOMOSEXUALS. Just what is the point here. ? A kid does not get to choose their parents. (or the lack thereof) Well, the Marxists have found another way to divide us, and make the Right look cruel and unthinking. You'd be surprised who I think should be in foxholes, but putting the sins of the parents onto their children is a bit much to accept.
  3. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  4. I think a lot of those number are skewed. The title of the survey should have been "How many people in Texas and are willing to admit publicly they own firearms". If the poll takes had diffide up the number by conservative and and liberal, or separated out large urban areas from rural areas, we would have a much better idea if the numbers are valid. Numbers like in Texas, no matter how much migration you had from California to Texas appear to be abnormally l0w
  5. I asked several weeks ago, and then sent him a PM. No response.
  6. Retcop

    Hey GLShooter

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ! ! Hope you had a great day. All the best to you and yours. John
  7. If enough people like yourself have decided that we have already lost, then yes, cue the fat lady to start singing. I can't even begin to get into the minds of people who think we have already lost, when we have put so little effort into saving the Republic. The worst thing about people like this, of course, is the defeatism and apathy they spread like cholera or smallpox. It's disgusting. Because it is just want the Marxists are counting on. Congratulations, you have been successfully played...here's your card. The least that you and people like you could do to help make this a better world is to stop spreading your worldview that freedom and liberty are dead. Just because you have decided you are going to put zero effort into saving this Republic, at least have the decency not to convince others to share your despair, and failure of courage. The Marxists have not won, and those who believe in this Republic have not even begun to fight. Please don't try to poison anyone else. If we had enough people like you during Revolutionary times, we would have never had an America in the first place. I'd like to continue, but it would get me banned. All I can say is I can't believe what is coming out of your mouth, and I can't even imagine why you would want to try and convince good Americans we have already lost. The best thing is that those who appreciate all the sacrifices of life and limb that have been made down thru our American centuries will not pay attention, except to what it says about your character. So go get the most mileage out of your comfy life, and as usual, a small percentage of the men will sacrifice to protect the way of life you completely fail to appreciate. John
  8. I'm glad the pipeline company hired an outside industrial anti-hacking firm to investigate and and improve their system's defenses. We sure don't want some bunch of woke intersectional, white =racism radicals who get government contracts because the check all the woke boxes on the Marx-Engels application forms. I seriously hope the pipeline firm vets the IT company they hire for ties to Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Lurch, and any other MMGW nuts who believe this country can run on solar and wind, with just a little help from their friends, the CCP. You know, the ones who have no idea where the electricity will come from for industry when all our cars have to be electric by 2035. I wanna see who is going to pay for the charging stations in cities where people have to park on the street somewhere within walking distance to their home, in high rise apartment buildings where one building would take thousands of charging stations just for one building. Will somebody please tell these idiots we get the bulk of our electricity very clean burning Natural gas, and not every one has forgotten how the U.S. MMGW scientists got together with the Brits to fake the data ? That we know MMGW is all based on the fake and/or biased data plugged into the computer models the lying MMGW made up themselves in the first place so they could get the results they were looking for ? This whole thing is absurd, and I am sick of the Republicans bowing down at the start of every MMGW debate sayin "Of course we need wind and solar", while their stock brokers are on hold wanting to know how many more shares of Chines solar and wind companies they want to buy. Let's tell it like it is; Congressmen are greedy and power mad, lying shysters who want a way to get rich quick. We can keep our economy going for at least the next 300 years on gas, oil and clean coal, but they outright lie to the people, have our school kids scared to death they are all gonna die, and we wonder why they play suicide by cop ? When you have criminals running the government, sometimes you just gotta have the shoe fit and make them wear it. Problem is we got too many Republicans who would rather follow the Marxists than the People. I have never seen anything like this. The CCP has convinced our Congress Pieces of Crap, and the Biden Crime family that if they follow their lead, they will be richer beyond their wildest dreams, and will still get elected again in 2024. The Biden Administration has joined together with the CCP to destroy the Republic of the United States of America and dominate the World Economy. Get it ? Got it ? ! Good ! ! ! Until we get that thru our thick heads, The Marxists will win. If the American People rise up, Marxism will not again be broached as a viable political solution for America for the next 240 We must stop denying reality, or allow the CCP Covid control psyop to keep us depressed and hopeless. Let's go motherf****** !
  9. A lot depends on the individual shooter, how dedicated they are to training, including dry fire, and how good they are with the laser after giving it a fair chance. All systems are not for everyone, and IMHO, it is best not to force the issue. Some people want things as simple as possible, others love every "help" out there. If someone is too focused on the laser dot (because it will still be moving around on the target, the good guy may not be giving the threat(s) the attention they deserve. If it's not IR with night vision, lasers are best saved for the true micro pistols with basically no sights, again, Imho.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. St. Francis was sure our animal family will be waiting for us in heaven, too. I'm sure Fritz is already making new doggie friends, and enjoying his favorite treats. I have no doubts he is in the presence of the Lord. God does not let us love like that only to take it away, brother. Prayers for you, your wife, Fritz, and everyone who loved him. Remember the brilliant and funny times with Fritz. GSD's are special people. John
  11. See, just like strawberry jam...
  12. It has been ages since I patterned that gun with slugs, and last year I got hold of some Military Surplus I need to pattern anyway. The rifled Breneke's were just fine for deer with the short ranges I had, but was wanting to lend it to my SIL with rifling. You make a very good point, I should pattern it again, it's been too many years. I refinished the stock on that Express, which really improved its looks, and at the time, the guts were the same on the Express Model as the "real" 870.
  13. Although the M855 is being treated like the red headed stepchild of the family, I would be willing to bet that most people have on hand. I have at leasr one magaxine full in my carry rig. The wonderful thing obout the M855 is that it take some cover (cover stops bulletd) and turns that cover into concealment. (concealment is something you can hide behind but it either won't stop bullets, or is verry iffy about stopping bullets. If you are buying something for the range or training there are a ton of choices during normal times. If you want to put up some "extra" for the "zombie apocalypse", social unrest, or self defense, the Lake City M193 55 grain FMJ (full metal jacket) is like the quintessential plinking or training round. Though usually OK for 2 legged targets, they are usually not in the super accurate category, with 2 to 4 inches at 100 yards about the norm. Don't be afraid to experiment with different brands of ammo, as long as they are not remanufactured, and they are from companies with a decent reputation. Try and buy enough for a few magazine fulls to shoot, so you really get an idea of how your rifle likes it. WRITE IT DOWN. Get a notebook, . If you want to get fancy, with all the regular info on the ammo, get the Lot number, and the date manufactured. Measure the groups you shoot for groups. Note if their are misfeeds. I have a Mini 14 that absolutely loved a case of Norinco .223 55 grainers I bought. It was very accurate. I saved several hundred rounds of that, with the note it is excellent with the Mini 14. Ammo companies have come a long way, and are usually pretty consistent lot to lot. But until you start reloading, keep track of what shoots very well in your rifle, and then buy as much of the same lot number as you can to "put up." It's kind of like canning spaghetti sauce...store bought.
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