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  1. But narcotic pain killers and marijuana is okay right? I love hypocrits. Good luck "saving" the kid, Sarge. Make sure you're not high when you're talking to him, that might help when you are telling him how bad it is.
  2. No, "she" doesn't like girls.
  3. Technically I didn't call YOU a liar.
  4. Not yet, but at least I don't lie about it or bash others for what they choose to do with their bodies.
  5. I'm sure that's the first thing that happened.
  6. That is like saying Nike is extreme, Norco is a brand. Norco 10/325 is not extreme when you are talking about pain killers. Sarge is just a pussy. Last I checked he had a bad reaction to Tramadol too. But hey, he can take narcotics and smoke weed all day but people who drink alcohol have a problem. Go figure.... But anyways, back to the homosexual comments and jokes.
  7. That state of mind he is trying to accomplish with all those boys and drill bits.
  8. Well with that answer, when your daughters boyfriend is asked about going to your house by his friends, I'm guessing he'll have the same answer after you get done with him. If you can get it to work that is.
  9. Thumper is gonna lock it huh? Shows how much you pay attention. It's been weeks now....
  10. I understand if he asked for a hand, but you hold his junk for him? Damn.
  11. Yes, it is true. Google it, it's worth a Google.
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