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  1. Dark Prophit

    Good Morning!

    Morning all!!
  2. Dark Prophit

    Hey Forsaken352

  3. Dark Prophit

    Hey youngod

  4. Dark Prophit

    Best ar15 brand

    KAC SR25 is nice though, the only thing is saving up the funds for a glass to match the rifle.
  5. Dark Prophit

    Best ar15 brand

    For that amount of money, It would be a boutique 308 over a 556 rifle. The only rifle I can see spending that kind of dough on would be a HK mr556a5 if they would ever sell them in the US.
  6. Dark Prophit

    Plate carrier setup

    With proper training SERPA will be fine, though I prefer not using them due to using the booger picker to release the weapon which has lead to GSWs. I like G-CODE and Stealthgear Holsters, though for my Active shooter belt I run the same level 2 ALS/SLS safariland holster that is on my duty belt.
  7. Dark Prophit

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    I have used C product mags in mine without issue, the main problems have always been light striking the primers on russian ammo and fixing that issue. The usual fix is getting the wolff hammer spring and longer firing pin.
  8. Dark Prophit

    Pants poll!!!

    UNIQLO EZ jeans, cheap and super comfortable. I do own a few of LEVIs but I generally wear the UNIQLO more often.
  9. Dark Prophit

    optics recommendation

    Yes it is, even though the mounts maybe out of price range, I will always recommend if the rifle is being used for SD purposes to be willing to save up money
  10. Dark Prophit

    The Original Kaiju; Gojira!

    How could you insult Frankenstein like that... She is more like a leftover matter from a cosmic horror rejected by H.P. Lovecraft.
  11. Dark Prophit

    Good Morning!

    Morning John.
  12. Dark Prophit

    The Original Kaiju; Gojira!

    Nice, you ain't crazy Ret. they are classics. The new ones are not remotely close to being as iconic as the originals. This is a fan made poster i found:
  13. Dark Prophit

    The Original Kaiju; Gojira!

    Classic, when Gojira meant anti-nuclear weapons, not environmental radicalization and eugenics. I love the Japanese Gojira films, the latest Shin Godzilla was particularly good.
  14. Dark Prophit

    School me on Sightmark reflex sights.

    It probably will suffice, have fun with it Terry, hope to hear a review on it soon.
  15. Dark Prophit

    Been thinkin...

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about getting a 1891/30 Mosin..... I know, I know, Why do I not have one already... I have almost everything else I could want besides the staples (M1 garand, M1A1 Carbine, Mosin, Arisaka) So I have been eyeing out a Mosin and a Arisaka on J&G sales. What is the rep on them?