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  1. well guess what iam having a problem with fitment the lower rail cover the bottom of the gas block is touching the rail when screwd in. I need exact dimensions.
  2. I just put together my upper and i put on my DD RSI 2 rail over my DD MK 12 Gas block and the upper half fits but the lower touches the gas block when i screw in the lower half. Did i do something wrong or is this normal?
  3. Wow i totaly missed that thanks for the help. I guess i lucked out.
  4. I have a question i got a bcm 16" barrel mid length gas system with a daniels defense mk12 low profile .750 gas block. Will it fit under my Daniels Defense RisII 12" rail? Thanks
  5. Bump for a great seller!! picked up 2 mags and they are in great shape!
  6. Does anyone have any experience with Recce barrels iam looking to get one from bravo company its 16" 410 ss midlength 1/8 twist. Thanks
  7. i was going to say thats good ammo. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. sorry i ment when its lit its good but it does not last long at night. your not going to be shooting all night long in the dark with tritium sights. Sorry for being so vague.
  9. be careful when buying gun parts off of ebay make sure the sell is known for selling those kind of parts. there are knock offs trust me. other wise sounds good the tritium is not worth it. its glows for a little while and thats it
  10. if you say ebay i wouldnt be suprised. I got a knock off UBR stock what a POS i got my money back.
  11. Can you guys tell me what is the diffrance between the black and the satin colors. which would match a standard lower better? And COME ON GUYS its been 2 months since the last group buy lets get another going!!!!!
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