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  1. Great to hear that there are more central Ohio people on the forum.
  2. I have the Stihl MS271 with 20" bar. Not too big, but sufficient for my needs: http://www.stihlusa.com/products/chain-saws/farm-and-ranch-saws/ms271/
  3. It got above 10 degrees F today, so it was perfect to split some wood.
  4. I've got a two year old son and a baby due any day, so I have to stay up-to-date on my DTaP vaccine anyway. The edge of that Estwing is actually finely-honed.
  5. I was always taught (certainly doesn't mean it's accurate) to switch the bar over ever time I change the chain. It made sense to me too since the bar appears to be ambidextrous. I'm certainly open to correction. I'll have to check on the model. I'm really just holding out to inherit my grandfather's saws. Last time I was there, he gave me a bucksaw which is fun but not well suited for major processing.
  6. Well, now I need to get a Gransfors hatchet to go with the others. I've been splitting kindling with this nasty old Estwing. I spent some time on the edge and it's sharp. I looked away and ran my hand over the edge, and it bit me. Thankfully it wasn't on a swing.
  7. Here's some of the ash we got on Christmas Eve and Christmas. The local state park cut down their ash (due to the emerald ash bore) and gave residents access to it.
  8. Some of you cut a lot of wood. I only cut and split enough to heat my home and help out some friends. Here's my son and I getting some wood on Christmas. We had been cooped up in the house for too long.
  9. Well, I have the gransfors felling ax and splitting maul. I have a Husqvarna hunters ax also. But now you are making me want a grandsfors hatchet. It would be nice for making kindling. But which one of their hatchets...?
  10. My brother got me a new ax for Christmas: http://www.gransforsbruk.com/en/products/forest-axes/gransfors-american-felling-axe/ It is great for felling, but I also have used it for splitting some easier woods like ash and walnut. Mainly I use my Gransfors splitting maul, but this Felling Ax is fun too. With minus 10 temperatures, it sure makes me glad I have a 2 year supply already split.
  11. I live about 1/4 mile off that bike trail east of Xenia. Any good places to shoot around you? I've been to MIami Valley Rifle and Pistol for a varmint shoot. But there don't seem to be many ranges around that are over 100 yards.
  12. I've gotten a little too obsessed with axes lately, as I have spent a lot of time splitting wood to heat my home. I've got a couple Gransfors and a Husqvarna, but this video makes me want a Neeman ax: For you knife guys:
  13. That is strange. Here's the bench. It is working out well so far. It is not the greatest bench in the world, but for the price it's worth it.
  14. I'll have to think about trades. I am in the market for a good Browning BPS (plus cash from me).
  15. This is a great upper. Extremely accurate. Comes with Magpul handguard, Magpul vertical grip, and 2 mags. Midways sells the upper for $485 magazines are $25 each Magpul forend $35 Magpul grip $25 Total $595 Get it cheaper here, and still in great condition. $325 Shipped
  16. Just got this on a Black Friday special:http://www.harborfreight.com/60-in-4-drawer-hardwood-workbench-69054.html It's pretty sturdy for $110 I paid for it. I'll mount the Dillon and Rockchucker this week.
  17. Everyone in the family sleeps in during the holidays, so it's the perfect time to get up early and trim brass. Trimmed somewhere around 4-500 this morning. Had to stop due to finger soreness.
  18. I use the World's Finest Trimmer. It works pretty fast, but you do have to chamfer and deburr afterwards. I'm happy with it for bulk relaoding, but it is also pretty accurate. http://www.littlecrowgunworks.com/wft.html
  19. Got up early and trimmed a few hundred 308's. Had to take a little hiatus from handloading due to a new job and move. But I'm back up and loading now.
  20. trentalan34

    Central Ohio?

    Any members on here from central Ohio? I'm about halfway between Dayton and Columbus, just south of I-70.
  21. I've never had a problem with Hornady dies. If the primer pockets are crimped, you're likely to break the decapping pin in any brand of die. You might try a universal decapping die first.
  22. You might be able to make Winchester as accurate as Lapua, but I have found that I get fewer firings before my Winchester primer pockets get loose on hot loads.
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