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  1. I did finally find an ammo place near me that has 10mm at a some what decent price, going to go pick me up some at payday...I already spent this months ammo quota. He's got 50 count boxes $25.00, new ammo, not reload.
  2. I actually acquired two of these but I have a question about the taures, it may be normal but I don't know. Seems the cylinder slips out really easy, sometimes hard to realign once you're ready to load. Is this normal?? I really like these things Taures 38 Special Serial # E###### # 85 stamped inside frame after opening the cylinder. This is the second one Smith and Wesson 38 Special Serial # R###### Mod 60 stamped inside frame after opening the cylinder Original case and manual This was my dad’s baby, carried it everywhere, off duty weapon. He loved this thing. Thanks for the help, much appreciate it
  3. Thanks for the welcome mat guys, and no I will never doubt the shadow ever again...
  4. Wow you know your stuff, you're correct CHP gun
  5. Hi all, new to the forum so bare with me. Unfortunately my Father passed away about 4 years ago and I finally got the desire to take a look at his things. He was a law enforcement captain (Agency left out). Smith and Wesson 10mm 1 of 650 Original case and manual On Duty service, had been fired but looked like very little. I photoshopped out the engravings so that's the blemish you see in the picture. I'm finding out that 10mm ammo is very tough to get here in California, if I find it it's very $$$..Will it ever be produced enough to get the price down? holy cow it's expensive. I'd love to go fire this baby...Thanks
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