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  1. Yeah, an investigation will happen, and those responsible will be held accountable B.S. ! This is an accidental sighting of the tip of the iceberg. The Military has lowered it's recruiting standards, and criminal gang members have intentionally joined the Military in order to further their criminal enterprises. This had been widely reported, but since it involves race and "equity" investigations went nowhere, and now we have a large criminal gang presence in the Military. This is not surprising in the least, and I wonder how many criminal enterprises or "mistakes" involving stolen taxpayer property are never reported.
  2. THE HORROR. THE MORAL TERROR. The vast majority of loyal Americans, even the most "conservative" have no idea the true nature of the Evil of communism they face in the form of the ongoing American Marxist Revolution. To further hinder our war against becoming government Serfs, a portion of those who do understand the nature of this enemy are unwilling to fight against it. We have allowed the growth of one of the most complete and insidious threats to our Republic in our history to grow, fester, and infect our fellow Americans for many decades, from both domestic and foreign origins. When laying out a written and pictorial history of the horror of totalitarian regimes from the past to present day does not motivate the patriotic impulse to defend this Republic with our lives, I am at a loss of what else can be done to encourage Americans to fight the Evil that is clearly attacking every segment of our Republic except the Ruling Class. Although this is immensely discouraging, we must redouble our efforts and soldier on until our mission is complete. I sincerely believe that Courage is Contagious. We can spread courage in the way we carry ourselves, in what we say and how we say, and in sharing our mission plan with the family and the type of friends we have waled through the gates of Hell with. If we don't quickly up our game, and understand there is no place left to go if America falls, it will be Hell. The Marxists, domestic and foreign are playing for keeps. Unfortunately, even the most patriotic and informed among us seem to be hedging our bets. How many missions; how many battles and wars have been lost because of hesitation. We have had more than enough time to study this battlefield from every conceivable perspective, yet we continue to hesitate. I pray that with God's help we will find the courage, and that my grandchildren will live as free sovereign citizens of the greatest country in the history of man on Earth. John
  3. The first car company that goes back to building reasonably priced family siced cars and trucks with comfort and reasonable power is going to make a killing. I'm actually surprised no one is doing it now. The Ford Maverick is the closet thing. Job one is getting rid of the Federal automobile safety requirements that are intended to get us to "driverless cars" . That is a big part of the expense. In regard to horsepower, I don't need or want to pay for a truck that can do 0 to 60 in 4 secs.
  4. Very well done ! Thank you for a professional job. I found the SIG "rubber" grips that came with some variations to fit my hand very well. I came close to taking one of those SIGS with the rubber grips home more than once, as the Kimbers were not stocked close by at the time. I forced myself to stay away from the gun counter until the urge passed. John BTW: I think you need to acquire a Kimber Mako in your next round of testing. Not able to get my hands on one yet, but I am impressed with reviews and the accuracy achieved by going back to an internal barrel lockup rather than a chamber hood lock up. This also allows an ejection port like the old 1911 or P35 and a mostly solid slide. Since we are already taking material away for the optic slide cut, the slide is now much stronger forward of that, since the slide is not relieved across the top again. Very impressed with accuracy reports for a small pistol, most likely due to a full hand grip with the 13 round mags. Would love to be reporting them from actual use. Maybe it's time for the Kimber .45 Pro Carry II to get swapped for a Mako ?
  5. When they say "by any means necessary", they mean it. The Marxists are desperate because they see their best chance of victory since Woodrow Wilson's day slipping away. What makes it even worse for them is that it is a self inflicted wound. They tried to move too fast under the incompetent Biden Administration. Overreaching to satisfy their radical base was a strategic error. Let's pray we can at least get pointed in the right direction by January of 2025. I maintain that will take significant political activism by the soft spined American Rick to succeed. The People must challenge the bloated and corrupt government in some sort of all-out populist movement in order to keep the Marxist wolves away from the door.
  6. You can take a big chunk off of those range numbers at a sustained 70mph, according to real world tests by C & D. Don't even think about using the AC without further cuts. There will come a time when alternative fuels can play a role in reducing the need for fossil fuels ? Why pursue it now ? Pure politics and power control. We'll talk about it again in 50 to 100 years. In the meantime, get the government out of the EV car business and the solar panel business. Producing them right now is not the clean eco-friendly process the weinees would like us to believe.
  7. I have not looked at the price of AK ammo in a loong time. What is the result of SloJo's ban on Russian made ammo ? (Even though they could process existing orders, which I am sure increased in the quantity) Is it still priced along with the ridiculous prices on 5.56 ammo, or is it still cheaper ? Availability ? Have ammo makers from other countries stepped in to make up for the ban on Russian made ammo ?
  8. Spot on. The prices should come down, if we can get adults working in DC to kill the printing press/spending monster. I came close to picking up the original 365 years ago, but like you, did not see the price premium being their. Then Sig had those trigger problems on a succession of 3 different models (2 pistols and a long gun) so that put that on hold until they worked the bugs out. I was very impressed with the Gen 5 G19. I fully understand the excitement over the new renditions on the 365, but the size difference that SIG squeezed into I think is more of a marketing thing, then a repudiation of a sidearm the size of a G19. If you want to carry a pocket pistol, and you can shoot with 2 fingers on the grip, get a Micro. SIG was smart to see that the market was quickly saturating with Micros, and the XL frames were coming out everywhere. An ingenious magazine design (which I guess can't be found, and a holster for it (which are difficult to find, apparently) at 50 buck a pop, lead me back to the G19. Oh, yeah, I forgot holster availability, but there is something to be said about being the first kid on you block... That because I refuse to learn what's good from a fanboys perspective, and have NO experience shooting sidearms. Sig should be commended for their design, but mostly for their creating excitement. The shooting industry still needs that. Shoot what you like, like what you shoot. I think you are spot on with the G10 and the Sig premium. If you still want one, check in a year or two. For those who want to spend the premium, the more power to them. Cats are skinned in many ways. It's the guy (or gal) behind the trigger, not so much the magic pistol. John
  9. A couple of things I can add. Just like getting use to concentrating on the front sight on a pistol, a red dot (I prefer Eotech) that is slightly fuzzy because of astigmatism is something you just get used too. Its just not a problem. Trust the dot (or ring) Now if you are wanting to shoot ground squirrels in the head at 150 yards, you may have a slight problem. I have also helped some friends my age or older who complain about "pixelated dots". In addition to shooting enough to "trust the dot", I found it common that the person I was trying to help had the brightness turned up well beyond where it should be, thinking more has got to be better. I think your grandpa will have less potential problems with his astigmatism if he experiments with the proper use of dot light intensity. Finally, may old codgers like myself still like large aperture peep sights or ghost rings (even larger) for quick and accurate shots without needing an optic. It is important to have some sort of high visibility material on the front sight for quick accuracy. The eye no longer has to focus on the rear sight, as your eye/brain automatically centers the front post in the rear aperture. If your Grandpa wants to spend some time at the range, all he needs to do is screw in a small aperture, and be happy making small groups all day long. No weight or cost of a scope, and no batteries to worry about either. This sights are not exactly inexpensive, but the price would probably be much better than a good scope, but red dots are cheap these days if you want to do that. The question there is if it for self defense, don't go cheap on the optic. Your Grandpa might just enjoy 110+ year old technology that solves the problem. These are precision instruments, and rugged Lyman sights can be had with 1/4 inch adjustments (at 100 yards. I have also had good luck with Williams aperture sights. Such sights are still being used for hunting and competition all over the world, and have been reaching out and touching their targets for over a century.
  10. SloJoe forgot to mention the mothballed refinery on top of changing over to the stupid winter blends. The difference they make in pollution from all the expense should be represented by a handful of rabbit poop cupped in the hand of SloJoe, as he shakes hands with his Chinese bosses making the batteries and other electronics for EV's and kicking some back to the Big Guy and his Crime Family. I was looking at some photos of modern paintings of Militia from back in the Revolutionary Days, and believe we should commission a painting of what the modern Militia looks like. Even while knowing that a painting or a photograph steals your soul, I am pissed enough to pose. This tyranny, corruption, and insanity must end now. We are losing yet another generation to these monsters. John
  11. I'm want to be alive a few years after the politburo announces the last ICE passenger car or truck has been (legally) built or imported into America. Now that's entertainment.
  12. Yeah, to say I'm not happy is an understatement, but I believe the real world impacts in my region will not be significant. I would hate to live in the St louis Metro East area in Illinois. Every scumbag in St Louis is gonna start hitting the gated community types on the Illinois side burbs. Maybe now people will understand why folks like me fought so long and hard and permanently stopped the building of a 4 lane highway from St. Louis to just to the East of the current house. At it stands now, the thugs have to go thru so many small redneck towns to get from A to B. They just don't like the lay of the land and will stick to the interstates which takes them away from us.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate is. They are sharp.
  14. Wallace made himself an outcast to both sides of the political spectrum. BTW: How is Shannon Bream doing on the flagship Fox news Sunday show ?
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