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  1. If FN ever makes one I would like to know....As for the rifle and pistol they are both cool and I want one....Do they have 100 rd mags or just 50 ands under for the rifle and are after market mags as good for this it seems that there would be several spots to go wrong on a cheap magazine...Thanks FC
  2. The Saiga is a fun shooting weapon. I would not hunt with it but self defense is a plus due to the spread and ease of reload. Also you can buy mags pretty cheap in shotgun news now I saw a 30 rd mag and a 20 rd for 30 to 35 dollars and a lot of AK stocks and pistol grips fit the one I dealt with. Slugs have some serious heft when firing also and I bet reloading shells would allow you to try a lot. Have Fun......FC
  3. One thing to remember about quitting is how much coin you can save to spend on ammo or new toys for your collection....Good Luck FC
  4. They are neat and it is a good price. I think they should work on a rifle or pistol version equally well right? FC
  5. I think that if you have a fixed magazine under 10 rds and a thumbhole stock you can own one but I am not positive. Anyway If you go to shotgunnews.com you can find out the current laws on california rifles especially the AR 15. also they typically have several dealers willing to help and sell them to an FFL dealer in California then transfer to you. However remember that the dealers are salesman and they may tell you something about legalities and ship it but it is you who will ultimately be responsible for the laws. Shotgun news in general ( a magazine) is very knowledgeable about the states and Us laws for firearms. also CDNN sells firearms in Texas but they may know where to get California Compliant firearms. FC
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