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  1. I've been looking around locally and finding that most distributers carry DPMS, Rock River, or Stag. Between the three of them which is the better quality rifle?
  2. At this point, I’m really looking for the best quality and price that I can find so I can add flip-up sights and optics once I have it in hand. To date, I’ve looked online at CMMG, Armalite, DPMS, Rock River, Bushmaster, the Sig 556, Stag, etc...just to name a few. Since I’m new to the AR15 platform, I need to keep some costs in check for now and keep the base rifle under $1000. Right now I seem to keep going back and forth between Rock River, DPMS, and CMMG. As far as uses go, I guess you could say that I’d be a plinker, I love going to the range to do target shooting from 100-300yds but if the SHTF, I’d use it to keep the family and property safe as well. So far I’ve been able to narrow down a list of some things I’d want such as: • Flat top receiver • Standard A2 front sight (I just like it) • 16” barrel with flash hider • Adjustable stock • Hogue grips • Flip up rear sight with red dot optics (to be bought later) • RRA half quad front rails (to be added later for other stuff) Items still in question are: • Carbine or Mid-Length gas system (not sure yet on that, haven’t found enough info) • To chrome or not to chrome the barrel (way too many opinions on this one and not enough solid info) As far as the local gun shops go, they mostly stock DPMS, Rock river, CMMG, Colt, , Sig, Bushmaster, and a few others I’m not as familiar with that were higher priced. I’ve seen a DPMS #RFA3-16 for sale at $679 and a Rock River #RR1252 for $929 and a #RR1277 for $1000. They both felt quite solid with no extra rattles when I was checking them out and breaking them down a bit. I’ll be stopping by another store locally that sells CMMG and Stag this afternoon to check out what they have as well. I've even considered piecing one together and purchasing the upper and lower seperately from a site like Gunbroker.com.
  3. Sorry...forgot to post link for info. Here it is.
  4. Anyone here familiar with the quality of CMMG rifles? Saw an ad for them in sportsmans guide for everything but the stripped lower receiver housing. Is that a good deal?
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