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  1. Their website claims they make the upper receiver and a couple of other parts, However I still think its all things they buy in bulk, factory seconds or not and they just assemble. Also have a DSarms coming in today for testing.
  2. This sure makes me miss the good days when zombies were not popular with these new crap movies, games, and tv series. When all we had was the real zombie movies to watch. Once it all went mainstream is when I lost interest. The ammo will be fine, but its a stupid concept IMO.
  3. 10-4 makes sense. The packing came with some foam stuff wrapped around the upper, that paper is from a box from another site. Still could have used better packing though. As for the rguns trigger group, I know 4 guys that have been running the same thing for awhile with zero issues.
  4. sorry for the crap pictures i'm stuck using my phone, this is the blackthore your looking at the dsarms is not in yet
  5. Can't go wrong if your looking for steel case by the 500 count, 99.89. Shipping was 13 dollars to me. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemDetail.aspx?sku=AMM-2905
  6. Looks like you have alot of experience with them. I am curious though, why so many if you had some bad experiences with them?
  7. Its done, going to the range on the 27th. The Blackthorne upper is going to be tested along side a DSarms.
  8. Oh im gonna be a bit nervous im not gonna lie! Maybe I should film it?
  9. I have some AR500 targets and ive been wondering the same thing, after watching some videos on youtube I decided im not gonna risk it. Be careful to make sure you are buying the real stuff though, there is alot of fake stuff out there.
  10. thanks guys, I totally understand its hit it miss with these things so we'll see. Should be all done by tuesday.
  11. My plan is to show everyone the outcome of this build, that is strictly my "plan" Yes, I know a build could be done for much cheaper. If my goal was to buy all the shittiest parts I could buy, I wouldnt be using anything from Rguns. There is no hidden agenda to this post, pretty damn simple really.
  12. jtrain response was exactly what I expected. Guys, not here for advice of any kind. This thread is to relay information about my personal experiences, good OR bad. Please sit back and wait for the results and feel free to ask questions along the way.
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