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  1. I had almost the same experience in a Missouri gun shop. An older lady who knew nothing of her late husbands firearms values was nearly robbed by the store. She had a Colt SAA and a Lever Action Winchester. She said they were both her late husband's, who in turn inherited them from his Grandfather..I am not an antique gun expert but I am sure those two guns combined were worth more than the $500 the counter person was offering. He also told her because they were old and did not look like "that" he said pointing to the racks of new guns, they were not worth much. Me and a friend both stepped in and talked her into going to a respected appraiser. We were told to leave of course. No problem because we were on our way after seeing that disgusting attempt to rip off someone. We later learned she was able to get all of her husband's guns to an auction and earned about $17,000 for the entire firearms estate and some unrelated collections. I am always looking to get a good deal and it is a free market. But most people have an honest intent when doing business. An honest person and/or business would never knowingly and maliciously try to take advantage of an uninformed or unprepared individual. Make the deal. make a profit, and try to be a good business. I know it is a utopian standard that can't be attained, but I like to think that for the most part, the shooting sports fans and firearms industry as a whole represents an honest and responsible segment of people. That one experience left me angry, and now I got to vent just a bit. Thanks for letting my liberal, cry-baby, "social firearms sales utopia" side of me whine for a bit.... Back to the real world...
  2. I used to remember what GCSD stood for. It's printed on MagCinch straps...Now the only reference I find is to Buffer Technologies. Does any one remember what GCSD stands for? Thanks for any help..
  3. My 20yo "other hobby" has BRD also...I see this turning into a Lifetime TV movie..and in the Lifetime movies the women always win...
  4. Thanks, I'll be doing a bit more research. So far, I think I will be going with the LWRCI or LMT. I will post if I purchase anytime soon.. Thanks again
  5. Cool, thanks,.. I don't want to mess with my NFA stuff before I do it, so I am just thinking of letting the gunsmith acquire everything and I just purchasing it after it's legal. Just to be safer than necessary. Thank you for the information.
  6. Hello all, I want to make an upper for my AR (5.56) with a pinned/welded vortex flash hider to bring it up to legal length (plus just a bit to be double safe). Can I purchase a 14.5 barrel by itself with out a transfer?.. I am in the process of setting up my NFA trust, but this upper will end up being legal length? My local gunsmith said he could do the work, but I did not ask about obtaining the barrel.. I have tried to look for the information, but have not found the information. I called the BATF, and got hung up on every time they tried to transfer me.. Any info would be greatly appreciated..
  7. Hello all, I am looking to purchase a 7.62 (NATO) AR rifle. I have found good reviews on the LMT and LWRCI rifles, some on the DPMS and Armalite, but nothing on the Rock River Arms LAR-8 series. I have almost decided on the LMT308MWS, but I am curious about the RRA. First the price, although I have set aside enough for anything I choose. Any experience with any of these that anyone can share would be greatly appreciated. Good or bad for any of the rifles mentioned. Any info or reviews on the RRA LAR-8 series would be a plus.. Thanks for the help..
  8. Could a 3x magnifier be used with the Fastfire or any red dot for that matter?
  9. I sometimes think with all the current technology and miniaturization of high performance electronics and optics, why we don't have an effective, small and light sniper scope that ranges, calculates and basically allows for dead-on accurate shots at the effective range of weapons. I am not an engineer, so the why it has not been feasible or commercially viable I do not know. I do know that there are small and advanced consumer electronics out there. I wonder what the engineering challenges are to an instant focus, range, trajectory calculating scope to instantly put the dot where the ballistics dictate. I don't think it needs to be ultra small, just look at the size of some of the night vision stuff. But you'd think this challenge would have been at least heavily addressed by now as to have units in service with the military. And even on the commercial market. I know the Bushnell Yardage Pro scope does range and ballistics. But again, is it just me or with all the tiny and super hi-tech electronics out there does it not seem large? I know I am not super up to date on all the latest and greatest in military/law enforcement equipment, so it may exist. I am just not in the know.. Anyways, here is the link that got me thinking about this.. DARPA sniper scope project Let m know what you think, or what is out there.. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone.. I just replaced the front hand guard on my Stag Arms Model 1. I purchased the AR new from a shop who had pre installed Magpul MOE equipment. The stock, hand guard, vertical and pistol grip were MOE. Also included was the Magpul single/double point sling ans ASAP sling backplate. They also installed the Magpul enhanced trigger guard and MBUS rear sight. I installed a Hi-Viz fiber optic front sight later myself. After putting it throught its paces I am very happy with the rifle and the equipment save for a couple of points. When the sling is used as a 2 point with the MOE hand guard, the front clip catches and slips. It seems the front lip of the hand guard is just long enough to interfere. Not a big thing as it is still secure, but it's annoying when it hangs. You can tell the difference when it catches and slips. Also I ha put up a post regarding the front hand guard cap. It had a little play. I installed a Daniel Defense EZ CAR 7.0 rail in black. It has 4 set screws which tighten the guard on to remove any play. It feels rock solid and so far so good. I also added the Magpul AFG grip. I love how comfortable it feels to me. The play is gone and it was super easy to install. I am still reading and researching which red dot or scope I want. I am leaning to an Aimpoint M4s..the price is up there, but I expect years of service from it. The other one I have read on about on these forums is the Vortex Strike. Less expensive, and some good reviews also. And the Lucid HD7 is another. I think either the Lucid or the Vortex was chosen by a large PD, but I don't remember who or which. Anyways, here are some pictures. Thanks to all who provided suggestions and references..
  11. Hi everyone.. My Stag Arms Model 1's front hand guard cap has a bit of play..I don't have another to compare.. is this normal or should it be solid..I ask because my rifle came with Magpul MOE equipment on it with a Surefire light attached. I never thought about the play until I considered adding a laser sight on the hand guard. With the movement of the front cap it would be impossible to sight in. I know a free float rail would take care of that. I am considering one but in the meantime.. Is it normal to have play?..Or should it be a solid for alignment of add-ons such as sights from the factory? Thanks for any info..
  12. And thanks for the info. I had a feeling there was no current alternative. I knew a company once made modified bayonets to fit the 16" carbines, but I can't find the name or any info if they are still around.
  13. I wanted to build an ar as close as possible to the 14.5" m4, with out getting into the whole SBR world.. I don't even know if the military still issues bayonets. If they are I have not noticed on any photographs or videos from Iraq or Afghanistan. I have not been looking hard either...never occurred to me that bayonets were still used in battle. I am sure they are, but now with all the ACOGs and the like it seems a bayonet is one of those low tech things that does not get much attention..
  14. Mine does too, but bayonets on 16" m4 type uppers do not fit correctly. The bayonet attaches to the lug, but not to the spot on the flash hider. I believe it comes up short. If the mid length systems change the distance between the lug and the correct attachment point, then maybe..?
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