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  1. Everyone at work (10 people) Know I am a gun lover and I mentioned that my kids and I call my AR-15 the Zombie killer about a year ago. I have been razzed about that ever since. That was till I was asked in a staff meeting if I believed there would really be zombies. My answer a zombie is a welfare handout loving mooch coming for my stuff. No more razzing
  2. Just my opinion but you must take up knitting cause your so depressed you no longer love to do what you love to do anymore. That or go to your doc and have them evaluate you for antidepressants. This is with a grain of salt, but I am depressed (so everyone says) and I have had that problem
  3. You and me both. I always thought I was born 200 years too late. mooky
  4. Back in the 80's Shot gun news always had surplus powder listed very cheap. I have not seen any in the last one I looked at. Is there any surplus powder as from WWII left or is it just new stuff? When I say cheap I mean like $50.00 for 8 lbs. thanks kenny
  5. Thanks guys. I bought it for a shtf situation. My goal is to buy 1000 rounds extra for storage at least 2 times a year. I am also going to buy a Dillon XL650 reloading press and really pound out some ammo. I just need components for ten or twenty thousand rounds I have a single stage RCBS press and really like to reload.
  6. It will never save you money to reload. I have been reloading for 20 years off and on and before I reloaded I would go out and shoot 100 rounds then go home. After starting to reload I would go out and shoot 300 rounds and go home. Spent the same amount of money on shooting if not a little more after rolling my own cause the rounds were so cheap.
  7. I received 1000 rounds of american eagle xm855 and see that the tip is just painted green, I have never used this ammo before so I was thinking it was going to be a balistic tip. What makes this ammo different from m193? I am a total newbie to the ar15 I just bought a bushmaster a few weeks ago. thanks kenny
  8. I prefer to a long slow bicycle ride over running. But since the temps have been in the tripple digits I have not been riding.
  9. I finished it a few months ago. Its a good read. I was wanting a light read but this is a great how to manual. Sure hope this book does not turn out to be a prophecy.
  10. If the author of the article would have placed a piece of old cast iron just under the soil on top of the gun then the metal detector would have picked it up.
  11. Thanks for the bump I bookmarked the page it is very interesting
  12. mookytx


    Now that was funny
  13. I know about them acronyms. From catching up in my reading of the board there are still a few that I have not figured out yet.
  14. I want to introduce myself. I have in the past been a lurker but not any more. I have had the ar15 bug since I was 15 but just finally bought one. Its a bushmaster m4 a1 from Academy Sports. I figure it will be a good one to start with. I ordered some cheap ammo to get started with but will be returning to reloading very soon. I have a rcbs press. I have reloaded the 223 before and have all the components to do so except for a decent reloading bench. In the past I used a chest of drawers as a bench and it was so flimsy it took alot of fun from the sport. I am going to build a nice bench from 4x4 and 2 x 6's but was wondering what everyone was using as far as size goes. I have a 6' wall in a spare bedroom I could use. What depth is optimal and what length would you recommend. I can hardly wait till this weekend to go do a little shooting. This is a great group with great members and feel good being part of it. thanks kenny
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