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  1. What? Did you say something? I Love You Honey...... My standard response.
  2. MICPhT

    Had another cancer checkup today

    Hell Yeah! Never give up!
  3. MICPhT

    The Greeks elected 21 Nazi's to Govt.

    Ain't that the truth............. Damn
  4. We need someone like Patton, would not get the needed votes, but that is what we need.
  5. MICPhT

    Don't support the troops.

    Gitmo would be a good place for her. Maybe she would think before opening her man pleaser. I am not sexist, it just sounds funny.
  6. MICPhT

    What is your favorite round?

    Pistol is 10mm (very versatile) Rifle is 5.56mm millions of dead enemies can't be wrong.
  7. Done, anything to help a cancer patient, don't let her give up, keep fighting.
  8. Hands down performance. I was looking up numbers for auto rounds because we have spotted bear in our bowhunting spots and my 9mm was lacking to say the least. So, I bought a G29 for carry and defense against anything and have been more than pleased. Those who complain about recoil are sissies, my fiance shoots it great. I am not saying that because she is a woman, she is a little person (4 feet tall and prefers it over my 9mm, which she says is a wussy round) It is great for anything you ask it to do.
  9. MICPhT

    Compact choices

    Get the Glock. It feels just as heavy in my hands as my P85, nice smooth recoil (not a kick but more like a push), and is a pretty accurate gun. I can shoot 15 yards without a problem, and have NEVER shot a double action action firearm before. We are in the same camp when it comes to the visual appeal of the G29, BUT it more than makes up for it in every other aspect. Crossbreed makes a nice comfortable concealed carry IWB for it for like 60-70 bucks, I think. If someone is robbing you they don't seem to care if your pistol is pretty or not. I absolutely love mine and would not trade it for ANY other subcompact pistol... A small accurate relatively concealable pistol that can take down a bear? What is there not to love?
  10. MICPhT

    glock 29

    I am 6 foot 1 inch and have long fingers, my fiance is 4 foot (not a typo) and has no problems holding my Glock 29SF. It feels better in my hands than my old trusty Ruger P85. Do yourself a favor get that sweet pistol.
  11. MICPhT

    One in the pipe or not ????????

    You can't fire any empty chamber. If you have decided to draw your weapon' you have made the decision to shoot..... Do you have the time to draw, load, aim, then shoot? The math tells you #@*# no! Protect you and your loved ones...carry that sum Bi@#h loaded!
  12. MICPhT

    Concealed Carry at work

    I cannot carry at work since it is a Hospital ER... But I can leave it in my vehicle.I also have the unusual opportunity to talk to many Police Officers. They wished that hospital staff could carry openly so that some of the rowdy scumags would'nt give us so many problems that we would not have to call them every 2 to 3 hours to "talk" to some of them or they would face arrest since our "security" is unarmed and can only give hospital employees tickets. So much for being secure.
  13. MICPhT

    Concealed VS Open Carry

    If you enter your vehicle in Michigan the weapon must be unloaded in the magazine and barrel. Also the pistol and ammo must be in seperate areas of the vehicle.... A pain for open carry. If only other states allowed our Constititionally given freedom to carry that the Commonwealth of Virginia allowed we may have less carjackings. Carry me back to OLD VIRGINIA!
  14. I just purchased a Glock 29 (what a beast of round) and i what to start reloading. Two of my buddies want to chip in and load their .40's also. I am new to relooading so I don't know squat... Any suggestions?