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  1. Glad to hear this scumbag isn't here. Posers are the lowest.
  2. Just got this from Big Sky Ammo. Anyone we know??? http://guardianofvalor.com/david-chenicek-...e-weapon-parts/
  3. Mn. has a "permit to purchase" for handgun and "assault rifle". Takes a week for local PD to issue. Concealed carry permit is GTG with instant background check. I've had a friend who shared a name, and he got denied. Simple call to the given number and he was cleared for purchase. Just gotta work within the established regulations. IMO, a good thing "they" are being thorough.
  4. Hey all. Interested in doing something about legalizing firearm suppressors? I started a Facebook group called...MnSuppressorTalk. Here we can get together, discuss the problem and come up with a course of action to move this toward the legislature. It's gonna be a long haul and will require some effort on our part. This does not get done by wishing it were so. So I invite you to get together at the group. Simply do a search on Facebook for the above group and join. My background>>>just a construction guy who likes to shoot and wants the same liberties that most other states enjoy. That being able to shoot with a suppressor. Thanks
  5. I am BY NO MEANS an expert NOR have I built an AR. That said, I have read that a carbine gas system is hard on an AR, and that a mid length or rifle length is better. Many here will chime in on the subject>>pros and cons. Flash hider that can be changed out to another??? Priceless! Suppose you want to put a compensator on it? Easy change out, done at home. Which is why the advise given to read and learn is critical. Do some research, use the FAQ's and the search engine. Then ask questions based on what knowledge you have gleaned from your investigations. Wish you luck and hope you decide to purchase BEFORE next year. We have an election coming up you know.
  6. Sparks1

    Woo Hoo!!!

    Will a 1/8 stabilize these?
  7. I pick up alot of range brass for 9mm, especially after the matches. I know alot of shooters are shooting Glocks. I have no problems reloading 99.5% of this brass, and they shoot fine out of my M&P and my Kahr. I do however have a case gauge for 9mm, and check each and every round. The ones I find that do not gauge, I pull the bullet and save the powder. Case gauges will save you a stoppage in your firearm as the worst possible moment. I recommend them. Yeah, it's a pain to gauge each one, but think of the pain if you need that shot and you don't get it. I gauge all rds...9mm,.40,.45,.223,.308, 6.5Grendel, .30/06
  8. From what I read...the DI system is more accurate than the GP. M-14 armorers always had a hard time getting them accurized and the piston system was one major culprit. Also a piston system disturbs the barrel harmonics, lowering accuracy expectations. Like resting the barrel on a barricade and shooting> harmonics are disturbed. That said...they will definately run cooler and cleaner.
  9. Had one a couple years ago, now have one in a Savage bolt gun. Really a marginal round after 800 yds. There are much better choices for long range shooting. IMO. Though it is nice to have the 6.5 upper for a .223 lower. Nice to shoot baseball size groups at 600 yds...really an efficient cartridge with high BC bullets.
  10. CM... The gunfighter charging handle is machined aluminum with a bit larger latch (medium) These handles do not twist and potentially malfunction under extreme use as do the factory ones. In some 3 gun competitions the original CH's twisted in the upper and got caught up creating a malfunction. Now in normal use it probably won't happen, but then if the Zombies are comin, why not have the most reliable rifle you can have. Not a very expensive upgrade. BTW...the gunfighter is not the only one built as such, tho it has its following. Nordic components and some other manafacturers make them too.
  11. +1 on this. Remember the round MUST fit the magazine for reliable feeding. #1 function test for a mag fed weapon. Shooting single shot one can load bullet to have jump to rifling or touch rifling, depending on your rifles preference. On a bolt gun one can adjust this OAL measurement to suit the rifles accuracy preferences. For instance my .308 bolt gun has the best accuracy with 0.010 jump to the rifling. Another I had liked zero jump ( bullet seated to touch rifling) .
  12. I think we talked about this Scotto. :banghead:
  13. How about the JPrifles "silent spring"? New this year at the shot show. A viable alternative.
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