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    Texan in N.J.

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    I raise Texas Longhorn Cattle, horses, and chickens. I love antique firearms. I have some very nice 60 year old Japanese Black Pine Bonsai. I collect books and civil war prints. I love making moonshine. I also like to lift weights.

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    "Escape to the Legion"

    Don't care much for frogs but, it is a pretty interesting show.

    Larue OBR 7.62 Question

    I have a whole bunch of .308 Win. ammo..... I keep hearing different things from different people about if I could fire this out of that OBR. What are y'all's thoughts?

    Larue OBR 7.62 Question

    Hmmmm... something to think about I guess.

    Larue OBR 7.62 Question

    Thanks for the help guys... Now when you say it's too powerful, well I would think that was a good thing? I mean I could shoot through walls and cars and such right?

    Larue OBR 7.62 Question

    It seems to me that if I had some of those buis sites and a big honkin' scope I could use it for both close up and far off, but I am a newb so what do I know.

    Larue OBR 7.62 Question

    I was looking at the Larue 7.62 OBR pictures earlier tonight and got to wondering.... Why are they all set up as long range guns? Well it seems like that to me at least as they all have these huge scopes on them. Are they not meant to be close quarter rifles?

    The end of the rifle

    I grew up in Beaumont. I doubt I will ever move to the Texas Gulf Coast again. I could see myself maybe retiring out in the hill country, but not Southeast Texas. I am farin' fairly well here however.

    Attention Dr Pepper Fans

    I sure miss DP. It was my drink of choice back in Texas. It is hard to get up here in "yankee hell." I started losing weight however as soon as I moved up here. I am lean and mean again now that I am not drinking that stuff all day. Like I said I miss the old flavor and I am pretty sure I don't want to try the new one if it is even better than the last, but if one were to mix a lil whiskey in it I probably couln't say no.

    Larue lower

    Why is this?

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    I just found this thread. I joined last night. I love this forum.

    Just a couple of NooB questions

    Wow Mobil 1...Really? What are the rest of y'all using? I have always bought that expensive crap at the gunshop. I never gave any thought to something like that, but it makes perfect sense....It's basically the same.

    The end of the rifle

    Thanks guys. I am learning a lot from y'all. DuPont moves us whenever we want (kinda). Two years from now we will be living in Tn. and then two years after that we will be moving to Pennsylvania. I will have to look up those state's laws later tonight. New Jersey is not AR friendly. If I want stuff it will have to be mailed to my house in Texas I guess.

    Larue lower

    This link is where I saw the lower for sale. http://stores.homestead.com/Laruetactical/Detail.bok?no=248 I reread it and it does not say anything about not selling it to you if you don't buy the LaRue upper or have I missed something?

    Larue lower

    Don't be jealous yet as I have neither. Wait a second....Are you jealous 'cause of the Larue or the addax? I was planning on buying a bcm lower for the last month. Then I found this forum and heard that addax might be coming out with a lower. I love their skull thing they got and thought that their's would be sweet to own, but then I saw that larue with the Texas flag and now I don't know.... Anything Texas trumps a skull looks wise. A Texas lower with a addax upper sounds awesome, but I 'm a newb and don't know sheot.

    The end of the rifle

    Thanks... I am unfamiliar with several of these terms, but it gives me some new things to look up and learn about. I still don't totally grasp what you mean, but I think I have a better idea now. I didn't think i was allowed to have NFA items. I will have to read more about this. Wow...You mad brah? I didn't know I couldn't ask questions that you already know the answer to and that I am not able to search here in the "Beginners Forum." I am not here for chit-chat, but after seeing some of the members signatures and pictures I already like the hell out of a few of y'all so I might just do that.