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  1. Thank you kind sir !This dinosaur has been rewinding them to the beginning...
  2. OK. Enough ranting and raving for me. I'm not doing myself or anyone else any good. If the type of people who are attraced to this site beliece America is over, and that they are powerless, they sure as Hell are not listening to me. So, for all my friends, I wish you all the best, stay positive, and net work and speak Truth to power every chance you get. Hang on to that "never say die and kick ass attitude" Americans have always been known for. We have weathered much tougher times than these, and we will triumph over the Marxist Revolution that is threatening our freedoms as we speak. When times get you down, visualize telling your grandkids how we defeated the deranged Marxists, and if you are having trouble keeping motivated, imagine what you will tell your children why the America that was a beacon of Liberty for the world, is so different for them than the stories you told them, and why Uncle Pete went to prison for speaking their minds. Remember, they are going to be scared when they see that you don't try and change things. Really bad things. I'm gonna take some time off, lurk a bit, and try and get my HBP out of the critical range. If their is one thing I can ask of all of you is to get hold of Mark Levin's new book, American Marxism. When you're done pass it along, and keep passing it along. Understanding our History, and the character of Virtue that is needed for America and the Constitution to work. Virtue must make a comeback, in word and in deed, and often involves taking risks. I'll be back sooner than some may like, and my head will be held high. Because most Americans are children of God, who, if nothing else, believe in the values that form the cornerstone of this Republic. Americans don't give in when things get tough, we astound the world with our determination and fighting spirit. God Bless you all. God Bless America and may we once again give all Glory to God. John
  3. And what did Obama and Biden do about the SARS "pandemic" ? ? Nothing ! Zip. Nada. There were no small business shutdowns, no closed schools, no stay at home orders, etc. etc. That's because SARS was not a virulent killer either. They did not play us with all this fear mongering because, at the time, their was no POLITICAL and no FINANCIAL benefit for Big Pharma (via the tax payer) for the Obama/Biden Administration to make up this hoax. Covid is real. It can be deadly in certain circumstances. So rare, in fact, that the Marxist fear mongers in D.C. and certain States had to manufacture Covid cases or they would have been a laughing stock. I have said from the beginning that the American people were played, and we are still being played. Use your own brain, and take a huge load off of the stress in your lives, and stop worrying about this Marxist manufactured "pandemic" that in some places has messed up a whole generation of kids whose social, mental and educational progress has been screwed up forever. How many missed out on scholarships ? How many did not get the social experience of being with their peers and going thru graduation for absolutely no reason. Big Tech's AI has censored different views on Covid and the vaccine, and Google and the rest have made the stories difficult to find, at a time when more and more people are getting their news from a BS thing called Facebook. Great, catch up with Aunt Sally on FB, but don't get your research info on Covid and the vaccines from FB. Stop being played. Stop being afraid. Make sure your kids get good nutrition and plenty of fresh air and exercise. If you are older, take the time to get any health issues resolved. Exercise, and drop those pounds you have been meaning to. It's not understand why people are so afraid. They know in their hearts how Evil and destructive these Marxists are, and they will do anything to distract you and soften your brain, while they use Covid to instill fear, make you feel like you desperately need the government, and take your rights away while you quake in fear. Enough already ! Live a healthy lifestyle and if you are a Geezer, talk to your Doc about what kind of supplements will help your immune system. As we get older, it gets harder for our bodies to absorb certain vitamins and minerals. Learn about it with your Doc. Your government is succeeding in distracting The People with everything from Covid to race relations, and gender pronouns. They are even succeeding in removing MLK as a pacifist whose message was equality of opportunity, and not outcome like the BLM crazies. This all would be laughable if we did not have people dying because of government policy. Stop getting played by the fear mongers, and pay attention to the big picture, you know, the one where the Marxists want you to use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper.
  4. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good luck with your doves brother. A kid losing his Dad is heavy. I say still keep your mind open to that "hook" as we used to call it. I know for sure you are a patient man, and there will be times for passing your wisdom. He may crave it now, but can't get past the roadblocks. I'll mention it to the Big Guy, and 2 will be gathered in His name. John
  5. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    That's a shame. One of my grandsons is not at all interested in guns, but this could be puberty-driven rebel from Dad. All the others love it. The good news is he and Dad are doing much better with a common teenage dynamic, and have found other things to bond over. It was very good to see. Never know if he might decide he's ready to try "this shooting thing". Right now middle son is all over hunting and fishing. The older boy likes fishing, too. Dad was wanting me to do some work with handguns, I wish I could have started sooner, but I am very pleased. I would think electronic devices should be off or totally muted (including vibrate) for safety reasons. Would not want to be startled just as you are about to fire, and have a negligent discharge. One SIL is an educator, and from the start they always used timers to limit time connected. Things have loosened up some they got their first Ipads last Christmas. The majority of the walking for Dove hunting here is done preseason, especially when finding new spots. We find the farm field, the DNR plantings, and pattern the time and direction of dove movement between there and water holes, gravel breaks, heat, and pressure from other hunters. Then we set up (usually) alob a tree line or in a corner, and let the doves come to us. The next spot may be within walking distance, or we get back into the truck and walk in to the next prime spot as the day progresses. More shells are utilized per Dove harvest than any other game bird. (So I'm told) I think wood ducks would give Doves a run for their money, but we have many more dedicated Dove hunters than for wood ducks. Don't give up on the boy, he may just be going thru the stereotypical phase. John
  6. You really need to learn to cut the excess Time Code off Curiosity engaged. I have never "cut the excess time code off" when posting a video in any forum. The main reason for this is because I have no idea how to do it, or where to find the time code so I can snip "excess" from it. Please explain. BTW: I very much enjoy Little Videos. I find myself usually waiting a while and then looking at several pages at one sitting. Thanks, Gigglesmith, for what I presume is your brilliant idea for the thread. I have ended up subscribing to channels found here because I like the overall content, but the guy on the No Mo Hats for Men video is kinda giving me the willies. Some people, myself included, belong behind the camera. Having said that, we Earthlings have no control over what appearances extraterrestrials are going to project when they visit and wish to dialogue. Maybe if he took that hat off...
  7. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Time for some hikes with Grandson ! The desert will be alive with color, Just avoid those drainages.
  8. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Congratulations PaPaw ! Proud and bittersweet. Please tell him we all appreciate him ! Morning Everyone !
  9. If America had not isolated healthy people, closed businesses and school, and denied a bunch of people treatment for serious illnesses, we could have built up a herd immunity much more quickly. But then what to think about the billions for vaccines for what I call "the 2% killer." ? The unprecedented steps taken inside the USA, taken by themselves, show just how funky the .gov policies were, and it seems to be another attempt to get Trump out of Office. We are up against some petty and brutal people, who have no interest in saving lives, only trying to break America from within.
  10. I just wanted to point out that we should not forget the fraud that was and is still being perpetrated, especially among Americans, that the number of deaths contributed by the Covid 19 are greatly exaggerated. Since we have no journalists whose employers are willing to go against the establishment that turned a disease into a political football benefited greatly in lowering President Trumps approval ratings at a time the House was willing to impeach him after he was out of Office can not be dismissed. We have great numbers of whistle blowers who confirmed that the main recon for inflating deaths due to Covid was the usual: the love of money. For every death listed to be caused by Covid, the Hospital/clinic, nursing home, etc., would receive 30 grand. So thus we had all kinds of death listing Covid as the cause of death, even if Covid was simply present and not a cause of death. This is at the same time huge Hospital Systems were going bankrupt, or on the verge of it, because that had so many empty beds for other life threatening health problems. Always follow the money. But when we have people killed in car crashes listed as Covid deaths, some people finally woke up. But the media's interest lasted about half a day. Because of politics their were no large scale investigations that would actually give us an idea how much Covid deaths were inflated. I don't believe the Covid deaths in America are anywhere near the real totals, especially when emails were found instructing hospitals to do so, and reminding them of the taxpayer funded "bribe" the doctors and hospitals would received if they engaged in just a bit of very wide spread fraud. So first thing, siop believing what the media and the CDC are telling you about how many people died of a disease with a 98% survival rate. Covid was and still is a great device for spreading fear among Americans. The Marxists found it worked well beyond their original expectations. If they ever invest in finding out how the ChiComs released the weaponized virus from the American funded Wuhan lab, they may also find signs of a psyop plan to ensure the fear was raised to its highest level by both American and ChiCom sources. Covid was horrible stuff for the aged and infirm, buy it was mostly an exercise in government induced fear and testing control techniques. There was no to harm the economy so badly, and stress people out so much, like not being able to see your sick loved ones. We have European countries that never locked down businesses, nor closed schools, nor isolated healthy people, and they did the same or better than we did. They Keep telling yourself the Truth. The actual number of people who really died from Covid 19, are but a fraction of what the Government and the bribed Hospitals actually reported.
  11. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! ! This is, without any doubt on my part, the wettest and coolest July in my lifetime. We may have a bumper soybean and corn crop. Same with the peaches and one would think apples. Don't know what the local vineyards are doing Time to force myself to get up for Farmer's Market for melons. Good year for a container garden, because we keep getting gifted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, etc. There's this dish where you slice the cucumbers in brine to get some of the water out, drain, add onions, sour cream, not sure what else, and cool it down .My Dad used to call it Polish Bubblegum. great stuff. Gonna have it with Grandma's oxtail soup. She made the best. Wife does too.
  12. I am going to look into it. That would be a hell of a ride, but then again, might be giving the Marxists the violence between persons of color and whites that would be a dream for them
  13. That's why I was asking about any unique abilities the republic of Texas may have. How cool would if be if the Courts held that Texas could deport anyone who entered the State illegally. I am wary of the "PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMIC" logic as the Source of Authority for a State Branch, as we are then agreeing with their logic for locking things down, mask mandates, limiting firearms, and all kinds of arbitrary power as long as the Executive is willing to declare an "emergency". The Courts also seem willing to bend over backwards to allow almost unlimited renewals on the Governor's' emergency declarations.
  14. Guess I need to do a little brushing up re Texas and the Union. I could have sworn that by remaining a Republic, Texas had some unique advantages over States or Commonwealths that joined the Union through more traditional paths. I was under the impression that since Texas joined the Union as a Republic I thought that their State Government continued as a Republic, which allowed some advantages re being a Republic continued on. I must admit it has been a while since I studied up on Texas' unique relationship with the Federal Government. Time to get back up to snuff. Sometimes I think I am more concerned about the "bluing of Texas" as people from all over the Country but especially California and the PNW. What this tells me is that the National press is trying to make the situation seem worse than it really is. This was before Biden became wedded to an Open Southern Border, and the extreme numbers that are being are being used to change our politics thru artificial demographic changes. It seems totally irregular and/or illegal for the Feds to allow anyone in with the goal for them to become citizens. Although I am ideologically opposed to open borders, I am also very concerned about the open borders as a National Security Risk. I believe that a couple of months ago, they had interdicted illegals from 43 countries. That Biden is leaving behind a whole bunch of weapons systems for the Afghan Al Qaeda to use, I don't know how one could not be concerned. .Hopefully the need for Texas to seal their boundaries will make it much easier.
  15. Do you know what Texas is going to do with these "Trespassers" when they are done serving their sentences ? Will they have to release them into the USA ? I was wondering since Texas is a Republic if they had the legal standing to ship them back from whence they came? One thing we can be sure of is that the SCOTUS will take little time to hear the inevitable lawsuits that will be filed, and I can make a pretty good guess that they will pull the legal rug out from underneath Texas. Anyway you slice it, since we did not remain vigilant for the past decades, our options become fewer with each passing day. After the last election, the RNC should have pumped all the money and manpower into being prepared with a much better poll watching system, and had much better lawyers to file lawsuits instantaneously to help deter the Democrats from spending their nest egg to defend what should have been indisputable examples of fraud. We may have time to discard the voting machines in certain States, but it is going to take a major effort from volunteers to be pole watchers, with support from the Republicans, most of whom are perfectly willing to bet that the Democrats have the winning strategy to keep the power and wealth concentrated in their hands. That is what this is all about. Most Republicans are willing to throw in with the Marxists, if they can also dip their beaks in the wealth and the power of an omnipotent Central Government, rather than the Rule of Law that should be controlling a smaller more frugal Federal Government. Looking down the road, I see de facto One Party Rule continuing, and self interest replacing Virtue. We must remain optimistic, because I firmly believe if people start resisting these Marxist tools in large numbers, it will be impossible to succeed. Our Republic has faced bigger challenges than this, and we have been made stronger by it. It is time to lance these pus filled boils who call themselves Legislators and the Executive Branch, and let the putrid mass drain away, to be replaced by Virtuous people who understand that what infects our Republic must be removed.
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