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  1. Here's a 9mm bolt I cut for Glock mags, real easy to do if you have access to a mill. Just got to cut it narrow enough to clear the feed lips of the magazine.
  2. If you use a 9mm ramped bolt, you can use standard ar15 trigger groups. If you use a non ramped bolt then you will have to use a 9mm hammer otherwise it may cause problems with trigger resets.
  3. Checking in thought id say hello.
  4. When i did live there 3 years ago i tried contacting them by email and calling and never could get ahold of anyone. There is a nice county range in neosho. Past crowder college.
  5. Thanks for adding Iowa cant forget us!
  6. Cool. Ill make sure i post a post in it
  7. We need an iowa sub forum!
  8. Got it done! Psa 16" clhf mid upper on a spilkes lower.
  9. Finishing my ar. Ordered stuff from psa 16" hf mid upper with an od green moe handguard and mbus Od green moe stock kit od moe grip vortex strikefire scope a mag too Im going green!
  10. 16"mid hf upper, an a2 stock kit, vortex strikefire sight, couple mags. i googled discount codes, but came up with nothing. i notice when you place an order theres a box that says add discount code.... figured they gotta have one out there somewhere.
  11. looking for a discount coupon code so i can place my order. is there any out there?
  12. how is the dot in bright sunlight? i read a few reviews that it was washed out and hard to see in bright sunlight. and the tint on the lenses made it hard to see in darker environments.
  13. got this a few months back. finally got an ar lower too so i may scope out this forum more often
  14. How is it on moving parts? Like the slide against the frame and the grip safety against the frame?
  15. Looking at a bushmaster at a gunstore and noticed when I shook the gun there was play in the upper and lower. When I held the grip I could twist the upper left and right probably a couple thousandth either way. Is this normal for ar's?
  16. This is what I did. I also put on a pac-lite http://guntalk-online.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=387
  17. i love my ruger 22/45 with the pac-lite upper. only thing i wish it had was a larger magazine capacity. 10 rounds go pretty fast...
  18. can one own a grenade launcher attachment without having to go through the atf forms to get one? i know you cant have actual grenades for it tho. i dont see any chainsaw attachment tho.... im new to the ar15 world and what better way to get to know your gun by building it. what twist is good for both .223 and 5.56? chromed lined barrel or not or what is better?
  19. I let my 10 year old boy shoot my 22/45, but 1 bullet at a time. I let him load 1 bullet in the mag insert it and drop the bolt and always pointing down range. I don't want him getting trigger happy unloading all ten shots as fast as he can. Mine has a pac lite upper With a red dot so it's light enough for him to handle. I think a stock barrel would weigh too much for him to hold comfortably.
  20. looking to build one from scratch unless i come across one for the same price complete of eaqual quality. id like to limit to less than 3 different online sources to order everything from. somthing that can handle .223 and 5.56 without problems. if this can include a price of an optic too that be great! somthing without front or rear sights. i was thinking of just ordering a pof complete unless i can buid one better for the same price.
  21. i use one on an airgun. works great for the price. never had any problems with it. dont know how well it will hold up to anything bigger than a .22lr tho.
  22. getting back into guns after 15 years. sold the pistols i had when i got one of them families now starting over with this so far.
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