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  1. I don't understand that many USA ammo manufacturers and at least a few of them have expansion already underway. A blind may could see the writing on the wall with the record sales of firearms for so long now... What did these ammo companies think all these new gun owners were going to use their guns for, paperweights ? They had to know the market for ammo was going to increase more than the sales of guns. I just don't know why their marketing experts did not see this coming. Being able to make a higher profit on what you are already producing, but when it gets to the point where the firearms increase means a steady demand in the future, and you are selling out, that increased profit does not make up for the lost sales. Demand is so high they could increase production and still sell it for more in the "new normal". There are also many loads that were once considered wildcats or specialty loads, that could now be taken advantage of in limited runs to maintain new capacity after the "panic is over. I just don't see the demand taking a huge dive anytime soon. All these gun guys + all the new owners = lots of empty ammo boxes. Why companies like Winchester (Sig) and Hornady are not ready with plans to have expansions complete in a matter of months say from the sales last year and this is beyond me. I know it's a big investment, but I believe demand is going to stay high. What do these ammo companies know that I don't ? Do they believe the new gun owners are not going to be a steady stream of new customers ?
  2. I am hopeful I can be aware enough (and lucky enough) to never be near a riot. I would not mind having an Birdseye grip "other" weapon as a truck gun, but the panic went full swing before my budget improved. Thought ammo was more important, anyway.
  3. 870 with a short unrifled slug barrel with rifle sights is what passes as a "Riot Gun" for me. To be frank, I would still prefer my AR with my magazine pouches as better medicine for a mob. If you're thinking is that rapidly hitting as many people as possible is the best way to disperse a mob, then shells with 24 pellets of #4 buckshot can be considered, but to be clear, I don't recommend it.
  4. Shadow, I think it is wise not to advertise, and it is just general common sense to alter your routine. I say that with a grain of my own salt, though. It bothers me at the the philosophical core, and also as a practical matter, that people like us should have to change our lives in order to accommodate a threat from a group that believes they are entitled to bring death to another group of people simply because they are associated with Law Enforcement. The act of hiding our activity makes it seems as though we are "giving in" (for lack of a better term) to the power of The Mob, and the brutal behavior The Mob endorses. IMHO, the most pertinent point you make is that whatever "extra" danger presented by a lunch meeting of some retired LEO's to the other patrons of the restaurant. IMO, most normal people would take comfort if they knew that there was experienced (if retired) group of LEO's at the restaurant. While I admire your concern for the other patrons, I'm not sure if the "extra" danger your group meetings have is going to increase the danger to the other patrons. It may, in fact, have a protective effect. We basically had the same country wide debate after 9/11. Even though the terrorist attacks woke us to the fct that a terrorist group had long ago delared war on us, but we were not on a war footing with the terrorists, greatly changed our fighting stance. However, we made it loud and clear that we were not going to change our American way of living our lives in freedom just because we were finally awoken and willing to accept the responsibility of fighting the terrorists. I feel the same way about the anarchist Mob changing the way way Americans live their lives. My suggestion would be to talk to the owner of the establishment you are soending money with, and ask him or her how they feel about the possibility of an increased chnace of violence because your group meets there. You may be surprised by what the owner has to say. I guess it is possible that the owner had never thought about your presence being a violence magnet, but I sincerely believe the odds of increased violence is nil. Very unlikely. But you are being smart to consider it. My knee jerk reaction would be to put up a sign near the entrance to youre meeting room, the said "Retired LEO Meeting" with an arrow pointing to the room. Maybe that way you can lower the risk to the other patrons. If you are really concerned about the threat of your group being targeted, besides varying your routine, would be to have members of the group rotate through the duty of surveillance outside the building you meet at, so that you could be prepared for the threat, and the caalvary already on the way before the threat(s) ever enter the building. I don't believe your threat level is as high as you believe, but it is going to be a mess if I am mistaken, right ? As someone who lives in a country that is best described as having a constellation of small to very small towns, it is difficult for me to spend much time out and about without being recognized. This experience is what gives me the motivation to not change my lifestyle because the bad guys now feel even more entitled to eff up a cop than they did 5, 10, or 30 years ago. I will continue to use my skills of situational awareness to protect myself and my family, but I refuse to alter my live because i'm a cop, a Trump supporter, a Conservative, or a gun owner. I refuse to bow to these thugs. I live in a Big Blue State. Granted, mostly of the Violent Blue Smurfs live a fer piece North of here, the University Town I worked in does have a reputation for radical elements and gang presence dating back to the 1960's and '70s. Our Black Community is well organized. First let me say you know your situation infinitely better than I do, because you live their. I can't imagine the threat from the Mob is going to elevate the chances of violence by much of a factor, especially considering where you live. If I can go about my business almost certain that someone has recognized me as LEO, or go to a local restaurant with some of my retired friends in the circumstances I am in, I think while turning up your awareness can never hurt, I'm thinking you boys don't have a whole lot to worry about. I do like your idea of retired LEO getting organized and getting together to network, exchange private numbers, and to be a source of intell for each other, or back-up if the Mob ever becomes a threat. I can honestly say, given your concerns, I would continue to have my "lunch meeting" in a way were the most guys will attend. If you are really that concerned you are putting other patron's lives in danger, speak to the owner. My guess is he would rather have you there. Best wishes, John EDIT: I just realized that where you live might be different than the picture I have in my mind. If you live near a large metropolitan area that has a history of mob violence or ambush on LEO or assassination attempts on LEO, I then, should be speaking about a different set of circumstances. While I fully understand that anything can happen anywhere at anytime, there is going to have to be some information regarding a valid threat before I would consider changing my lifestyle for these bastiages. If they want me, I can't stop that, but I sure as hell can be prepared for it.
  5. Our system has given "Social Justice Warriors" for "Black Rights", regardless of their color, that they are entitled to assault anyone who actively disagrees with them, and those who refuse to show support for their mob mentality. My concern is that American history has shown us that once an entitlement is awarded any group, that entitlement never goes away. I believe it is going to take some major reeducation of these SJW's before they learn these entitlements they were given to kill, attack, burn, and loot where a trick by the Marxists to help them win an election. It's going to take some serious tutoring to teach these people The Mob Mentality is not how America works. Who would have thought a simple element like lead would have such an important role in American education.
  6. Congratulations !!! Sweet heater !
  7. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  8. I drain the tank after every use, but the gizmo you showed is new to me. Thank you !
  9. Anyone have concerns that the air coming out of an electric air compressor is of fairly high humidity ? Yeah, I realize I'm being anal, but i sincerely wonder about using moist air to blow crud outta guns. I'm still working on Gun Scrubber I got at Wally World many years ago on a closeout. IIRC, it was 3 bucks a can instead of 9. Love it for very dirty stuff and also and getting into cracks and crevices. Best to use outside. Only "drawback" is Gun Scrubber will strip away all lubrication. Need to be sure clean lube is returned everywhere it belongs before you put the gun up.
  10. Unless that is a Conservative posting a satirical piece on the derangement of Democrats, i wish I could find it funny. That there is one. sick. pup. In addition, white, suburban women elected, and especially were responsible for the re-election of Obama. I must admit, even with weak Republican candidates (to put it mildly) I was amazed that any President with the open contempt for America that Obama brazenly displayed during his first term was re-elected despite the supposedly massive number of "Silent Majority" voters in fly-over country. It wasn't even close. I am going to go out on a limb here and presume that the woman in the video is an upper middle class college educated professional. The scariest thing that is she wants this depiction of herself to go out to all the people she has in her social media network. This tells me is she is expecting the people she socializes with on this media to be having the same off-the-charts, out of control , possibly psychotic reaction to the news that Justice Ginsberg had died before the next President was inaugurated, which indicates that she (and most likely the vast majority of her friends) believe that Biden/Harris are going to win the election, and win it easily, because it is so obvious that orange man bad. I am sincerely beginning to wonder if the Chinese, the Russians, or maybe the Dalia Lama have figured out how to cause mass hysteria among Marxists that isof course, contagious, or they have accomplished a successful mass hypnosis, where any thought of Donald j. Trump as President of the United States of America causes not only these bizarre and unwarranted displays of anger, despair, anxiety, and speaking with a deceased person, but also wherein the hypnotized person wants others to see them engaged in this abnormal behavior, and puts in on the internet. Now that is some scary stuff right there, and I'm fearless. The Chicoms are putting some kind of mind altering drugs in the legal pot, face masks, prescription drugs, the water, feminine hygiene products, soy milk...something. The entire series of events in and out of government since last fall at least is starting to read like Stephen King's worst novel, and he has churned out some real losers. WTH ? !
  11. Ohhhh, the pipe on the ground is part of the gate... DUH.
  12. As long as you don't get the urge to sell them uranium, or the latest USA nerve gas or the something...
  13. Hope they are not gettin ready to sacrifice that youngin to the BBQ gods... Where is that conduit going to ? A propane tank or electricity, or is it unrelated, you think ? Pretty cool...
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