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  1. Mine is a bare bones from Palmetto State Armory with an A2 flash hider. Works okay. When firing the gun it is not noticeably different from a 14.5" barrel when behind it. Standing to one side is a different story, it is very loud with a concussion. I keep a set of ears next to the rifle in my bedroom.
  2. 10.5 works great for me. Very maneuverable and shoots fine. ETA: I own page 2.
  3. I have a 10.5 inch barrel 5.56mm pistol and I don't regret it a bit. It is every bit as accurate as a 16" (or 14.5") barrel for practical self-defense distances but the extra 5.5" shaved off make it far more maneuverable than the numbers will suggest. It is much easier to carry in a car (tennis racquet case?), can fit through doorways full length, won't hit ceilings or doorjambs if carried at high ready, etc etc. My follows me around a lot.
  4. The new 6.8 cartridge is supposed to be based on the performance of the 6.5 Creedmor. Partly based on the Afghanistan experience where Taliban would engage from ridge to ridge beyond 5.56mm range.
  5. Strangely, I know Marines that don't share that opinion.
  6. That is poor sophistry. We are not talking about favorite colors, we are talking about the fundamentals of running our country. Congratulations, you are behaving like a crazy liberal.
  7. It should be. It is a compromise round. If I want a .40 cal round, I will buy a 10mm. In the meantime I carry 9mm.
  8. All of my AR15s have fixed A2 front sights. And when I was active duty I learned to shoot with absolute co-witness. It is simple and reliable. And the A2 front sight is bomb-proof; I wouldn't want to trust a flip up front sight AND a flip up rear sight.
  9. I have a sister that is a liberal. She is very passive-aggressive to somewhat hostile. Did I lose her? No, but people make their beds and have to lay in them. When things get realer, don't kid yourself. Families will turn on each other.
  10. I would have liked to see the two police officers beat that pussy into a pulp.
  11. Our justice system used to hang people, same day, for stealing horses. Now molesters, rapists, and murders get a slap on the wrist or worse...
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