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  1. Is the  M&P holster for $5 left handed?  If so and still available, I'll take it...



  2. I have the M4 on a flattop DPMS Oracle. Have had no problems so far, and really like the sight and its simplicity. Rick
  3. Does any areas on an AR, such as the bottom of the bolt carrier need heavy lube? I liberally lube my gun with CLP, but was wondering if a heavier lube or grease should be used on any areas? Thanks for the info... Rick
  4. I have a tomahawk made out of railroad spike by a couple of indian guys at the 140th Shiloh reenactment, going by the name of Two Chiefs Forge. Neat little hawk and very unique! Rick
  5. I have access to an older Aimpoint mark III sight. Is this a good sight for my flattop carbine? I had one years ago on an older AR and it worked great. Why would this not work as well as the newer high dollar Aimpoints? Will the existing mount on the sight work, or will I need a different mount/ Thanks Rick
  6. What is the purpose of the killflash option?
  7. Using the above on a flattop, will the low mount work, or will I need the higher mount? thanks Rick
  8. Anyone have any experience with these? I like the auto adjust brightness feature for indoor/outdoor use- any feedback? Thanks Rick
  9. I think they were bought out by Specter, but this is just conjecture. Rick
  10. I use the older CQB Solutions (now Specter) CQB three point sling on my FN FAL. I just use it as a two point and it seems to work OK. I have the Vickers on my M4, and it works great too-especially the quick adjustment feature. Rick
  11. My thinking is that it gives me the option of the less than lethal followed quickly by 00 buck. If the situation warrants, I can just jack out the rubber buckshot and go with the 00 buck. I think it's a win-win either way. Thanks for your input! Rick
  12. I see that Sportsman's Guide has the DPMS Sportical and Oracle kits for sale. Everything there except the lower receiver for around $500.00. Appears to be a good deal- any comments? Rick
  13. I have the two round extension from Scattergun Technologies- works great and built like a tank. Rick
  14. Have two versions of the M&P, the tanto and curved bladed models for about a year. Both seem to be decent light duty knives, and have had no problems with their function or quality, just had to loc-tite the screws for the belt clips as they worked loose on both knives. Had a Benchmade CQC 7 that I lost years ago, and suffered the grief trip over that for a while, but won't cry too bad if I lose one of these! Rick
  15. Years ago, a guy I work with gave me an old Katana blade he had found in a barn on his property. The kanji on the tang ID'd the blade as being made by Ishido Teruhide. Later on, I had a local Iaido instructor add the parts to make a complete sword, and he stated that he believed the blade to have been made prior to WWII. The finish is not too good, as there are a lot of scratches in it left from its making, but after all the use and abuse I'm sure it suffered, the damn thing is still sharp! Rick
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