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  1. Just wondering what your beef is with the osprey piston. From the torture tests it looks great. I like the slide fire but shortly after fixing my problem i switched back to standard stock and grip for my own survivalist reasons. I used a full auto lower with my osprey while testing my malfunction issues and it worked just fine. I'm no gunsmithing expert but best I can figure it was jumping out of battery due to buffer being too light and the hammer was striking but while out of battery not striking firing pin.
  2. just to follow up so if others have the same issue i put a spikes tactical st-t2 buffer in it and it functions properly again.
  3. the thing that sold me on osprey was the torture test videos.
  4. spoke to osprey and they had no suggestions. said they have never tested it with bump stocks or heard of the problem. Bump stocks can be fairly accurate for what it is. Of course not as good as the real thing but to not pay the stamp fees and high price for actual full auto you can not beat it.
  5. glad you figured out your problem. I am having an issue with an osprey piston. Anyone familiar with that piston system please refer to my post at http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/136998-bump-stock-with-piston-problem/
  6. i have had mine since shortly after they came out so i have had time to rack that number up. Most of my cheapest bulk buys were coming from ammo man, some cheaper than dirt and other magazines if the price was right. Im not too good to play with steel case ammo for fun i save the brass for when it counts. i talked to bump stock manufacturer the guy i talked to never heard of the issue with piston guns said he would talk to someone that has been there since day one and would get back to me. No call so i am assuming other guy did not know either.
  7. would hitting the forward assist set the round off when the hammer is in the resting position as if it already fired. I contacted the manufacturer of the piston after being on hold for about thirty minutes had to leave a message. I have not contacted the bump stock manufacturer.
  8. it would seem a lighter buffer would actually increase rate of fire. My theory is that it is a timing issue some how. I'm guessing the bolt is not fully seated into battery but the trigger is still released from a trigger pull allowing it to follow the carrier into battery just with out the force necessary, due to dragging on the carrier, to strike primer hard enough for ignition. I have not inspected the primer on the unspent round ejected from the chamber to see if it has a more distinct dent than normal just from a standard chambering.
  9. standard carbine weight that came from factory
  10. i was just playing with it trying to understand the problem. The gun was as clean as it is going to ever get when i shot it today. I'm wondering if the hammer or sear have lost some metal from normal wear and tear after lots of rounds and thousands being bump fired. because it is like the hammer is just following the carrier back to home and then does not have enough power to hit the firing pin to set off the next round. Just strange that it did it as soon as i put the piston on it which makes me believe somehow the piston is involved in the malfunction. Before i put the piston on i put in a much heavier buffer which slowed down the rate of fire. I installed the piston and went back to the standard buffer because the heavier one caused short stroke not picking up the next round. The short stroking before changing back to standard buffer kind of makes me think my gas block is not lined up properly. It is a yankee hill flip up site built into the gas block and i kinda messed myself up during install by removing it. I felt pretty confident that i had it lined back up correctly afterward though because accuracy is same as before.
  11. I have a S&W m&p ar with opsrey zero fail piston. Prior to installing the piston fired thousands of rounds with bump stock with no real problems other than steel case rounds getting stuck in chamber during heavy bump sessions. A quick strike to the ground and round pulled out. The issue with the piston is i can get a burst out and then it acts like the bump "stalls out". Trigger pulls with not drop the hammer. Recharging the gun ejects an unspent round. After recharge get random amount of rounds out and it does it again. Going back to single shots with out bump stock and it functions properly with no malfunction. I have not done much testing and tweaking to try and figure out the problem yet but just can not understand what would cause it. If it were short stroking my understanding is it would not pull the next round. Normally you dont have to pull the carrier back far enough to grab the next round and you will still set the trigger. So my question is what would allow a round to be chambered but not reset the trigger? I am going to contact the manufacturer they just are not open this late at night.
  12. all the kits i have seen now come with the one piece carrier.
  13. I am looking to convert my DI ar to a piston. I am sure this has been addressed several times but maybe not all my questions or at least i could not find them on here. Which is the "best" piston system and why? I am looking at the adams arms systems which seems to be a leader in the field of pistons. I am curious if there is one better, function issues, and do i go with the adam arms lite version or the standard one. I plan on using full auto and the standard version i would think would hold up longer since it has more material making it stronger. I also am curious about how long parts last mostly the bolt spring and the one on the piston rod. I figure something will eventually wear out after some rounds put through the rifle. Since i am a "what if er" with malfunctions and broken parts i like to have the spare part when parts fail. From the research i have done they have pretty much worked out any issues most important with the one piece bot carrier. Any advise is appreciated thankx.
  14. Im looking at building a short barrelled carbine what better on a 11.5 inch barrel 1:9 or 1:7 twist and for what reasons if anyone has any opinion im interested.
  15. my biggest fear is failure leading to possible injury when it counts like a home invasion. but i may try filing it down
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