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  1. Eighty 0ne

    Inaugural Picture Thread

  2. Eighty 0ne

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    5.45x39mm with a little something under the hood.
  3. Eighty 0ne

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Just found the sign in page. New member from Olympia signing in. Globemaster introduced me to this forum from OA2
  4. Eighty 0ne

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    That mag catch came in a DPMS lower parts kit. Rainier Arms opened a new showroom last weekend and hosted a nice little "Grand Opening." Free PMAGs for the first 50 customers through the doors. That upper was in the "discount bin" because of blemishes and imperfections. The only blemish or imperfection I see is where the charging handle latches to the upper. $60 later and it came home with me!
  5. Eighty 0ne

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    Jtrain>> That shortie is sweet!!! Nice upper as well! I picked up one today at Rainier Arms new showroom.
  6. Eighty 0ne

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    Thanks! The trigger guard is a Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard. Less than $10 and takes no time at all to install. REALLY nice if you predator hunt in cold areas and wear gloves!!! As for the SNS Skull lower... The plans are to build a 5.45x39 upper w/ piston system. You can pick up 1080 rounds of surplus 5.45x39 for about $120 shipped!!!
  7. Eighty 0ne

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    Olympic Arms K3B 2,500 + down the pipe and not a single malfunction My first build from scratch (Still in progress) SNS "Skull" Lower Pictured with same K3B upper
  8. Eighty 0ne

    New Members Please Read!

    Hey guys! New member from Washington signing in!