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  1. Do you think the MTAC reticle allows for enough precision for an AR15 "SPR/DMR/Recon" style rifle?
  2. For the $100 extra that the Viper costs, what does that get me? I see about 1.5" shorter in overall length, which I prefer on the AR15 platform this will go on, but is there any other real reason that stands out as to why one would choose this Viper over the new MTAC? I'm planning on getting one of these within the next week or so, leanign towards the MTAC right now. My use for this rifle is the typical "do it all" rifle. Possibly some hunting, definitely range use from 25-200 yards, camp rifle, etc. etc. Thanks for your opinions!
  3. I think Louisiana actually has what some call a 'stand your ground' clause, that specifically states that you do NOT have to retreat from an attacker at all, even if not in your home. However, if you're in Louisiana and end up in jail because of this, I defer responsibility until I can find that in writing
  4. The lens covers on my ML3 were very very difficult to get off as well- I ended up telling myself, "it's an Aimpoint, I doubt I can damage it with my bare hands" and just ripping at them until I got them off lol.
  5. I think a lot of people/professionals choose Hornady TAP FPD as their preferred home/personal defense ammunition.
  6. Don't shotguns have to be much longer overall than an AR15 to be legal (without a tax stamp or anything I guess)? So if an AR15 is too long, isn't a shotgun WAAYY too long for home defense? Also, I've always been told/read that .223 HP's won't penetrate through walls etc. as well as most handgun calibers (9mm, .40, .45), which would be good if you aren't the only one in the house or live in an apartment or something. Either way, handgun all the way for me indoors, for form factor alone.
  7. I think they both loosely refer to the latin word for 'net' or something, i.e. the horizontal and vertical line(s) in a scope. So I'd think both would be okay to use, although with a red dot, neither would be accurate based on that definition
  8. I agree with Potbellied Yeti mostly- don't mess with trying to remove the gas block on a pinned FH rifle. I used a dremel (with cutoff wheel) to cut grooves into the gas block where I wanted to cut, then used a hacksaw to get most of the way through, and a flathead screw driver + hammer to break the piece off I wanted to remove (didn't want to cut all the way through and risk slipping up and scraping something up). Then I went back to the dremel with a grinding wheel to shape it up a bit, cleaned it up with alcohol, and threw some heat-resistant flat black paint on it for rust protection. Of course, you'll have to get rid of the handguard cap as well, which I did with aviation tin snips (they are cheap, and it was easy). It's not really as hard as it sounds, just be OVERLY CAREFUL at all times. (the scrapes on the forward portion of the barrel below aren't from doing this, just from general use/abuse through it's life lol)
  9. I don't know if this was mentioned, but in EOTech's case, I think it's just a marketing gimmick (referring to them saying "Law Enforcement and Military Use Only" on them or whatever).
  10. Aimpoint, simply because I never have to turn it off. If I 'had to' defend myself or my home, I'd consider myself lucky to even make it to my rifle, let alone get an optic turned on afterwards.
  11. I'm pretty much in love with my Centurion C4 rail. Very very easy to install, and looks sick IMO.
  12. A lot of mags are very difficult to seat when they are loaded to the maximum, which is one reason that a lot of people download them by 1 or 2 rounds to 28 or 29 (on 30-cap .223/5.56 mags). So I'd just download by one or two to solve that issue. As to the mag jamming issue when loading, do those magazines have anti-tilt followers?
  13. I'm using a Surefire G2X Tactical in a VTAC mount, with a Surefire diffuser on it in case I have to use it indoors. I like the setup a lot, although I'd imagine a TLR1 or X300 setup would weigh a lot less.
  14. Love my BCM upper. When it was brand new, it wouldn't cycle Wolf/Tula (what does? lol) but that could have also been because of my Spike's T2 buffer. Anyway, after a couple hundred break-in rounds, it has eaten everything I've fed it, including primarily Barnaul.
  15. I use the Slip2000 EWL and the Slip2000 725 Cleaner/Degreaser and like it a lot. It's by far the best stuff I've used, but the only other stuff I've used was Hoppes so I don't know how much that's really saying. I wonder what the pros and cons are to the Carbon Killer as opposed to the 725?
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