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  1. alex_FWM

    please help!

    ok, i am considering building an ar 15 in 6.8mm, i already know i can use a 5.56 stripped lower receiver. but i cant find stripped 6.8mm upper receivers anywhere and i dont know if i can use a stripped 5.56 upper receiver with my 6.8mm build. any input would be greatly helpful
  2. alex_FWM

    ar pivot pin

    ok, i just purchased a DSA 16" upper and the fit it has with my Bushmaster lower receiver is pretty wobbeley...it actually drew my attention to the already wobbeley connection it had to my factory upper. could changing my front pivot pin (and maybe the rear takedown pin) eliminate some of the play between the upper and the lower reciever?? any input at would be much appreciated
  3. alex_FWM

    is multicam really worth the money?

    haha im definately not spendin over $100 bucks on an outfit just for pictures. most of the areas around where i live are woodland and i have noticed that the regular woodland BDU's are too dark and stick out quite a bit. im thinkin that the lighter pattern of multicam will solve my dilemma. i suppose ill have to experiment for myself to find out for sure
  4. the pictures look pretty neat but photoshop can also do alot. anyone have experience with multicam?
  5. thanks for the warm welcome! yes i have a fully assembled bushmaster varrminter with a 24" barrel. im looking to get a shorter barreled upper so given the situation, i wont be forced to do CQB with such a long barrel and a 9-32x scope haha. how do you like your del ton setup?
  6. i am interested in buying the 16" ZM4 upper from DSA for $275 but should such a low price indicate low quality? if anyone has any information on the quality of these uppers please write back...