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  1. Retcop

    Another big fire

    My heart goes out to all that have lost their lives, their loved ones and their homes. I have to admit I am a little bit angry with the so called "environmentalists" who insisted that everything stay "natural". Well first of all the fires are natural, so if you keep putting them out and not consume the fuel source, that is asking for trouble in a populated area. It might be fine for large wilderness tracks where you can let the fires burn naturally. However, when you start allowing towns be built or even individual homes, I find it negligent to "keep things natural." As the population grows, and more people make their homes in these beautiful areas, the forests have to be managed by controlled burns, and clearing out most of the fuel source of inhabited areas. Those firefighters do an amazing job, but so many people's lives are put in danger just to "keep things natural". Having studied wildlife biology and having worked for the Forest Service, I understand the usefulness of Wilderness Areas, and also of managed forests. They both have their place, but I have to admit it is hard to understand why the forests in and near populated areas are not being managed to control the amount of wood fuel source, as we watch the death toll rise. The trees that have allowed to die and remain standing could have been harvested before they died to help the local economy or to provide resources for firefighters and the cost of clearing deadwood and brush. My prayers are with all those affected, but I am having a hard time reconciling the lack of resource management to reduce the magnitude of these fires, and the horrible deaths and property loss that goes with the lack of effective management.
  2. Retcop

    Black Friday deals

    Thank you sir, I appreciate any feedback. Still very slowly putting buld pieces together for a build. I am in absolutely no rush, and not quite sure exactly what I want. I may even end up with a pistol with a brace. My uneducated opinion is to stick for with the Larue trigger, as my understanding it is closer to t mil-spec trigger, in that getting a bang is the most important thing. This is not at all to criticize the RA, it may be just as, if not more sturdy, the the LaRue. Most of what I know about AR triggers I learned here. I really like the 2 stage trigger on my RRA, but I've been told by some people I trust it's just not as durable (for lack of a better word), as a design that is closer to purpose of the milspec. It sure does shoot nice though, and has never failed, even with some old Norinco and Hirtenberger, both of which I understand have some pretty hard primers. I am still going to try and pick up that LaRue QD mount and rings while on sale too, but buying that Compass made that a little more difficult to swing. We'll see. I am always willing to learn, and know enough to know I have a lot more to learn.
  3. Retcop

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    Yes, times have changed, but the innate nature of Man has not. Finding dignity in work, wanting to be free, and enjoying a vibrant economy are not old fashioned ideas that are suddenly out of date. Good values are good values, and the recent bad choice of creating an inefficient, bloated, and out of touch powerful central government is the same disaster today as it would have been over 200 years ago. You miss the beauty of our Constitution, which, if held to, will continue to provide a larger and larger economic pie and continued civility that comes with the free exchange of goods and services as the day it was penned. You make the error that the time since this Republic was founded as a long period of time in the history of Man on Earth. It is the blink of an eye, and the innate desires of man to live free with the dignity of self sufficiency has not changed, it has been temporarily corrupted.
  4. Retcop

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    We are just going to have to agree to disagree on the basic nature of Man. The only further thing I would like you to consider is that I believe since the beginning of time the heart and mind of Man yearns to live free, has the innate desire to work, engage in the free exchange of goods and services, and be self reliant. The aberration of the past 75 years in this country does not change our innate nature. I'm not sure you are giving enough weight about what has been the norm for millenia, while the welfare State is an historically learned behavior. I am more optimistic that more people, especially in the States, believe in self sufficiency and the dignity of work. No other system ever devised by man allows the rapid reinforcement of economic reward and mobility as the United States. I believe this recently learned dependant behavior can be more easily unlearned and the true nature of man will reemerge. Just look at the unemployment and employment numbers in this Republic once there were jobs available in this booming economy. I have faith that these trends will continue and if we can keep the economy growing at the current rate or better for the next 6 years at least, those work ethics and the satisfaction that comes with it will once again trend towards being the norm. In addition look at the States and Cities were socialism and a total dependency class is being promoted. They are self destructing, all but the most rich and heavily bleeding hearted taxpayers are in an uproar, or are voting with their feet by moving to another City or State. So much is contingent on keeping the economic pie growing, and not continuing the onslaught of low skilled legal and illegal immigrants to enter by the millions. 95% of the population growth in the United States up to 2040 will be low-skilled immigrants or the sons and daughters of low skilled immigrants, unless we correct our immigration laws to eliminate birthright citizenship, chain migration, the visa lottery , and secure our borders. This will allow us to slow down legaal immigration, and maintain it on a merit based system. Illegal immigration must be stopped as much as is humanly possible for those Americans at the lower end of the wage scale see a significant rise in wages. Penalizing employers who use illegal immigrants will play a large role, but this is where the Republican Establishment is dragging their feet. Most Americans have lost the historical perspective on immigration, and are ignorant of the fact that we have had several periods where there was almost a total ban on all immigration to allow for assimilation of these newcomers into American society, and to preserve our unique American culture. I don't think I have ever seen a time where it seems so important that a particular person continues to be President, while at the same time it is critical to keep the opposition Party out of power, and to remove those in the President's own Party who are siding with the opposition Party. For example, The House basically gave President Trump the border wall legislation he wanted, allocating over 10 billion dollars for the first installment. Yet the Republican held Senate approved a measly 1.6 billion for border security. IMO, neither of us can be judged right or wrong, because I don't think either of us is clairvoyant. Frankly, I really hope my analysis is correct, as it will mean a better country and world for my grandchildren to grow up in. If we can hold on to the Conservative track for long enough so that enough people are exposed to the dignity of work and experience moving up the economic ladder rather than the malaise of the Obama economy, the learned behavior of past 75 years or so can be unlearned, and Man's true nature will triumph. John
  5. Retcop

    Black Friday deals

    I had my heart set on that LaRue. Feel like a short contrast and compare ?
  6. Retcop

    Black Friday deals

    You always need a spare BCG, or at least a bolt. Most likely part of an AR to break something on, so might as well get the entire BCG. Rifle goes down, slap the new BCG in and you are GTG. Of course I only own 2 rifles, so if I had a safe full it would not be such a concern. Have no fear it will turn into another build...
  7. Retcop

    Official Photo Test Thread

    I meant to tell you sooner that I really appreciated your explaining this to me. Makes perfect sense now as to why it is like it is. It's my own fault for remaining ignorant of how to use a computer outside of the programs I need for work. John
  8. Not a Doc, 'D' was the initial of his first name. It was fun when he had to deal with intoxicated women, who seemed to really like interacting with a guy who was "Dreamy". Sorry, you just happened to hit my nostalgia button.
  9. Retcop

    I got carded at Walmart...

    Could not resist yanking your chain. I never lose my temper.
  10. Retcop

    New ride

    Congratulations to both of you !
  11. Retcop

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning, G ! Good morning, Everyone ! ! This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us Rejoice ! Rejoice and be glad ! !
  12. I knew a person whose name tag read "D. Reamy".
  13. Retcop

    I got carded at Walmart...

    Does Walmart offer anger management classes ? Can you sign up at the self checkout ?
  14. Retcop

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    You made my point for me. The last election was a victory for Trump and his agenda. If you believe that people can be so greatly influenced by the Left's messaging effort, it would be logical to believe that the Right could do the same with their message, if they were doing it correctly and efficiently, but most of all, committing their time and treasure into developing the form and widely spreading the content of the message. I abhor this attitude that there is nothing we can do. That is simply another sign that the Left is better at communication than the Right is. To use the vernacular, we must make Conservatism "sexy" and exciting for young people. It would not be difficult to do if so much of the Right did not have this defeatist attitude. The Left has proven if they can be in control of how the Right is perceived, it is of great advantage. We must define ourselves, and not sit still for letting the Left do it. President Trump has already shown us what just what one man can do to battle the media, and the rest of the machinery that paints us as wanting to starve grandparents, feed poison food and dirty water to our children, and that we are nazi and KKK. I don't understand why the Trump success does not offer great positive attitudes that truth tellers and oath keepers can and has changed politics in this country. It has deranged and motivated the Left, and their motivation and dedication must be outdone by the Right. If the Trump phenomenon does not provide hope and incentive, I don't know what will. I can not tell you why it has taken so long for groups like Prager U., Heritage Foundation, the NRA, etc to find the right message, and putting it out on the internet where people will actually see it. I do know that these people need more money to succeed. I think some of us forget that the election of President Trump was a bottom up effort. He got very little support if any from the establishment. In fact, many were openly hostile. Even in this recent election, the big donor Conservatives sat on their hands, and for the most part did not open their wallets. Trump and The People have won not because of the establishment Republicans, but in spite of them. It was a one man show. He carried us to the best outcome possible my sheer will and the strength of his message and the success of his agenda. So the thing to do know is to say I give up because I don't see anything positive happening ? What could be more sexy to young people than the freedom to choose their own path in the world, not being restricted by a central government, and having their individual conception of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness honored by the government rather than being told what to do and what to think, and that the government is entitled to their wages ? I can't be certain yet, but I think part of our disagreement is rooted in our basic beliefs in regard to the human condition. Up until the last 75 years or so, America has succeeded preciley because our Founders understood the nature of the Human Spirit, and how the Constitution recognizes and feeds the human desire for freedom and success through the sweat of their own brow. Human beings have not changed that much in the last 75 years in America, the message has changed. We have allowed the children in government schools, including the University system to be propagandized. I don't understand why it is difficult to admit that the Right has failed miserably in countering this propaganda. Small businesses as a whole are still the number one employer of Americans. If this is not evidence that the basic Human Spirit for freedom and the individual pursuit of happiness, I don't know what would convince you. For decades, gun owning voters on the Right have been responsible for putting all sorts candidates who are otherwise liberal, as long as they promise not to take our guns away. What's the overall success of that strategy when it comes to maintaining our Constitutional Republic. President Trump is offering a great opportunity to continue to move the country in the right direction if we can get him re-elected. The messaging from the Right should have been revamped a long time ago, but we have no time to waste in getting this problem fixed now. Anyone with children knows that it takes creativity, diligence, and the right message to counter the message about America and politics that the schools, media, and culture at large is bombarding them with. Happily, it can be done, and is done everyday by the millions. If the Right is so stupid, lazy, uncaring, and cheap, and their morale is so low that they believe their is no way to have a better message than the Left, maybe we don't deserve to have control of the government. Or maybe a big part of the problem is we just keep voting for Liberals in Republican power suits because they promise to protect the Second Amendment. If people on the Right want to throw up their hands and admit we are going to lose in the long run anyway, so why bother, they are entitled to think and act on what they believe. I think they are dead wrong. I think it is time to open our wallets for the correct organizations and get to work. At this point, we only need to change enough people to sway the election. In Political Science, this is the magic 5 % of the people who actually vote. The same goal can be achieved by registering and motivating the those Conservative voters who otherwise would not bother voting. In reality, it will be a combination of messaging that Conservatism =Freedom, and convincing others who already think the same way to get out and vote. Totally doable if we don't admit defeat before the battle is even engaged, and we don't create the self fulfilling prophecy of defeat that so many on the Right are so fond of. As I have been writing this, i have been trying to think of a way to boil it all down; it is difficult. President Trump and the winning candidates for Federal or State office who ran on his agenda have given the Right an iron that is still very hot. We must strike while it still burns so. If my brothers and sisters on the Right don't recognize this, then it is possible we will succumb to our own negativity. It is what makes a larger and more appealing message so crucial to success. We must not allow the Left to define who we are, nor let the Left dismiss the basic human condition recognized in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Trump has never had the support of the Establishment of either Party, because he speaks the truth when he says both sides are part of the problem with their resistance to draining the Swamp. In the midterms,Trump and his supporters beat back what historically should have been a total Democrat trouncing of the Republicans. I don't see Trump's reliance on a grassroots movement against the Swamp to be a negative, I see it as a great opportunity for another stunning victory. A victory if and only if the base of Conservative voters are willing to join this battle with glad hearts, a positive attitude.There must be a willingness to devout time and/or treasure to the cause, and this requires looking at the big picture. If those who do love this country and believe her success comes directly from the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and is direct result of a resurgence of individual liberty and free and fair markets, are not willing to provide some time and treasure not usual in their day to day pursuits, then maybe I would join in the pessimism. IMHO, there is too much riding on this next election for anything less than a maximum effort. If I bunch of whining Liberals can put on their war faces to achieve victory, then I have no doubt that the Right can better the Left's best efforts. With respect, John.
  15. Retcop

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    I can't write the volumes of what I believe and what the success of America has proven over the centuries in these pages. It is your stressing "the opportunity to fail" rather than to "succeed beyond your wildest dreams and be free doing it" that proves we don't have the messaging right.