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  1. I had not heard about the eclipse, but I saw it when I took one of my mini-night hikes. It was full moon last night. I'm serious when I say i've stopped watching the news. I used to night hike all the time.
  2. You know, on second thought, maybe in the short term, the increased profit margins they are cooking into the price structure, are better for these companies than the investment in exploration and drilling. In addition, they may be hesitant to make those investments, not knowing when Biden at the urging of his MMGW lunatics might pull the rug out from under them if they did push hard for the leases may have something to do with it. We will no better if we manage to elect some new, truly Conservative lawmakers. However, the Jr. Reps will immediately come under pressure from the Leftist Republican leadership, so it might be a wash in the long run. We desperately need a Third Party, which at this point in time, would actually function as a Second Party. If we had not allowed the IRS to destroy the Tea Party using the IRS, we would be in a much better position for a Third party. Hell, we would be better off if Trump would had created a Third Party. Did all those people vote for Trump, attend those massive rallies, and show unwavering support today because he ran as a Republican ? I think not. I like the Constitution Party for the name, but some Conservatives are familiar with the "Freedom Caucus", so maybe Freedom Party would be better, and have a better ring to it for moderates, Libertarians, and Classic Liberals. I think a good argument can be made for the case that the modern Republican Party must be abandoned to have any hope to save this Republic. They have been in bed so long with the Marxists that the sheets are so disgusting they need to be burned. No matter how much bleach we wash them in, they can't be reused. Voting for Federal Republicans (and most State R's) is like marrying a Times Square hooker, and believe we are beginning our new life with a virgin. Having faith in the Republican Party is a sure sign of psychosis. (breaks with reality) I am very concerned we have let this tyrannical governmental power grab go on for so long, we may not be able to vote our way out of it. If we don't stop the censorship and control of information, along with surveillance by the government and Big Tech, we'll never got enough traction to balance the scales.
  3. I can't even remember the actual tough question she was asked, but again, all she did was cackle through some broken english while saying absolutely nothing...Biden's periods of lucidity may be better than replacing him with Kamala through impeachment or Article 25 (IIRC), until hopefully things change hands in 2025.
  4. The SU series of Kel-Tec Rifles has caught my eye for the wife, specially the SU-16C that weighs 4.7 pounds unloaded, and has a folding stock and a forend that can act as a 9+ inch bipod at the push of a button. The rifle would not only act as a safe room and varmint gun for her, but will also be good for road trips to OK, which she will be taking more of as her parents get older. The weapon can be fired with the stock folded under. If anyone owns any Kel-Tec model in the SU line of rifles, or any experience shooting one, I would appreciate hearing your opinion of it in detail. These guns are made of glass reinforced Zytel, and maybe some of our members with materials experience can tell me about that polymer. One of my biggest concerns is the mounting rail for optics is part of the receiver, so is Zytel. I have had a heavy scope on my Smith polymer AR-22 for years now and the mounts have not loosened nor has the polymer deformed. The gun was designed from the ground up with aluminum reinforced Zytel, but I am still a little concerned about the polymer "upper". It is piston driven. It is unfortunate that the makers of many 5.56 weapons feel like they must use a 1:7 twist. One review I read showed 77 grain Winchester Match ammo giving .65 inch 3 round groups at 100 yards, but around 2 inch groups with 55 grain regular loads. Most of my stock contains 55 and 62 grain. Again the specific model is the SU-16C, but all of the SU line use the same operating system and and materials. I know this may be a long shot, and thanks in advance for any help. https://www.keltecweapons.com/firearm/rifles/su16/ John
  5. Anyone have an updated source to view it without cost ? I missed my chance. I should probably buy it, as the man deserves his profits. I have a family member who is not convinced about the election. About 20 years surrounded by wokesters in their field has worn them down around the edges, even though a good foundation is still there.
  6. You mean "Unexplained Aerial Phenomena" (UAP) don't you ? Really. I think it is more likely that the chances are about 80/20, with 80% being the chance of these UAPs being products of governmental weapons development and testing, and a 20% chance that these UAPs are the product of something extraterrestrial, interdimensional, paranormal, or whatever new twist is applied to UAPs.
  7. Anyone have an idea of the actual number of "alternative sexual lifestyle" persons we have living within the borders of the USA ? Would also like verified numbers on the % of the American population these folks represent. Also not sure how we estimate the (separate) population of pedophiles in the country, either. Even when I was supervising them, the numbers in the literature were for the most part just someone's educated best guess. This is not what I consider an alternative lifestyle, though some of our woke zombies claim to. These people are brutal criminals, of course. I let my subscription to Sex Offender Probation Quarterly elapse years ago. Having trouble finding data from sources I trust. John
  8. Maybe we need to start opening Testosterone Clinics for all the effeminized men out there who no longer have a clue about the proper relationship between Men and the government. With every month that passes we appear to have a nation of man-boys, regardless of age, who are willing to live out the rest of their lives on their knees to the Marxist Elites and their useful (violent) idiots, and the hundreds of thousands of reactionaries they will bring in through our Southern border. It would not be anywhere near as bad if the only Americans that had to suffer this tyranny is the adults alive today who are responsible for not making sure that our Constitution is followed. It is the thought of what future generations will go through until we are a carbon copy of Communist China, or worse that is the stuff of nightmares. This is not a video game wherein you can press restart when things go to crap. Freedom, real Freedom, is always something you have to fight for. Many wise men from the past have warned us, but we were too comfy to care. Even though they left us a system where we would not need to go to extremes IF only we had remained eternally vigilant. We have failed miserably so far, particularly post WWII. Historically, the government holding the power has never worked in maintaining Individual Liberty, yet that seems to be what we expected when we decided to trust our Liberties to autopilot. Will we wake up in time ? Will we make the sacrifices that may need to be made ? John
  9. Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  10. I know I'm repeating myself, but it is time for the multitude of good people of this Republic to wake up. With our inaction and failure to organize, we are sealing our fate, and that of our posterity. May God help us.
  11. Sweet ! I really like the idea of not having to worry about shelter (hotel, etc) and not have to tow anything. Enjoy, my newly retired friend. John
  12. I have not exposed myself to this exercise in frustration anyplace but here. Have not had the news on for weeks, except Levin and Gutfeld. Oh yeah, and some awaken with JP videos. He's hystercle, if you like satire. I don't intend to either. I know the script, and I will do everything I can to push back in my small sphere of influence until we organize and refute these lies en masse.
  13. It's gotta be those Purge movies.
  14. The "where could he have gotten it" is now just used by the Left to make the point that the gun bans need to be Federal.
  15. The attached article describes as "white". I'm not sure if that is an "hispanic white", or an "I identify as white" person. The article just said "white". They also said the murderer was a male, but we have not had a full forensic and woke inquiry to determine the exact gender status of this individual, or "his" preferred pronouns. We should start a betting pool of how many more of these we will have before the election. It is difficult to believe that some men carry such evil in their hearts, including the murderer. Prayers for the victims and their families. May they find peace. John
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