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  1. Thanks everyone, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Love you all.
  2. RIP G and Nancy, this has been a hard year for me, but seeing everyone come together makes me feel that we are closer than ever. Love you all, miss you Jeff...
  3. They are finishing the Passing review for both, I am thankful for everyone for their support and prayers. It was one of the hardest days for me to work.
  4. I am doing better, My family and Blue Family are all supportive. I am focused on working harder and ensuring that my fellow beat partners go home every day. My friends outside of work are very supportive and seeing the prayers from you all help as well.
  5. You ain't lying boss, No law can prevent what happened but If the lawmakers in HI and the judges kept the crazies in crazy house and the perps in jail, it would prevent a lot of this kind of stuff.
  6. It is a somber morning for me, I lost two friends and fellow brother and sister in blue. I worked with them for three years in the same division. https://www.foxnews.com/us/hawaii-officers-shot-diamond-head
  7. KAC SR25 is nice though, the only thing is saving up the funds for a glass to match the rifle.
  8. For that amount of money, It would be a boutique 308 over a 556 rifle. The only rifle I can see spending that kind of dough on would be a HK mr556a5 if they would ever sell them in the US.
  9. With proper training SERPA will be fine, though I prefer not using them due to using the booger picker to release the weapon which has lead to GSWs. I like G-CODE and Stealthgear Holsters, though for my Active shooter belt I run the same level 2 ALS/SLS safariland holster that is on my duty belt.
  10. I have used C product mags in mine without issue, the main problems have always been light striking the primers on russian ammo and fixing that issue. The usual fix is getting the wolff hammer spring and longer firing pin.
  11. UNIQLO EZ jeans, cheap and super comfortable. I do own a few of LEVIs but I generally wear the UNIQLO more often.
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