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  1. Nevermind. Those who are willing to give up Liberty for the promise of security have won the day. The government will continue to set exercise of power precedence that they damn sure won't forget in the future. Lawsuits should be filed while the damage is being done if you want to be successful. But people are warning that we should not even raise objections to any government orders until the orders have expired "for the good of the country" People have had the daylights scared out of them, and resolving that fear, rational or not, seems to be the only concern we are not shamed about expressing.
  2. Retcop

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    Exactly. * Fixed it for ya.
  3. Might as well hold your water Ben, noone wants to hear it.
  4. Retcop

    Holy cow. Even the mower got air!

    It's almost as if the driver took the construction zone "off ramp" on purpose. Right down the middle.
  5. Retcop

    Hey Valkyrie1911

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! Hope you have a great day !
  6. Retcop

    Buying ar15 need input please

    For 1,500 bucks you could get a top brand like Daniel Defense, BCM, FN, or one of the LMT's with some goodies except monolithic upper and quick change barells. If it were me, I would get the LMT or BCM for the price and not look back.
  7. Retcop

    Hey alpo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! I hope your day is a great one !
  8. Retcop

    Samurai Film Festival

    Surely !
  9. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Mornig, Everyone ! ! Seize the day !
  10. Retcop

    Friendly diversion. My watch collection

    Those look really nice, especially after I remembered to enlarge the picture. My wife actually told me she was tired of my "military looking" ~ 30 year old LL Bean field watch that cost me 89 bucks back in the day. Is it possible to recommend a dress watch for me ? I like things simple, and I like to have a sweep second hand, a date display, and tritium if possible. I am pretty hard on watches so....don't much like digital, so analog all the way. This might get a giant laugh, but every month I see those full page ads for Stauer watches in the NRA magazine. Some of them where the faces are modeled after older classic designs are pretty sharp, but I have no idea of the quality. Are they junk ? If you can recommend a sharp but understated dress watch for me, I would need it lower on the price scale. I also do not prefer the big bulky watches, I normally don't wear any jewelry....thanks. I hope things are going as well as can be expected in Seattle for you. Congratulations on the watch collection. How long did it take you ? Z and some others are into watches, maybe you guys can show them off. Is your collection "complete" or are you always on the lookout for another ? Do you ever tire of them and sell any off, or once in the collection they stay ? Are there a good number of watches that appreciate in value, or is that reserved for the really famous brand(s) ? john
  11. Social distancing is fine at this point in time. All businesses need to be allowed to re-open, and if needed, they can ask for relief from the 6 foot distance for certain jobs. Even entertainment venues should re-open at half capacity to start. I have been saying for weeks we should be testing for antibodies instead of focusing on new infections. We are approximately around the numbers of a really bad flu season. Yet we have basically shut down the economy, and created one of the largest wealth redistributions in history. We have ravaged small businesses. Why ? Small business, the number one employer in the USA, is going to have a hard time surviving this. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The printing and totally wasteful and un-American spending of trillions of taxpayer dollars is going to affect what The People expect from the Government for decades to come. It's not a good thing.
  12. Retcop

    Wisdom from Clint Smith--Video

    I've been Clint Smith fan for many years. He is the antithesis of the "celebrity high speed low drag operator" brand of trainers. I think of him kinda like a Jeff Cooper after too much caffeine and all the filters removed. Clint keeps it real, and we need a lot more of that in the training community.
  13. Retcop

    Samurai Film Festival

    TCM is finishing up running a series of classic Japanese Samurai films, and I have recorded every one. Some are true works of art, others not so good. I did a review of what I have so far, and have deleted two. One, an excellent fim I have watched several times over the years, and another because, well, it was a POS. There are a couple more I have already seen, but they are worth a second watch. Anyone who has not checked out this genre of films may want to think about doing so. I recommend the older films made by stellar directors over the newer, fantasy laced blood and gore movies. Just got done with some classic Swedish films, most directed by Ingmar Bergman (sp?) The crushingly depressing "life as pain" bleakness of the Swedes can be hard to handle in bulk, but it does offer a window into how other cultures view life and the world we live in. The directing and the unbelievable acting is just too good to pass up though. One has to wonder why Swedish culture back then was producing these heavy punishing existential films about the human condition. There are also some classic Italian and Spanish films that will make you sit up and take notice. There are universal human truths that transcend culture and language, and I find it very enjoyable when I find them in a well done film, even if there are subtitles. Anyone else enjoy foreign films ?
  14. Retcop

    My Great Uncle in the Phillipines

    WAY Cool. My eldest Uncle was a POW on the Bataan Death March. I've never done any digging thru the Army, but that is well known family history. He had a rough time when he first got back. Woke up a couple of times thinking my Aunt was a Jap... My Dad and all his brothers served in WWII. Dad joined late with a forged birth certificate. I still can't believe how small his uniform is.
  15. Retcop

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    Their are a number of places around here that they sell fresh butchered beef off the farm. Meat at the store is almost back to 100% normal. I'm thinking that all the people with freezers got them filled up, and I hope they had to hoard the crappiest cuts of meat when pickings were slim. We got by on what we had on hand.