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  1. LHR Gunslinger

    Spikes Tactical Lower

    I'm thinking of building an AR15. I'm all into pirates n stuff. So I started lookin around and I stumbled across Spikes Tactical Jolly Roger stripped lower. Is it really worth the $250 they're charging for it or should I go elsewhere and find something nearly as awesome for a fraction of the price? LINK: http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.php?...products_id=200
  2. In the Online Multi Player the illuminated portion of the ACOG reticle DOES go out. 5th Prestige suckas!
  3. Their price on the 5.45 ammo is what's got me thinkin of pickin up a WASR2
  4. LHR Gunslinger

    Anyone tried a Bulgy drum yet?

    Once I pick up a Bulgy AK I'll pick up one of each & I'll let ya know.
  5. LHR Gunslinger

    If money was not an issue

    Guncrafter Industries Model 2 in .50GI. Their whole marketing line basically is .44 Mag terminal ballistics in a 1911 with the recoil of a .45ACP.
  6. LHR Gunslinger

    WASR-10 Lock Open

    I read somewhere that if you epoxy a spent shell casing to the follower you can make your own BHO mags.
  7. LHR Gunslinger

    Your favorite type of firearm

    I like the kind that works.