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  1. I've owned a BCM KMR ( the orignial magnesium models ) and currently own a 13" MK8. There is no comparison. I would feel comfortable hammering a nail into concrete with that thing. So much rigidity. That being said, BCM makes a good product and I'm sure the new MLOK rail they finally came around to putting out is top notch; but if you want to compare them, the MK8 is so much sturdier. As a side note, you mention having smaller hands, I'd recommend looking at the MK13 or MK14 instead. The tube width is much closer to the BCM and has more of a round feel to it. I have a couple of the MK14's and they're tough to beat. Hope this helps
  2. Good Luck! Anyone not familiar with jtrain, know that he is a top notch seller, I've bought from multiple times and is outstanding to buy from.
  3. Update. I decided to go ahead with applying sealant to my lower around the fire control pocket and small bit around the charging handle. Have run a couple hundred rounds through it, no more choking on gas. It's not the prettiest solution, but looks aren't everything.
  4. I've got the blue force gear nsn sling for my carbine and the skd pig sms on my spr rifle.
  5. I'll be doing my part to vote 2A today. Bad enough we've got some of his gonna already in office.
  6. Boat tail refers to the shape of the bullets base. The design helps to reduce drag and is common on match and some hunting rifle loads. Improves accuracy and consistency over range.
  7. Stellite sold me on the saker. Not aware of omega having the same construction.
  8. Do some searching, I've seen a picture of the setup but not video on it for .45-70
  9. I want one specifically for blackout. I've heard subsonic blackout and its awesome. I'd rather have the velocity of the longer barrel for 5.56.
  10. I think about it in terms of how precise I want to be and how important target ID is. I've shot up to 300yds on my 2moa red dot. I'm hitting the man sized torso, but where exactly can lack in consistency. Currently using a 50yd zero. I'm considering the 25/300 though. With a scope I can see and identify my point of aim and impact better in order to adjust and usually maintain under a minute in the same range. I can hit that range with both, but the scope lets my be much more precise and see more of the target and its surrounding conditions.
  11. Wish I had the budget for another can. Wanna get an osprey bad...and an sbr...Maybe a saker k...
  12. The maxim uses a heavily modified m&p9 core as it's base. They supposedly did something rather different for the recoil system for proper function but are pretty tight lipped about what exactly.
  13. I opted to stay di for weight and rail selection.
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