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  1. Nope, can't use numbers. Cops have been going by call numbers for years. And we all know what's thought about them these days. Retired #410
  2. Good Morning All from Wisconsin.
  3. Good Morning from Wisconsin.
  4. Good Morning from Wisconsin
  5. Good Morning from Wisconsin
  6. Good morning and happy mothers day from Wisconsin.
  7. Good Morning everyone.
  8. Thank You so much. You are all so kind. Now lets see if I'm able to blow out a candle at a hundred yards down range.Of course there are enough candles now it will be hard to miss.
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Good Morning and May the fourth be with you.
  11. Good Morning from Wisconsin.
  12. Good Morning from Wisconsin.
  13. Good Morning from Wisconsin. Think I'm going to go shoot my 1911's today.
  14. Good Morning from Wisconsin.
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