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  1. kiltman1978

    1911 maintenance/cleaning question

    Now thats a detailed cleaning!
  2. kiltman1978

    Conceal Carry Permit Information

    Great post, thanks.
  3. kiltman1978

    Looky what fell off the FedEx truck

    very nice
  4. kiltman1978

    Audie Murphy

    We use to say Audie Murphy was mad when it would rain durring field problems in the Army. He is well know to the Infantry but most others never knew of him. He was one hell of a soldier but his wife was even more amazing. She spent her whole life caring for "Her Boys" at the VA. She just died in April of this year with no fan fair. She gave over 35 years of service in the VA.
  5. kiltman1978

    Gun Review: Taurus PT1911 .45 acp

    Great post with even better pictures. Thanks for the info.
  6. kiltman1978

    Taurus PT1911

    I have put about 700 rounds through mine without an issue. Fires like a champ, cleans up easy. Handles great and looks great. For the money you can't go wrong.
  7. kiltman1978

    Shot my PT1911 today

    Great handgun. I love my Taurus 1911. Looks like you have that thing on the money.
  8. kiltman1978

    My PT1911 all dressed up

    Looks great!
  9. kiltman1978

    Pics from my trip to Arizona

    Its sad I have been stationed here for almost 5 years and haven been to 1/2 the places you went. I need to check this place out better before a PCS.
  10. kiltman1978

    Arizona approves bill allowing guns in bars

    Thats the best way I have heard the question answered.
  11. kiltman1978

    Arizona Shooting websites

    Good stuff, thanks for the links.
  12. kiltman1978

    Jewelry store employees shoot robbers

    I think if more people refused to be victims others would think twice about theft. If it came done to it I would pull the trigger also. It can end badly for the person who fights back though. It would be a shame to protect yourself and your family only to get up in prison with the very people who threatened your life. The system is a mess and needs to be set up to support people who defend themselves.
  13. kiltman1978


    I had no idea they had opened a Cabelas locally, here in Tucson? You just made my day.
  14. kiltman1978

    Border Patrol detains Mexican army unit

    The Mexican military is deeply involved in the drug trade, but I'm sure they just got lost. I really wish the government would take that boarder more seriously. Hard to enforce laws when the federal government tries to Sue you over legislation at state level though.
  15. kiltman1978

    Resteraunts already posting their anti-gun signs.

    Well, just like you all said. Carry with pride and if they want to prevent me from buying from them then too bad. Sad when we are treated like criminals. If I owned the store I would welcome it, people need to learn guns carried by normal, law abiding citizens is good for everyone.