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  1. I got rid of ALL my 10mm Auto firearms... I converted to 460 Rowland as my hunting/woods handgun cartridge!
  2. 10-rd capacity for either caliber. I believe that 5 mags are set up for 10mm and the other 12 are still 40 S&W only (most of those are still in the factory wrapper). Those have a spacer than can be removed with a screwdriver to allow the 10mm Auto cartridge. Once converted, they will still function for 40 S&W.
  3. Yes, used - but LNIB. It is a personal firearm. I have shot it -- and it runs fine, everything from Blazer to DoubleTap. 3.54" on the barrel. The chamber support looks about the same as a Glock to me -- I'll work on a pic. Standard Sig-type fixed sights. Not sure if they are interchangeable with current Sig sights, but they are dovetailed, both front and rear. Also, Numrich has some sights listed on their website.
  4. SigArms Mauser M2 in .40S&W and 10mm Auto. LNIB with two barrels (one in 40 S&W and one in 10mm Auto), lock, box, papers, etc. Seventeen magazines total plus two complete extra firing pin systems included! Rare dual caliber conversion. Shoot less expensive range ammo and carry full power stuff for self defense or as a woods/hunting sidearm. $675 FTF $690 shipped. SPF I've had a few questions regarding this dual caliber pistol conversion... Most pistols chambered in 40 S&W can not be converted to 10mm Auto because they are built on designs originally intended for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. However, the M2 was built on the 45 ACP platform -- and actually offered in 45 ACP from SigArms. They simply altered the breech-face and extractor for the 40 S&W cartridge and placed a spacer in the magazine to accommodate the shorter OAL of the 40 S&W cartridge (the same OAL as 9mm Parabellum). Therefore, it was possible for a professional gunsmith to create the 10mm Auto conversion for the M2 by obtaining an extra 40S&W barrel and ream it to 10mm Auto specs, as well as removing the spacer from the 40 S&W magazines to allow for the OAL of the 10mm Auto (the same OAL as 45 ACP). Here are some pictures of the field stripped 10mm/40S&W M2 next to my Glock 29SF for comparison. I expect that you will agree that the barrel of the M2 sure looks like it is stronger than that of the Glock! Also, the rotating barrel lock design of the M2 combined with all metal construction really soaks up the recoil of the heaviest and strongest 10mm Auto loads from DoubleTap.
  5. Yep, mine have the same base plates -- I think they were made by Scherer as well. I've used the magazines in my Feather Carbine, but they didn't function as well as they did in my Glock 29SF. I'll have to try them in my Glock 20SF as well.
  6. Has anyone else used Scherer 29-rd 10mm mags (Glock) with success? I picked up two of these a while back. They were sold as "novelty items". I read a few reviews online that these mags (when they were produced) had poor reliability. The two that I obtained had Scherer +2 base plates on them when I got them. They both appeared to be new and unused. Yesterday, I decided to try one in my Glock 29SF. I had installed the grip spacer on the magazine and only loaded 29 rounds of FMJ Blazer ammo. I loaded them up and burned through all the ammo with continuous slow fire (it drew attention at the range -- because my little Glock kept going bang for a long time). The magazines functioned flawlessly. I might just pack one of these as a spare magazine when I'm out in the woods. I was very impressed.
  7. Actually, they run $850 and up. This was on a 21 Ghengis rifle I picked up in a trade and I have another optic that I'd rather use. The ACOG is truly LNIB -- so hopefully someone will decide they need this one more than me...
  8. SOLD: LNIB (unused) Trijicon TA33-8 ACOG with TA60 mount. 3x30 Amber Chevron with .223 BDC. Comes with pelican case, scope coat, lens pen, and all papers. $695 Best way to contact me is via email at flyandscuba (at) yahoo.com Thanks!
  9. It sold on Saturday on auction for $1100
  10. I've got a few 10mms up on auction if anyone is looking for a quality pistol: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SellerAuc...spx?User=255755
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