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  1. Point taken and yes I have been gone a long time. But my 220 Swift is worn out and a 204 Ruger appeals with similar numbers with less powder and I enjoy building my toys as much as shooting them
  2. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully my search ability will return soon. It has been a long time since I was on this site
  3. What can I say I am always trying to save a buck or several. That is why I am not looking at Grendals, 204 doesn't need a special mag.
  4. I am thinking of using BHW since the are about 100 miles from me
  5. I am thinking about getting a Ruger 204 upper. Does any one have any recent experience with Model 1. All I can find on line is several years old. I am mostly interested in accuracy. I have not been able to search this forum because the search box has gone missing. Thanks
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