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  1. I would like to trade some 55gr nosler bts that are moly coated and some 70 gr speer tnts in 6mm would like to trade for 55 gr .223 bullets I have over 1000 of each the speers are also moly coated Bill
  2. hey guys anyone know who makes these bullets my friend gave my a bag full of them and i loaded up some for my R-15 and they shot very well all groups under 1/2 in my friend said he has had them for quite awhile any guesses thanks bill
  3. anyone have a pet load for this bullet will be shot in an ar with a 1/9 twist barrel thanls
  4. you got to use the right power for these to group good try using AA2230 C power and your groups will tighten up start with 25 gr and than increase by .2 up to 25.7 and see how they do in my remington r-15 ss varmint with a 1-9 twist theey shoot under 1 inch all day
  5. yesterday i just reloaded 500 55 gr varmint nightmares with 25.7 gr of 2230C ww brass and cci 400 primers seated at a col of .225 . this is an load that shoots under 1 inch all day in my r15 with a 1-9 twist its my go to load for p dogs and gohers
  6. as of today 25,000 loaded with components to reload 17000 just want to be prepared
  7. i put a bushnell 3200 5x15 miladot on mt R15 and havent looked back got a hell of a deal at amazon around 280 with shipping you might want to check them out there glass is very high quality
  8. my remington R15 has a 1in 9 twist and i have had great luck with everything from 40 gr to 69 gr bullets with the 2230 c power it shoots them with in an inch at 100 yds
  9. i went with high rings at first but got tired of jaming my cheek into the stock and than went with warner extra high quick release rings . i could not be happer they made a real difference in the groups i was shooting
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