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  1. Bruin

    Lone wolf help glock 20sf 10mm

    Iltfah, Lone Wolf, will never send your old barrel back. It is a huge liability for them. They will say they destroyed it in testing or they can’t find it. Yours is proof they know they have a batch of questionable barrels out there and have not had a recall. Your barrel failed because of poor heat treating quality controls and a design flaw. In the photos, I can see coarse grain structure where the barrel split in half. When an alloy steel is heated above it’s critical temperature it start to grow a coarse grained structure which makes weak steel, prone to failure. Gun barrels should have the finest grain structure possible which makes them superior in strength. The other contributing factor is the notch under the chamber. In my opinion it is a serious design flaw. At this Point, the chamber wall may be only an 1/8”thick. This notch has sharp 90 degree angles which are prone to heat stress risers which are small hairline cracks formed by stress in the steel during the quenching process. Stress risers are like stone chips in your windshield they start out small at first. until you go over a bump or in you case a control explosion then the crack gets much bigger. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Gun barrels are heat treated in large batches of hundreds at a time so you can bet that there are more barrels like this one out there.
  2. Bruin

    who has a CZ52??

    Take a look at the Yugoslavian m57 tokarev . It is a cross between a browning fm model 1903, and a 1905- 45 acp. For $200 you get a like new all steel 10 round browning pistol. The chamber and barrel on a tokarev pistol is thicker and stronger then a cz52 barrel and the tokarov is easily concealed because it is very thin. If you buy a tokarev, don’t trust the safety. They wore designed to be carried half cocked with a round in the chamber. The nice thing about the 7.62 x25mm round is it is difficult to hide from it. You can shoot through a cinder block wall or just about any thing you like with the right surplus ammo.
  3. I say, buy a cz 82 in 9x18 makarov from classic arms with two 12 round mags for 199.95 or you could pay 600 for a sig or a walther but you would be hard pressed to find a better gun then a cz 82. The 9x18 will make 13 9mm hole right thru a bad guy before you have to reload.
  4. Bruin

    9mm question

    How about a surplus CZ 82 9x18 in very good condition from J&G sales for $210 dollars.
  5. Bruin

    VZ 58 vs Ak47

    -" MAGAZINES! They aren't the easiest to find as they are proprietary aluminum mags" - I have a VZ 58 rifle with a folding stock from czech point on the way, it should be here next week. I will post a photo as soon as I take possession of it. Dan at Czech point said they had 10,000 magazines in their warehouse and they range in price from 13.50 to 20.00 for a 30. rnd VZ 58 magazine.
  6. Bruin

    Black Hole Weaponry Piston Handguard is now Available

    Congratulations on you new hand guard. Is it possible to see some other photos? The photos that you posted are out of focus and too dark to see at least on my monitor. Photobucket deleted all of your other photos on the new handgaurd so I can’t go there to see what it looks like. Is this a mid length guard or does it come in other lengths? How much does it weigh?
  7. Brownell’s is selling Spike lower receivers for $89.99. I am thinking of buying two and wondering if the anodized matted black finish will match the finish on an upper receiver not manufactured by Spike and if so, who’s upper will match the finish on a spike lower? Thanks,
  8. Bruin

    Some pictures of our piston upper

    BHW, Thanks for the prompt reply to my questions. You said you were going to receive the new hand guards soon. What is soon? How much for the upper receiver without the guard ?
  9. Bruin

    Some pictures of our piston upper

    Hi BHW, nice looking AR. Who makes the stock on this beauty, I would like to build a flat top in 5.56. I most likely will by a 16”ss barrel from you for the build or I might by a complete upper. I have some questions. On the BHW website, http://www.blackholeweaponry.com/store/ind...7dbec446cc96345 they have a piston driven upper with a 16” stainless steel barrel for $650. Is this a good deal? There’s no information on who makes the parts that make up this upper receiver other then the BHW barrel. I like the guard on this upper, does anyone know the manufacturer and model # of this hand guard and do I have other options on the hand guard ?