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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/could-your...on-be-outlawed/ We can't take our eyes off them for one minute men.
  2. This is a factual report of the human side of the lives and adventures of the fell men that wage war against the terrorists of the world. Their sacrifices are extreme and the day to day dangers exceedingly real and ever present. It was hard for me to comprehend the depth of their experiences when back dropped against my own untested life. Hunter becomes the Hunted
  3. Greetings men, I am in need of a specific type of press. The ammomaster seems to be the best example I know of. (I need the top plate or press bridge to be removable). I do not need the 50 caliber size but the press must be a single stage style. I will be making some machining modifications to it as an experiment so I need to buy it on the cheap. If you have one or know where one is that can be purchased, please let me know. It doesn't have to be pretty. Thanks for looking. Scott Precision Accuracy Company.com
  4. Wow, Greg, You have been hard at work! Things really started tightening up at 35 ftlbs for this load and rifle! I am jealous of your groups but still more your weather. We are still looking out of our house windows at 12 degrees right now. Right about now I would take the groups you shot from 5-30 ft lbs if I could only have an end to this winter wonderland for a while.
  5. This is a very good short video on the Girandoni air rifle and how it affected American history. Enjoy. I searched and this video hasn't been shown here and the subject hasn't popped up since 2009.
  6. Sorry, I haven't tooled up for that one yet, so I cannot guarantee it will fit. Of course "where there is a will...." . Producing adapter kits to fit all of the presses "out there" is a monumental task and is of course constrained by the fact I am the proverbial starving artist. Still, if you send me a few good pic's of the linkage/ mounting area, I may be able to answer the question for you. Out side of that the new breech lock challenger is inexpensive and has the benefit of the breech lock bushings. You may try Cabela's Bargin cave for a deal and I keep hearing rumors that Lee offers factory seconds on many products. Regards.
  7. Things are hopping so just a quick update men. I just got off the phone from a very informative conversation with none other than Mr John Lee of Lee Precision....yep "that guy" Aside from feeling quite amazed that he answers the phone, I am honored that such a man would spend time with the likes of me. Anyway, the meat of the matter. He explained to me that that the Consistent Crimp was perfect to use in conjunction with their Collet-center-mandrel style neck sizer dies. They specify 25 ftlbs of pressure to be input into the press handle to reform the casing neck perfectly. Obviously the Consistent Crimp makes this quite easy to do. Those of you still searching for the Holy Grail may find some serious improvement by using the CC in this step as well.
  8. Handloading Article A good article on reloading. This supports my findings which at first baffled me, namely that some crimp in addition to neck tension will often improve downrange bullet performance as opposed to running with neck tension alone. For those that own and shoot rifles with magazines, this is not an issue since the crimp holds things in place during recoil, loading and unloading. For single cartridge rifles or competitive shooting where rounds are singly loaded, this really goes against the grain of prevailing belief. All I can say is experiment a bit with neck tension and crimp. You have nothing to lose but average group spread. To go right to the crimping section in the article scroll down to the lower quarter of the first page.
  9. A warning to “Considering getting into reloading” Reloading is a progressive, incurable disease that saps your time, energy and money until it runs its course and leaves the victim a cold, lifeless corpse. Once infected by the disease, the victim proceeds through the classic stages of fear, anger, denial, bargaining, etc., with most victims reaching acceptance and being reconciled to their fate. There is no cure or palliative treatment; the victim bears the full intensity of the disease. So that you may be able to both avoid the curse of reloading and to help those for whom there is no hope, the stages of this fatal sickness are outlined here. You have been warned! Stage I Lee Loader; 2 boxes of cases; 1 can of powder; 1 box of bullets & 1C primers. Fits in shoe box. Stage II Alloy frame single stage press & dies for 2-3 calibers; 8 different powders; 12 bullet weight/types; 3 brands of primers. Outfit set up on kitchen table after kids are asleep, taken down before breakfast. Stored in closet. Stage III Several semi progressive & cast iron single stage presses crowded onto loading bench. Electronic scale/powder measure. Components still fit on 6 shelves. Sierra, Hornady, Hodgdon & Alliant tech support on speed dial. Bullet moulds & furnace in garage. Stage IV Dedicated room or out building to house your battery of Dillon presses & casting center. 200 amp service to accommodate power accessories. Powder purchased in four 8-lb jugs/case to waive HAZMAT fees. Bullet purchases calculated to fill USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate boxes. Custom lead alloy ingots ordered by cwt. UPS deliveryman & mailcarrier on your route rotated every 6 mos for recovery from hernia/back surgeries. Components neatly segregated & arranged in storage racks by manufacturer’s lot numbers. Powder & primer magazines separated by blast wall. On first name basis with Stan Widener & local Fire Marshal. - Maj. Kong What stage are you in?
  10. Imagine, it is said that you can actually be at fault for using a reload that was.......made to kill!
  11. I am not sure when I have seen such utter stupidity combined with total disregard for the welfare of others. Amazing. Just think of the thousands of potential things that could've ended his act of bravado, the opening door, the quick lane change by a commuter. Amazing.
  12. Group Icon Group: Bronze Patron Member No.: 8,334 Posts: 10,424 Joined: Nov. 22nd 2008 From: Salem, Wisconsin Online Status: ONLINE Quote Satchmodog now you need to drop another grand or so on goodies and another press or two. it'll happen and you will turn into a junkie Truer words were never spoken.......but welcome to our addiction anyway.
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