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  1. No pics! Picked up a Draco Pistol in the mean time. Still gonna get that Yugo though.
  2. Welcome to the Commi side! My gun shop has a Nodak Spud AK-74 for sale, but I went with a Draco Pistol as they had just received two. Yes from CAI also. Very well pleased with the quality after hearing so much negativity about CAI. I am looking into another AK from Century maybe a WASR 10.
  3. ?Safety on and finger on the trigger?
  4. Bought it!! Conducted a close inspection in the shop, wiped the dripping oil from my hands, and it is good to go. Just need to post pics and get it to the range. It has the DC receiver, imported from Romania through Century, and has a regular trigger, not the Tapco trigger. I like that. I am thinking about drilling into the trunnion and getting a sling. I have seen there are several different ways to do this.
  5. I do not know. I am just going by "hear say". I have never had one from Century. What is the maximum range you have shot with it? Easy to sight in and control?
  6. Looks good! The one I saw had blond furniture.
  7. My local gun shop has one for sale. I was so tempted to buy it but decided not to because of the reputation CAI has. I have also read it is luck if you get one that works flawlessly. I will just wait on something better. Like a Yugo M70B2.
  8. Went back to the gun shop today. The said they would give me an in store credit towards any rifle and apologized for the AMD mishap. I asked them if they could look into a Yugo M70B2 or a Saiga 7.62. I am in no hurry. They offered me a Polish Tantal 5.45, but no interest in the 5.45. Plus it is a CAI Tantal. I might as well go to Vegas and roll some dice!!
  9. Okay, but I am kind of dependent on the gun shop, since I bought the weapon there. I expect them to do the replacement. Just need to find something reliable and of good quality around the price range I paid for the Hungarian AMD.
  10. Yes, I was thinking about asking them to get me a MAK 90 or a basic Russian Saiga. I can wait. I am in no hurry for another lemon!
  11. Today I was at the range and shot the AMD-65 with no troubles. Got her sighted in and was enjoying myself! BUT after 180 rounds, the muzzle break was literally breaking off! Took it to the gun shop, Oh, we can fix it AGAIN. I said no thanks, how about a different rifle. They said sure no problem. I have known these guys for a while at the shop. The only problem is, do I want to try another AMD and have the same problem or go for a different AK-47? But which one?
  12. Picked up my AK today after work. They said she is 100% good to go. The muzzle break was properly fitted and welded back on. We will see tomorrow at the range!!
  13. Yes I have been looking into different options. Thanks for the info!!
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